Do You Know All The 50 States’ Slogans?

Each of the 50 states has a slogan associated with it, which you'll often find on license plates. Does your state have a fitting moniker? See the list!

Here’s a list of the fifty states and the slogans associated with each—many of which appear on license plates. Do you think your state has a fitting slogan?

The 50 States’ Slogans

  • Alabama – Yellowhammer State
  • Alaska – The Last Frontier
  • Arizona – The Grand Canyon State
  • Arkansas – The Natural State
  • California – The Golden State
  • Colorado – The Centennial State
  • Connecticut – The Constitution State
  • Delaware – The First State
  • Florida – The Sunshine State
  • Georgia – The Peach State
  • Hawaii – The Aloha State
  • Idaho – The Gem State
  • Illinois – The Prairie State
  • Indiana – The Hoosier State
  • Iowa – The Hawkeye State
  • Kansas – The Sunflower State
  • Kentucky – The Bluegrass State
  • Louisiana – The Pelican State
  • Maine – The Pine Tree State
  • Maryland – The Old Line State
  • Massachusetts – The Bay State
  • Michigan – The Great Lakes State
  • Minnesota – The North Star State
  • Mississippi – The Magnolia State
  • Missouri – The Show Me State
  • Montana – The Treasure State
  • Nebraska – The Cornhusker State
  • Nevada – The Silver State
  • New Hampshire – The Granite State
  • New Jersey – The Garden State
  • New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment
  • New York – The Empire State
  • North Carolina – The Tar Heel State
  • North Dakota – The Peace Garden State
  • Ohio – The Buckeye State
  • Oklahoma – The Sooner State
  • Oregon – The Beaver State
  • Pennsylvania – The Keystone State
  • Rhode Island – The Ocean State
  • South Carolina – The Palmetto State
  • South Dakota – Mount Rushmore State
  • Tennessee – The Volunteer State
  • Texas – The Lone Star State
  • Utah – The Beehive State
  • Vermont – The Green Mountain State
  • Virginia – The Old Dominion State
  • Washington – The Evergreen State
  • West Virginia – The Mountain State
  • Wisconsin – The Badger State
  • Wyoming – The Equality State or The Cowboy State

Make it a game! This is also a great list with which to quiz your kids, friends and other family members!

Ever wonder how many of these state slogans and nicknames originated? Read about it here.

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Wait these aren’t slogans these are official nicknames. Illinois is the prairie State but it’s slogan is land of Lincoln.


I love it here my people do to so

Nathan Irigoyen


Alexander Kish

He stupid

Leonisha McClain

Texas=The No Grid State

Leonisha McClain

North Carolina is also First in Freedom

Dave Roberts

Nebraska=The give us three we’ll set you free State.

Dave Roberts

Nebraska=Why go to the Penn when you can send your best friend.

Dave Roberts

I.O.W.A.=Idiots Out Wandering Around


Jolly Roger! Union Jack! Thanks for this list.


Florida should be the Wacky Weather state


Florida = Satan’s waiting-room

Nora Qudus

Maine….the workers never show up state

Lilly Moscato

Alabama is known as the “Heart of Dixie”, and has been for many years, (all the way from King Cotton to the Space Program). Yellowhammer is the state bird, but it is not seen in all parts of the state. I grew up in Alabama, and now live just North in Tennessee. I love them both.

Mary L.

Yes, “Heart of Dixie” is Alabama’s state nickname


Many of the nicknames came about for specific reasons. I’m from Tennessee and we were even taught in elementary school, way back in the old days (1970s -lol), it became the Volunteer State because of so many men, including Davy Crockett, volunteering for various wars, especially the battle at the Alamo.


Many of the nicknames came about for a specific reason. I’m from Tennessee and we were even taught in elementary school (in the old days of the 1970s) that the Volunteer State came from so many Tennesseans, including Davy Crockett, volunteering for Wars, in particular, at the Alamo.


Illinois should be the Corrupt State.


Illinois is actually the Land of the Lincoln why it said the Prairie State is wrong


Where is Washington D.C.? Although it is not a numbered state and just a district, it should have been listed. I suppose “The Capitol” would be the name.

Deborah Bohne

Colorado should be called, The Rabbit Hole state, because coming to Colorado is like falling in the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. It’s beautiful and cannabis is legal, as it should be. I wish all fifty states where free to choose.


North and South Cackalacky


TENNESSEE all the way baby born bread and raised.

Jabar Commo

…and can’t spell “bred!”
And, we’re not ‘raised’…we’re ‘reared’. .


I am a California native, but I now live in New Mexico (also posted for New Mexico earlier). California could be called the Surfer state or the Cornucopia state.


New Mexico could be the Chili state or the Wilderness state.

Daniel Robinson

Missouri should be the RIOT STATE


With Missouri being the “show me”state and our mammal being the Jackass”. Have you ever tried to show a jackass anything.? I’ m not referring to Missourians, just people in general.


New Jersey: The Dead Deer State.

Karen Welch

North Carolina: The Sweet Tea State.


North Carolina is North Cackalacky!!


Michigan The Mitten State..


Minnesota should be the land of ice and snow

Danny McBride

Georgia should be the Cotton State


CA should be renamed to the “it’s all about me” state.

betty smith

For Louisiana: “Hunters Paradise”

Jim Menge

A good one for Kansas (the old license plates used to say it) would be “Midway USA”. Another would be the Jayhawker state.


Wisconsin is Americas Dairyland


Alabama has always been know as “The Heart of Dixie”


Illinois is the Land of Lincoln!


Connecticut is also known as The Nutmeg State.


Louisiana us also known as the Sportsman’s Paradise.

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