How To Clean A Gravestone

How To Clean A Gravestone featured image

Wondering how to clean a gravestone properly without causing damage? Protect your loved one’s lasting memorial with our simple guide. Over time, a headstone’s surface can unfortunately fall victim to the elements and accumulates environmental buildup — dirt, lichen, moss, algae, bird droppings, tree sap, soil splashing, mildew, and pollution. Regularly maintaining and cleaning a

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How To Make Soap And Its Bizarre History!

How To Make Soap And Its Bizarre History! featured image

Centuries ago, the human race stink, stank, and stunk. The road to personal hygiene was a long one, but thank goodness we’ve arrived! Read on to learn how to make soap—as well as its bizarre history! It’s truly scent-sational. Today, soap is a $22 billion industry worldwide and 13 billion bars are sold in the

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