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What’s Your Weather Personality?

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  • J says:

    I scored a 26 and the assessment couldn’t be more wrong. I am predominantly introverted and prefer being alone. I am almost exclusively into art, history, music and reading and if I go for action of any sort, it is limited to superhero films. And when I go out, if I go out, I prefer to use less traveled routes and be where people aren’t.

  • Angela Adell says:

    Im a 25

  • Kristin Decker says:

    The kind of day I like you didn’t include. My favorite day would be a 70 degree sunny one with no rain all day. I scored 19 on the quiz. The response said I “enjoy all sorts of weather”. I do like Spring where I can be outside all day, but other seasons limit how long I can be outside by hot/cold the sun makes it and I never go out in the rain. Since I can’t drive, walking is my only means of transportation, so when it precipitates I stay inside.

  • mcdreamer says:

    25….I love it cold and snow love it (so refreshing, energising, mood-uplifting)..Looking for snow escape now….This nauseating hot weather here no thanks….Totally hate heat and boiling sun (I’m no reptile…Outside I see many playing sport in the blistering heat…They seem like reptiles to me), and find it unbearable, insomnia, low moods, heavy headaches…Some say I’m a polar bear, fine for me…I always loved cold and snow, like to go out in that and really feel it….Love cold,…:)

  • lara newsom says:

    I scored a 21.. Its partically right. I live the outdoors but i cant stand to b in the shade and b sweating standing still. I live in Arkansas where the humidity is awful. It can b 100 and feel lije its 118

  • Barbara Valenti says:

    I am a 19, all around outdoor person. Sounds like me for sure. The weather has never stopped my plans. I do love a sunny, cool day. Makes me happy and energetic!!

  • Sandy says:

    Sun worshiper !! But I do like a nice gentle rain to

  • jinu joseph says:

    i got all around outdoor lover. and its true in my case

  • Glitter says:

    28!✌ i rule…lol

  • rebecca rudolph says:

    I got all around outdoor lover, which is pretty much true.

  • Anna says:

    21…I like everything but scorching hot…miserable stuff….no deserts for me!

  • patty thomas says:

    im a sunworshiper

  • patty thomas says:

    im a sun worshiper

  • kdw #23 says:


  • Cindy says:

    I got 19!

  • Janie says:

    16 for me! Yes! Love the sun and warm/hot weather. Makes me happy!

  • Brenda says:

    I got 16.. Weather Personality nailed it.

  • Jen says:

    I’m Elsa! I HATE heat and sun. Skiing, ice skating, snow mobiles, that’s where it’s at. 🙂

  • Norberta Lee says:

    My score was 25 and I REALLY do hate summer. I like walking in the rain when it is cool and breezy with the smell and feel of fallen autumn leaves at my feet. I enjoy the quiet gentle snowfall at night. I am comforted by clouds, heavy grey clouds that block the sun and makes everything cozy. I love hearing the wind blow the hail, rain and sleet against the window panes. Perfect score answer for me, I love changes and I do get restless in one place for too long.

  • Cindy says:

    16 points..Sun Worshiper

  • Jose A. says:

    I think some of these questions could be improved. What if you like both rain and snow? Both cold and hot? I am one of those people. However, my season personality would be summer or fall. I live in an area where summer temperatures 100 degrees and above are the norm. I am used to those temperatures and am not feeling bad about them. Too hot for me would be anything above 117 degrees. I don’t live in the desert; I live in central California where it rains in the winter and snow in California is only normal in the mountains. I’m not for winter so much because it’s so gloomy and not full of life like the rest of the year. Winter is hard and dark. I know there’s positives too, but I personally prefer summer instead, because it has a lot of fun stuff to do. This time I am going to miss the summer. My weather preference used to be hot, until about eight years ago, when I switched to anything but the most severe. I don’t complain about the weather unless it gets too severe. I like being outdoors no matter the weather; I would just be careful. I don’t miss winter; I have never been a huge fan of it. I’m choosing to be different – to love just about any weather. The only thing wrong is bad clothing; but no bad weather. I could take the snow; just no severe blizzards. And take it either hot or cold to a certain degree, too. So I am probably having a hard time finding out my weather personality.

  • Linda says:

    I scored a 20..

  • Deb says:

    My score is 20, partially right. I do usually make the best of the weather. However, I hate winters when I have to drive on ice or lots of snow going to work. If I could just stay home on those days I would be totally happy. I prefer cooler (40-70) weather. I love Fall, it just doesn’t last long enough!

  • Eric says:

    My score was a 22. Describes me just like a good day should be. I like storms and like to sit out on the porch to watch them. I also like a good cool day as well, so I can get out to either go for a brisk walk or a good bicycle ride. Just as long there is no mosquitos around (lol).

  • Mike Duncan says:

    27 adventurous action Yes!

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