Halloween Superstitions and Symbols That Will Send Chills Up Your Spine

These Halloween legends and superstitions are frightfully fascinating!

Halloween is full of legends and scary stories. The following are some interesting Halloween superstitions and beliefs. How many of these have you heard?

Have You Heard Of These Halloween Superstitions and Symbols?

1. Blue Light

Candle - Farmers' Almanac

Watch out for ghosts. The belief is that if a candle’s flame turns blue on Halloween night, a ghost is near.

2. Shhh… No Talking

On Halloween night, nobody is supposed to speak during dinner. If someone does, it is believed to encourage the spirits to come to that table.

According to some tales, if, on Halloween night, if a singe woman puts a sprig of rosemary and a silver coin under her pillow, she will see her future husband in a dream.

4. Jack O’Lanterns

A witch holds a creepy pumpkin in a dense autumn forest. Jack o lantern for halloween. Monochrome.

According to Irish legend, there was a miserly old drunkard named Jack who, accepted in neither heaven nor hell, was forced to wander the earth with a lump of coal from hell stuck in a turnip to light his way.

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Jack must have been a very bad man!?

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