8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Procrastinator In All of Us

When there's no time for shipping and barely enough time for shopping, these last-minute ideas may be what you're looking for!

The countdown to Christmas is on! Whether you misjudged how many days are really left (the window between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to get shorter and shorter), or you just found out cousin Becky is coming for Christmas dinner, you may be in full-blown panic mode. But fret not!  When there’s no time for shipping and barely enough time for shopping, these creative last-minute gift ideas may be what you’re looking for. Each item links to a story full of ideas!

8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas 

1 Gift Mitts – These ideas are so clever, you’ll be amazed. And the best part—the mitts also serve as the gift wrap so you don’t have to spend money on paper and ribbons. Win! #3 is our favorite. 

2. DIY Lavender Bath Products – Everyone will appreciate these easy and thoughtful gift ideas that require only a few simple and inexpensive ingredients. And the best part is, you can say, “I made it!”

3. Gift Ideas for Gardeners – Ingenious! Every gardener in your life will appreciate any one of these easy gifts. See the list! 

4. The Ol’ Voucher Route – If you’re really good at something, whether it be painting, cooking Italian, Swedish massage, why not create a quick voucher on your computer (there are lots of downloadable templates) or handwrite an IOU that promises one of your masterpieces for a truly memorable gift? This option buys you a little time, possibly into January before it’s redeemed!

5. Fantastic Food Gifts – Let’s face it, everyone loves to receive food, any time, any day. If you’ve got 24 hours, that’s enough time to bake cookies, fudge, or assemble any of the tasty treats we list here.  We included a recipe for super-easy Candied Pecans, which you can whip up in less than an hour. 

6. Holiday Plants – Sure, you can gift a lovely poinsettia for Christmas, but these other plant ideas are also holiday favorites! 

7. Clutter Clobbering Gift Ideas – These ideas are when grab and go is a must. Most tuck right into your pocket and don’t involve elaborate wrapping which you don’t have time for!

8. Cash – Everyone loves cash, but it’s associated with being a “tacky” gift … unless you present it in a clever way! From Dollar Origami to these clever presentation ideas below, this is one gift that has a big WOW factor. And it’s easy peasy!

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