Real Towns With Names That Might Make You Hungry

We compiled a list of towns that have some tasty names that might make you hungry!

Did you ever wonder why your town’s name is what it is? Some towns are named after people, others for their landscape and some after food!  

Real U.S. Towns With Food Names

The following towns have some tasty names that might make you hungry:

1. Bite Into These Places

Apples not only keep the doctors away but they also make for great town names. There’s an Apple Orchard, Virginia, Appleton, Minnesota, Appleton, Wisconsin, and an Appleyard, Washington. And of course, the Big Apple is New York City’s nickname.

2. Sugar Is Sweet, Along With These Towns

For those with a sweet tooth, you may want to visit or live in Sugar Grove, Arkansas, Sugar City, Colorado & Idaho, or Sugartown, Louisiana!

3. Pucker Up!

Lemon - Olive Oil

For more sour tastes, there’s Lemmon, South Dakota, Lemon Grove, California, or Lime Village, Alaska.

4. Time For Breakfast?

Breakfast - bacon and egg

For breakfast fans, Oatmeal, Texas, Two Egg, Florida, and Coffee, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama are the places to be!

5. Bakers’ Towns

Bakery - Baking

Pennsylvania is a tasty state. It boasts cities by the names of Cooksburg, Feasterville, and Bakers Summit.

6. Hot Dog!

white hots

In Europe, there’s a city in Italy named Bologna, and a Hamburg and Frankfurt, Germany! These food names actually derived from these city names!

7. Appetizing Alaskan Towns

French fries - Oyster

Alaska has quite a few appetizing towns, including Chicken, and Clam Gulch!

8. Burnt Corn

Orange Beach - Pine Apple

In Alabama, there is a little town named Burnt Corn. Legend has it that Indians used to store their corn in this town until enemies came and burned down the village as well as all of the corn.

9. Cukes in VA

Magnolia trees bear fruit that look like cucumbers.

Did you know that there is a Cucumber, West Virginia? Some believe this name was chosen for its many magnolia trees, known to many as “cucumber trees” as they bear fruit that looks similar to cucumbers.

10. Fruity Spots

Fruitdale, Oregon, and Fruitland, Maryland are also two popular towns as are Orange, New Jersey, Orangeburg, South Carolina, Peachtree City, Georgia, and Peach Creek, West Virginia.

11. Come for a Visit

Buttermilk, Kansas, Bourbon, Indiana, Tomato, Arkansas, Cranberry, Maryland, and Spuds, Florida are also tantalizing cities to visit!

12. Time for Dessert

And for dessert, there’s Strawberry Point, Iowa, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, or Strawberry Point, California!

13. A Town With Chops

And then there’s Muttonville, Michigan!

Do you know of another town with a food name? Tell us in the comments below!

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Janna L Turner

Turkey, Texas


Orange, Texas and Orangefield, Texas

Holly Edmonds

Appleton, ME

Donna Barleen

Rice, KS

Karen Wright

Orange texas

Marrita Jacobs

Fruitland, Iowa


Apple Creek, Ohio; Sugarcreek, Ohio; Walnut Creek, Ohio

Robin Carroll

Fruitvale and Fruita, Colorado

Maria Parks

Strawberry, Arizona
Apple Valley, California


Buck Snort, TN

jimmy allen

Orange Beach Alabama, Pine Apple Alabama, Peach Tree Alabama.

Darrel Mills

Dateland, CA has real date trees and a store serves date shakes.

Janet Thompson

Bean Station TN

Peggy Wasicek

In Texas we have Sugar Land and Orange.


Feeding Hills,ma

Donna Hoobler Vernon

Toast, NC, USA


Fruitvale and Coffee City Texas

We recently stopped at Dateland, California.i

We recently stopped at DATELAND, CA.


Walnut Creek, CA


Turkey, North Carolina


Oops, rather – Pie Town, New Mexico


Pie, New Mexico

Cat Clarke

Colby, WI


Pinconning Michigan

Tracie Moss

Orange City and Orange County California

Tracie Moss

Orange County and Orange City California

Phebe Pleasant

Butterfield, Missouri


Pine Apple, AL


Sandwich, MA


There is a Tea, South Dakota

Bruce Seaman

Fruitland, Idaho


Trout, WV and Cucumber, WV, although both post offices have been closed now.


Sandwich, MA


Pie Town, New Mexico


Plum Borough – of Pittsburgh, PA

Kathy Phillips

Peach orchard Missouri


Almond NY

Mark Lindsey

Rice, MN


Pie, WV

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