The Meaning of Rose Colors

With so many roses in different colors, it's hard to know what each one means. We help you sort it out so you send the right message this Valentine's Day.

Roses are red
Roses are white
Which color rose
Is the one that’s right?

If this is your dilemma, you are not alone. With the many choices available, it’s common to be uncertain about which rose is right for your sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest holiday for retailers and is the number one holiday for the sale of cut flowers, over half of which are roses. It is estimated that 189 million of these sweet-smelling buds are given on Valentine’s Day.

Long-stemmed roses are the most popular choice for Valentine flowers. Prices for these tend to be more expensive not only due to the high demand, but also because several rosebuds on the plant must be sacrificed in order to grow a long-stemmed rose.

Legend has it that the red rose was highly favored by Venus, the Roman goddess of love who was the mother of Cupid. Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day became common practice during the 17th century.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the color of the rose you select communicates a message to the recipient. If you don’t know the meanings of the various rose colors, you may be sending an unintended message. So what color rose will best express your heart? Wonder no more.

The Meanings of Rose Colors

Red — love, passion, perfection, respect, courage
White — innocence, purity, reverence, humility, secrecy, friendship
Light Pink — grace, gentility, admiration, joy
Medium Pink — loveliness
Deep Pink — thankfulness
Burgundy — beauty within
Yellow — joy, friendship, jealousy
Orange — fascination, enthusiasm
Peach — desire, gratitude
Lavender — love at first sight, enchantment

Yellow/Orange — Passion
Pink/White — Enduring Love
Red/White — Unity
Red/Yellow — Congratulations

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Sheila brown

I love long stem ROSES, but never really knew what every colors meant..I only knew of red roses of love, and white of purity, and friendship..but it is so cool to know all these different colors and what they meant..

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