Here’s How To Celebrate Astronomy Day

If you’ve been thinking about taking up sky watching as a hobby, there’s no time like the present to learn! We've got the details on how to celebrate Astronomy Day this year.

If you’ve been thinking about taking up sky watching as a hobby, but don’t know where to begin, there’s no time like the present to learn. National Astronomy Day celebrates the wonderful world of stargazing!

What Is Astronomy Day?

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Astronomy Day takes place twice each year — once in late April or early May (known as “Spring Astronomy Day” – in 2024 it is Saturday, May 18) and once in September or October (known as “Fall Astronomy Day” – in 2024 it’s October 12).

This “holiday” was created in 1973 by California astronomer Doug Berger. During the first observance, Berger set up telescopes in busy urban locations, such as street corners, parks, and malls, as a way to bring astronomy “to the people.” Since then, the event has grown to international proportions, with amateur astronomy clubs, planetariums, observatories, and other science organizations throughout the world hosting special events twice each year in honor of Astronomy Day.

How To Celebrate National Astronomy Day

Check with your local planetarium or museum to see if they have any programs planned, whether in person or online. Many are happy to simply take their first look through a telescope or set of high-powered binoculars right in their own backyards. Be sure to check out our guide to the visible planets!

Consider joining your local astronomy club. If you ever felt self-conscious about your lack of knowledge, fret not! They’re happy to introduce new astronomers to the hobby of stargazing. 

Happy skywatching!

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