19 June Weather Lore Sayings You May Not Know

If June is wet, will September be dry? Check out some of these weather lore sayings for the month of June. How many of these do you know?

Here are some fun weather lore sayings about June. How many of these do you know?

Weather Lore Sayings For The Month of June:

  1. If June is sunny, the harvest will come early.
  2. In June, when there is no dew, it indicates rain.
  3. A cold and wet June spoils the rest of the year.
  4. June, damp and warm, does a farmer no harm.
  5. A good rain in June sets all in tune.
  6. The north wind in June blows in a good rye harvest.
  7. An early harvest is expected when the bramble blossoms early in June.
  8. When it is hottest in June, it will be coldest in the correlating days of the following February.
  9. A wet June makes a dry September.
  10. If on the 8th of June it rains, it foretells a wet harvest.
  11. If it rains on the feast of St. Medard (June 8th), it will rain forty days later; but if it rains on St. Prottis (June 19th), it will rain for the next forty days.
  12. Rain on St. Barnabas’ Day (June 11) is good for grapes.
  13. If St. Vitus’s Day (June 15) be rainy weather, it will rain for thirty days together.
  14. If Midsummer Day (June 24) be ever so little rainy, the hazel and walnut will be scarce; corn smitten in many places; but apples, pears, and plums will not be hurt.
  15. Cut your thistles before St. John (June 24), and you will have two instead of one.
  16. If it rains on June 27th, it will rain for seven weeks.
  17. If it rains on St. Peter’s Day (June 29), the bakers will have to carry double flour and single water; if dry, they will carry single flour and double water.
  18. Rain on Peter and Paul (June 29) will rot the roots of the rye.
  19. Calm weather in June sets corn in tune.

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Bob Herndon

A middle Tennessee saying: A dry June will scare you to death. A wet June will starve you to death.

Susan Higgins

Interesting! We love hearing these colloquial sayings!

Margaret J. Jaeger

For several years now,,we’ve had a wet spring and well into June. Then,,it got hot and got dry and drier…in July when we needed it the most. Veggie garden grew well until we had to water it ourselves….then things began to shrivel or get stunted.

Gary from Ohio

give me that natural rain the real water to make things grow

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