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Farmers’ Almanac is proving once more that a 206-year-old publication is relevant, informative, entertaining, and popular.

Lewiston, ME: Farmers’ Almanac is proving once more that a 206-year-old publication is relevant, informative, entertaining, and popular. The 2023 edition is here and within this compact 8″ x 5″ package, you will not only find a cold winter outlook, but also an eclectic mix of calendars, charts, tips, and articles that offer valuable answers to life’s secrets for happier, healthier, and more harmonious times.

More than a Magazine
“The Farmers’ Almanac is a book, a calendar, a reference source, and a guide to great living,” shares editor Pete Geiger, Philom., adding “it’s a time capsule of important how-to’s as well as when to do things.” What kind of things? How about brew beer, can tomatoes, go fishing, plant a garden, get married, take a vacation, and watch a meteor shower.

Some of the most popular features in the Farmers’ Almanac are life hacks that help you save money and time. (Did you know you could use bubble wrap to keep the cold air out of your home? Or freeze eggs for future use?) It also offers a unique blend of humor and inspirational thoughts called “philosofacts.”

Originally named after the people of its time – farmers – the Farmers’ Almanac is sometimes mistaken for a farm-only read. But if you pick up this 206th edition, you will see that it contains articles and advice for people with backyard balconies as well as folks with backyard chickens. “An entire year’s worth of weather predictions is what make the Farmers’ Almanac so famous,” states Sandi Duncan, Philom., managing editor, “but the content is much more than weather or farm related. We share everything from the best times to view fall foliage to best days potty train your toddler.”

The latest edition of the Farmers’ Almanac contains articles on ways to help slow the effects of climate change, shares compelling reasons why pigeons should be appreciated, includes tips on ways to eat rather than rake acorns, doles out weather wisdom and lore, and includes newly designed charts and calendars that help readers glean helpful ideas for planning their gardens and year ahead. The 206th edition goes on sale August 15, and can be purchased at grocery and bookstores and online at

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Sandi Duncan is the Managing Editor of the Farmers' Almanac. Click here to read Sandi's full biography.

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