Farmers’ Almanac’s 2019 Winter Weather Forecast for Canada

Winter is coming! See what the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is predicting in its famous long-range winter weather outlook for winter 2018-19!

Winter is coming! The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac’s famous long-range winter weather outlook is predicting…

Teeth-Chattering Winter Ahead!

Calculations based on the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac’s time-tested formula suggest that the winter of 2018-2019 will be a “teeth-chattering” cold one, with below-normal temperatures forecast for much of the country.

Just How Cold Will It Be?

For most of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and westernmost Ontario, temperatures will average much below seasonal norms. The coldest temperatures are expected during February 2019, when -40°C, or even -45°C, may be possible. So bundle up!

It will also be an unusually cold February in eastern Ontario and Quebec, with the coldest temperatures running south and east across the Great Lakes to the Laurentian Plateau. Only British Columbia will see near-normal temperatures through the winter. (Find your zone’s weather forecasts here.)

Farmers' Almanac 2018-19 Canada Winter Outlook map

Snow Holds Barred

Precipitation-wise, the region around the Great Lakes could receive above-normal amounts, while the rest of the nation will have averages close to normal. The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is also predicting a wet and/or snowy winter across British Columbia, where the thermometer will hover just above or just below the freezing mark.

An unusually snowy February 2019 for Quebec is also in the forecast, while the Maritimes could alternate between bouts of rain and snow. And mid-March could bring a wave of storminess stretching almost from coast to coast, bringing a wide variety of precipitation types, as well as strong and gusty winds.

Late Start to Spring?

Spring will be late. Winter will hang on in many locations through April. This will be especially true for Quebec and the Maritimes, where a potent storm in mid-April could lead to wet snow, especially over higher elevations. This cool weather could stretch even into May!

What’s in store for winter 2019 for the U.S.? Check out the forecast with maps here.

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Caleb Weatherbee

Caleb Weatherbee is the official forecaster for the Farmers' Almanac. His name is actually a pseudonym that has been passed down through generations of Almanac prognosticators and has been used to conceal the true identity of the men and women behind our predictions.

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Can anyone please provide me with the past weather conditions for Grand Valley, ON, and Toronto, ON for the following dates:
December 15, 16, 17, and 18, 2019?
Thank you.

Edward Hardy

Use the Farmers Almanac for years and they’re always pretty close to what’s going on I really like it and rely on it also


So much for the “global warming” scam. This is why they now call it “climate change”. You were bang on.


Awesome job you guys! You were dead on about February and the -40s! Hopefully spring in Alberta ends up being on time! Wish I can say the same for all of Canada cuz I know everyone is sick of this cold!


These predictions are eerily true for Feb 2019 In Alberta we’re seeing lows that are lasting longer than they have in over 20 years. Nervous to see what 2020 will have in store for us!


It is the first week of february here in the GTA.
It is raining.

Susan Higgins

Thanks for writing Jacob. It was 55 in Maine on 2/5, after a teeth-chattering cold week last week with dangerous wind chills. Which I believe you folks up in Toronto experienced, as well, and this weekend you’re dipping back down into the teens. Stay warm!

Wenyun Ren

I live in Regina since last Jun,the last winter is the coldest one that I have ever experienced,I don’t feel it is coder than last winter so fared you think the forecast will come true?

Susan Higgins

Hi Wenyun Ren, since winter is just getting started, it’s probably too early to tell. Usually we wait until the end of the season to see how our forecast fared. But we stand by our forecast and of course always want it to be accurate for our readers.


My friend …it is Dec 13/th. I am reading this report , regarding the great lakes region, unless ..there is a 360…around the temps and snow ??? I just do not see it..hope i am wrong…standing by in Toronto …hmmmmm




Don’t worry Phyliss the same can be said for Newfoundland, even during regular weather forecasts they talk about the Atlantic provinces but in most instances the maps and forecast end at Nova Scotia.
We didn’t make it into this commentary either


Nunavut is a part of Canada; why is there no mention of their weather or is it too cold for your thermometer to register

Tricia Mohnke

Hmmm…interesting. Here in BC it’s hard to know what ‘normal’ means anymore.

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