Check Out These 8 Brilliant Uses For Beer

Polish copper? Feed the garden? A frosty brew tastes great but it also has several other surprising uses. Check out this list!

Who says beer is just for drinking? A frosty brew tastes great but it also has several other surprising uses—as part of your health and beauty routine, and around the home and garden, too. Here are 8 interesting uses … read on as you sip your favorite beer brand …

8 Brilliant Ways To Use Beer

1. Take a Beer Bath

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If you’re looking for a soothing bubble bath, look no further than the refrigerator. Beer is chock full of B vitamins and protein that will nourish skin, hair, and nails. Empty a can or two of your favorite brand into a steaming bath and relax (add some bubbles) as the beer helps soften and smooth your skin.

Beer also makes a great soak for tired, sore feet. Pour two cans of cold beer into a large bowl and let the cool, fizzy brew soothe your aching feet. As a bonus, beer is an antifungal and the carbonated bubbles act as an exfoliant, which means that a beer foot soak will leave your feet smooth and clean.

2. Get Rid of Rust

If you have a screw that’s rusted in place and won’t budge, try dousing it with a fresh bubbly beer. It is said that the beer’s carbonation can loosen the screw.

3. Give Yourself a Massage

A beer can works better than any handheld massage tool you can buy. For one thing, it’s cold, which will help minimize inflammation and reduce swelling. It’s also easy to use! For a foot massage, lay an unopened can of beer on the floor and then roll it around to soothe and relax the balls of your feet, your arches, and your toes. To loosen up other areas of your body, use the flat of your palm to roll the frosty can around. Note: If you plan on opening this can, wait until it settles before cracking it open!

4. Hops May Help You Sleep

A beer or two before bed might make you sleepy, but who needs the extra calories? If you need a good sleep aid, try hops (a key ingredient in beer). Many people find the scent of hops soothing, so if you have trouble drifting off, make a sachet containing a handful of dried hops and place it inside your pillowcase.

5. Fight Kidney Stones

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This beverage is also helpful against kidney stones. Recent studies have shown that those who drink one beer per day have a 41% lower risk for developing kidney stones. And, because it dilates the tubes connecting the kidneys and bladder, it may help you pass kidney stones more easily. Just make sure that you don’t use beer in conjunction with antibiotics or pain medications. Not only will it neutralize the drugs, but there’s also a chance you’ll do yourself more harm than good.

6. Use It As A Fertilizer

Plants – potted plants, vegetables, and even grass – love the fermented sugars and nutrients in beer. If you have brown spots in your lawn or you’re looking for a quick way to perk up other plants, choose a chemical-free brand and apply it with a spray bottle.

7. Make A Beer Trap!

You’ve probably heard about beer as a remedy for slugs in the garden, but it works on other pests, too. To make a fruit fly trap, pour about a cup of beer in a drinking glass or empty jar, and cover with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Poke small holes in the plastic wrap and set it out on your counter (make the holes big enough so they can fly in but small enough that they can’t get back out, a small nail works well). They’ll fly in and meet their demise.

8. Polish Metal

Because it’s acidic, beer makes an excellent metal polish. Use it on copper pots, stainless steel fixtures, and more to remove tarnish and grime. Once you’re done, rinse the metal with clean water and dry thoroughly.

We’d love to hear your ideas! Tell us in the comments below.

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Amber Kanuckel

Amber Kanuckel is a freelance writer from rural Ohio who loves all things outdoors. She specializes in home, garden, environmental, and green living topics.

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But then everything smells like beer…


I add a bottle of lager when I make a pot of beans. Best beans ever!

Sonny triplett

So, is it HEAT or COLD that opens up blood vessels?


Using HEAT opens up your blood vessels and increases blood flow – cold slows down blood flow.


for meeker


Beer batter for shrimp or onion rings, fire extinguisher (not electrical) shake and spray.

Donna Barleen

Isn’t alcohol flammable?

Ethel M Ebanks

WHAT??? Keith. Can you elaborate???

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