What are Easter Egger Chickens?

If you’ve been thinking about raising chickens, consider Easter egger chickens which are known for producing a rainbow of colored eggs. Check out these colorful egg layers.

Easter egger hen
Easter Egger hen
Araucana hen

Easter Egger Chickens

Easter egger chickens are a mixed-breed chicken with delightful, amusing personalities that many people add to their flock due to the fact that they lay eggs in a wide variety of colors, including blue, pink, green, sage, and yellow.

Bring a little color into your life! Your kids will love you for it and you’ll be rewarded with nutritious eggs and nitrogen-rich fertilizer for your garden.


If you’ve been thinking about raising a few chickens for eggs, consider the Araucana. Although there are a lot of great egg-layers out there, such as Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns, few chickens are as delightful, especially if you have children. This breed was originally developed in Chile.

They have ear tufts and no tail (because they are rumpless and actually lack the vertebrae that support a tail). More interestingly, though, they lay blue eggs which, remarkably, are blue even on the inside of the shell.

The name Araucana is often incorrectly used in the US to describe any chicken that lays green or blue eggs, many of which are actually mixed breeds.

Ameraucana hen


An American breed of domestic chicken developed in the US in the 1970s, derived from Araucanas. They lay beautiful light blue to greenish-blue eggs.

Ameraucanas are only available through breeders, so be sure you find a reputable one. Sometimes these birds are incorrectly referred to as “Americanas.” They are known for having a fun personality and docile, sweet temperament.

Ready to get started? Check out Raising Backyard Chickens For Eggs: A Beginner’s Guide here!

With assistance from freelance writer Paul Robert.

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David Archuleta

We are new to the chicken raising world and decided on Easter egggers for our first go at it. It was fun watching them grow and were very excited last week when one of our hens laid their first egg. I say it was blue my wife says green. Looking forward to our other hens laying and continuing this journey!

Mike Oickle

I live in Bridgewater nova scotia…..and I’m looking to buy an Easter egger….can anyone tell me how to find out where to look or who to contact? Thank you in advance.


Pat you might want to look online at Cackle Hatchery. they have them listed in their catalog. or there are other hatcheries that you can order from.


Im finding it so hard in Ohio to find Golden Comets No one local or in WV seems to have them and cant order them ? Any one else having this problem?


do you need to cover the pallets with chicken wire? or are they usable as is, for the false floor?

Jennifer Born

As is


Just brouight a new chick into our fold the other day and she’s fairing quite well. The kids love her and she comes a running when they are bringing veggie bits to the girls.Her personality is already shining through,calm ,gentle and enjoying human company. Were so looking forward to her coloured eggs.

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