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Why Does Wood Pop When Put On A Fire?

Why Does Wood Pop When Put On A Fire?

Did you ever wonder why wood “pops” when you’ve got a fire burning?

All wood contains little pockets of pitch, sap, and other flammables. As the wood heats up, the warmth penetrates deep into these pockets.

The sap/pitch liquifies, then vaporizes as the temperature increases. Gases expand rapidly when heated. As they expand, they put tremendous pressure on the walls of the pockets. Finally, the walls can’t take the pressure anymore and burst. At that time, the “popping” sound is audible.

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  • Mark Barnett says:

    The same reason that “pop-corn” pops, lol. Moisture/liquid.

  • Betty Anne Rangel says:

    I also can enjoy a real fireplace, Happy in Tavares,Florida.

  • Tami McGregor says:

    I love living in an old home with a wood burning fireplace listening to this popping wood sound. All the new homes here in Vegas have gas fire places with fake logs. Thank goodness ours is real.with no gas. Great burning wood started with kindling.and a match.

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