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Birth Month Flowers: How To Plant A Family Garden

Birth Month Flowers: How To Plant A Family Garden featured image

Design a landscape that’s meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones by planting your family’s birth month flowers. Categorized by month and blooming conditions, birth flowers hold a special meaning similar to birthstones and zodiac signs. Many believe they can represent your personality, emotions, and relationships — helping you form a deeper connection

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The Great “Cottagecore” Garden Trend

The Great “Cottagecore” Garden Trend featured image

“Cottagecore” is a beloved, long-standing trend centered around the natural beauty of country life. Otherwise known as “farmcore,” “countrycore,” and “prairecore,” cottagecore pays homage to the English countryside where tending to the garden, drying clothes on the line, and mending garments is done at a leisurely pace amid the smell of fresh-baked bread and wildflowers

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Plants You Can Grow In The Shade

Plants You Can Grow In The Shade featured image

Is there such thing as a shade plant? Sure, that shady spot is a welcome respite especially during the Dog Days of Summer, but that same sun-hidden area can present a gardening challenge. The first step to figuring out shade plant options is understanding what type of shade you have. All shade is not equal.

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