The Astrology Of Eclipses — See How One May Affect You!

According to astrology, eclipses bring rapid developments and encourage us to move in the best direction — personally and collectively, as a society. If you are on the “right path,” you may experience major triumphs and victories. If not, you may meet a challenge that forces you to change direction, for the better.

Curious how an upcoming eclipse event may affect you according to astrology? We consulted with expert astrologer Kyle Thomas to bring you this simple guide. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

What Is An Eclipse In Astrology?

Since ancient times, humans have looked to the sky and attempted to make sense of the Moon and stars. Wildly captivating events such as eclipses were often seen as the terrifying harbingers of doom. A solar eclipse was regarded as “the eye of an angry god,” and a lunar eclipse meant an empire would fall. Yet as time passed and our knowledge of science and astronomy increased, we learned better than to fear them in the such ways. However, if we look closely at our lives, we may find major life experiences may be linked to the timing of these events — often periods we look back upon and remember forever.

Eclipses are great astronomical alignments of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun that occur periodically as these celestial bodies dance around each other in orbit. Four to six eclipses take place per year and each one takes place during a new Moon or a full Moon phase.

Fun fact: eclipses typically arrive in pairs. (See our chart with times and astrological placements below).

Learn more about the science and folklore of eclipses.

An eclipse is believed to be three times more powerful than a regular new Moon or full Moon event.

The energetic effect of an eclipse often brings a “crisis moment” that pushes us out of our comfort zones and forces us to see life in a new way, which often leads to beginning and ending important chapters of our lives within a short amount of time.

As a general note, solar eclipses are more friendly and exciting, as we are propelled toward new horizons. Lunar eclipses are highly charged events and cause us to face truths, uncover our feelings, and make meaningful and long-lasting decisions. Even if you can’t see an eclipse from your location on Earth, its energy is still believed to resonate.

Solar Eclipse Astrology

When most people hear the word “eclipse,” they often think of a solar eclipse. Total solar eclipses happen when the Moon crosses in front of the Sun from our perspective and create a striking visual known as a “ring of fire” or a “diamond ring in the sky.” These eclipses always occur on a new Moon and are known to bring unique opportunities, fresh starts, and destined new beginnings.

On a personal level, solar eclipses may bring a new job opportunity or news of a pregnancy. On a larger level, they may trigger events like the arrival of a new political campaign or a shift in media coverage.

Lunar Eclipse Astrology

Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, always arrive on full Moons and take place when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun. The Earth blocks the light of the Sun, and its shadow covers the Moon. The Moon darkens to a brown or red color. Lunar eclipses are often highly emotional periods and trigger endings or breakthroughs.

On a personal level, lunar eclipses may inspire sudden decisions: to move in with someone or to get married — or break up. On a societal level, they may bring major news into the public eye, such as a scandal, death, or a shift in the economy.

What Is Eclipse Season?

Eclipse season begins one month prior to the first eclipse of a pair of eclipses and lasts until one month after the second, during which time many sudden shifts of fate tend to pop-up. However because so much change is occurring during these times, it is best to go with the flow and listen to your intuition, rather than to make impulsive decisions.

Eclipse seasons take place roughly six months apart, so we are in these powerful “cosmic portals” for about three to four months out of an average year. In order to navigate the rather intense energy, it is advised to try to ground yourself, find balance, and pay attention to what the universe is bringing to your doorstep.

From an astrological perspective, eclipses fall within a pair of zodiac signs for roughly 18 to 24 months to complete an entire cycle. The zodiac sign polarities are: Aries-Libra (April and October 2023; March, April, and October 2024), Taurus-Scorpio (May and October 2023), Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. Once a cycle in a pair of zodiac signs ends, it will return again in roughly 7 to 8 years.

Eclipse Astrological Placements 2024

  • March 24, 2024: Lunar eclipse in Libra (5 degrees)
  • April 8, 2024: Solar eclipse in Aries (19 degrees)
  • September 17, 2024: Lunar eclipse in Pisces (25 degrees)
  • October 2, 2024: Solar eclipse in Libra (10 degrees)

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How May The Next Eclipse Affect You?

Curious how the next eclipse may affect you personally?

If you would like to take a deep dive, here’s how to get a closer look. Hint: Knowing the zodiac sign of the eclipse and the “house” where it falls in your chart tells you the part of your life that may be developing. Up for the challenge? Get your free birth chart (natal chart) — tap here!  (After you enter your date and time of birth, your “house” information will be listed under the column with the heading “Placidus Orb.”)

Next, reference our eclipse tables above to see the zodiac sign and degree it takes place in. For instance, the lunar eclipse on March 24, 2024 takes place at 5 degrees Libra. Find which house Libra is in your natal chart and this is the area where your life may evolve. If you have any questions about this, let us know in the comments section below!

Here is what each house represents:

Eclipse in the 1st House – I

These eclipses encourage us to step into our power and pursue independence. We are invigorated with an ego-first focus and spurned to start new beginnings, journeys, and projects.

Eclipse in 2nd House – II

These eclipses bring attention to finances, possessions, wealth, and ownership. They can also encourage us to embrace hedonistic pleasures, as well as evaluate worth — especially self-worth.

Eclipse in the 3rd House – III

These eclipses stimulate a surge of activity in our daily affairs, especially in regards to neighbors, friends, and contacts. There is also a greater focus on how we communicate with others and we often become engaged with writing, speaking, or intellectual projects.

Eclipse in the 4th House – IV

These eclipses turn our focus to the past, especially in regards to our heritage and upbringing. Important transitions related to our domestic lives, real estate, or family may become important.

Eclipse in the 5th House – V

These eclipses turn our attention to our passions and heart’s desires. This is why the themes of romance, courtship, hobbies, expression, children, or fertility may appear.

Eclipses in the 6th House – VI

These eclipses bring the spotlight toward our work and life balance. How we juggle our responsibilities and maintain equilibrium, particularly around physical health matters and our employment, may be evaluated.

Eclipses in the 7th House – VII

These eclipses highlight important one on one partnerships, whether that be personally or professionally. Commitments, negotiations, and unions tend to take place at a greater frequency.

Eclipses in the 8th House – VIII

These eclipses encourage us to turn within and pay attention to our shadow selves. The balance in our relationships can be uncovered, especially in regards to what we give and receive emotionally, sexually, or financially. Investments, stocks, and settlements often are evaluated or see shifts, too.

Eclipses in the 9th House – IX

These eclipses stimulate us to expand our perspectives of the world, especially in regards to academics, spirituality, or international travel. A greater focus around international business and the media may emerge.

Eclipses in the 10th House – X

These eclipses force us to evaluate the structures, ambitions, and long-term legacies we are building toward in our lives. Government and big business matters are also more prominent.

Eclipses in the 11th – XI

These eclipses invigorate us to connect with others and interact with communities. By joining a cause, we can become greater. We also experience shifts around our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Eclipses in the 12th House – XII

These eclipses highlight the unconscious, karma, and hidden world. Matters of mental health, healing, closure, and release are also especially important. How we disconnect from reality and find solitude may also pop up thematically.

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Candice Padro

What if libra isn’t in your chart?


Everyone has every sign in their chart, even if it is “empty” (aka no planets in it) look at your birth chart (the circular graph, don’t use costar) and look to which house libra isin. then use the guide above. cheers

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