Favorite Fishing Tips & Better Hunting Hacks

Check out this list of clever fishing tips and hunting hints to make your favorite hobbies more enjoyable.

Looking for some clever fishing tips and hunting hacks? Check out this list!

Favorite Fishing Tips

  • Instead of rifling around the tackle box to find hooks, string them on a large safety pin. Use different pins for each size to keep your hook search quick and easy.
  • Baking soda toothpaste does more than keep your teeth clean. If you’ve been cleaning fish, squeeze a quarter-size dollop of paste into your hand, scrub well, and rinse to remove the telling odor.

Better Hunting Hacks

  • Duct tape, particularly the bright orange color, is useful for everything from marking locations to making repairs. Instead of bringing a roll, wind some around your flashlight or lighter to have it accessible if you need it.
  • Don’t simply toss extra cartridges into your pocket where they can make noise when you walk. To keep them snug and silent, bind them together with an elastic hair tie. Hair ties slip off easier than rubber bands and will ensure that your steps in the woods are quiet.

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Amy Grisak

Amy Grisak is a freelance writer, blogger, and photographer specializing in gardening, local food, and stories about her home state of Montana. She enjoys sharing her experiences with self-reliant living and outdoor recreation. Her article on the "hugelkultur" gardening technique appears in the 2021 Farmers' Almanac. You can follow her topics on her site, AmyGrisak.com.

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Jeffrey Johnson

I like to plant right here California. Especially in the early fall January February season.

Robert L. George Jr.

Hi, I just recently moved to Raleigh area and I’m planning on doing surf and river fishing at coastal North Carolina for Spots and Croakers. Can you please tell me what areas is best to fish for these types of fish and the time of year? Thank you.
Robert George


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO COOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Long

I strongly believe that any of these items are useful in the world and to society and that everybody should own at least 4 of these items because they are so helpful to people.


The most obvious one of using the wives wine corks for hook holders was omitted…

Sandi Duncan

Only wives ones? 🙂 thanks for sharing

Jimmy Frosty

It only does if your north of the equator and if your south they give you two more. It has to do with swamp gas and weather balloons. Atmospheric anomaly can occur leading to a Jim Jones mentality and drinking coolaid. I’ve seen monkey in the forest eat poop on a stick. lick the wall and relish the asbestos!!!! True story


Was wondering the same thing, can’t believe that was there best fishing tips.

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