Farmers’ Almanac Canadian Winter Weather Forecast 2011-2012

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Canadian Winter Weather Forecast 2011-2012

Get Ready for a Wet, Wild Winter in 2012!

2012 Canadian Farmers' Almanac Extended Winter Weather Forecast Map

For the last several months, many of you have been emailing us, leaving comments on our articles, and asking us on our Facebook page, “What’s in store for the coming winter?” Not, at long last, the wait is over! The 2012 Farmers’ Almanac is on shelves, and our much-awaited long-range forecast for the coming year is no longer a secret. Last year, the Farmers’ Almanac predicted that the winter would exhibit a split personality, with harsh conditions for the eastern half of the U.S., and milder weather to the west. That prediction came through, as residents of the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, especially, got pounded with many heavy storms throughout the season.

So what’s in store for the coming winter?

For the winter of 2011–12, the Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting “clime and punishment,” a season of unusually cold and stormy weather. For some parts of the country, that means a frigid climate; while for others, it will mean lots of rain and snow.

The upcoming winter looks to be cold to very cold for the Northern Plains, parts of the Northern Rockies, and the western Great Lakes. In contrast, above-normal temperatures are expected across most of the southern and eastern U.S. Near-normal temperatures are expected in the Midwest and Far West, and in southern

A very active storm track will bring much heavier-than-normal precipitation from the Southern Plains through Tennessee into Ohio, the Great Lakes, and the Northeast. Because of above normal temperatures, much of the precipitation will likely be rain or mixed precipitation, although, during February, some potent East Coast storms could leave heavy snow, albeit of a wet and slushy consistency.

An active Pacific Storm track will guide storm systems into the Pacific Northwest, giving it a wetter-than-normal winter.Drier-than-normal weather will occur in the Southwest and Southeast corners of the nation.

Farmers’ Almanac Winter Weather Forecast US 2012-13

Farmers’ Almanac Winter Weather Forecast Canada 2012-13

Farmers’ Almanac Weather Archive – Old Farmers’ Almanac Winter Weather Forecasts from winter 2011-12 through winter 2023.

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