10 Smart Uses For Salt

We all know salt enhances the flavor of food, but did you know it can help you around the house too? See the list.

We all know salt is a wonderful flavor enhancer, and was one of our earliest preservatives, but did you know it can help you around the house, too? Here are 10 clever ways to clean with salt:

  1. Prevent clogs -Pour a bit of salt, followed by a few cups of boiling water down your kitchen drain once a week to prevent clogs or unpleasant smells.
  2. Greasy pan? Scour it with some salt and a paper towel before washing.
  3. Remove grease from clothing. Just pour some salt on a fresh grease spot on to soak up some of the grease. Then gently scrub some more salt into the fabric and rinse before washing.
  4. Remove coffee stains from pots and mugs. Just work in some salt with a damp sponge, then rinse.
  5. Shine old copper pans. A paste of vinegar and salt can add shine to old copper pans and molds.
  6. Rust remover. Salt makes a great rust remover so you can get bicycles moving again in the spring, or refreshing worn household objects. Make a paste using three parts salt to one part lemon juice. Rub in, rust’s gone.
  7. Child and pet accidents. Salt can help clean up and deodorize messy accidents. Sprinkle salt over the “throw up” and let it sit for five minutes to help absorb the wetness and the odor.
  8. Remove fishy smells. Salt will also remove the smell of fish from counters, cutting boards and refrigerator shelves.
  9. Prevent runs! Soaking new pantyhose in saltwater can help prevent runs.
  10. Fire extinguisher. Pour salt over a grease fire to smother it quickly.

Wondering which type of salt is the healthiest? Find out here.

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