10 Fun Facts About Marshmallow Peeps

Easter is almost here, and that means Peeps, those little marshmallow chicks and bunnies, will be adorning Easter baskets everywhere. Here are some fun facts about these popular Easter treats.

Easter is almost here and that means Peeps®—those little marshmallow chicks (or bunnies) coated in brightly colored sugar—will be adorning Easter baskets everywhere, as they have been doing for over 60 years.  Here are some fun facts about Peeps, one of the most popular Easter treats in the United States.

10 Fun Facts About Marshmallow Peeps

1. Peeps were once made by hand, and it took roughly 27 hours to create (because the marshmallow had to cool). Now, with modern equipment, it takes about six minutes.

2. The first Peeps had wings! The candy’s manufacturer wanted to update their look, however, so the wings were “clipped.”

3. The first color was yellow—and yellow is still the most popular color. Yellow was followed by orange, pink, lavender, green, and blue.

4. According to the Just Born Candy Company, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the maker of Peeps, enough are produced each year that if they were all lined up, the line would circle the earth twice.

5. They also come in all sorts of shapes, including bunnies, Valentine’s hearts, and Halloween pumpkins. Even though other shapes are available, the traditional chick is by far the most popular.

6. The machine that makes Peeps, the Depositor, has remained unchanged for more than 50 years—and the recipe hasn’t changed, either. They are still made just as they always were, with a mixture of liquid and granulated sugars, corn syrup, gelatin, and vanilla.

7. They are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy—and they’ve sat at the top of that list for more than twenty years. Every spring, more than 1.5 billion marshmallow Peeps are eaten.

8. Each chick has just 28 calories and is fat-free.

9. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where Peeps were born, the tradition is so large that for New Year’s Eve, the locals drop a giant Peep instead of a ball!

10. Surveys show that nearly two-thirds of people who eat Peeps bite the heads off first — but that’s not the only way to eat one. Other ways to eat them include letting them get stale first, microwaving them, freezing them, or putting them on pizza!

Fun Fact: the Just Born Candy Company, maker of Peeps, also invented “Jimmies” (some call them sprinkles), named after the employee who made them!

Not Everyone is a Fan of Peeps

Not everyone likes Peeps, however. “Haters” say they’re too sweet and have an unpleasant texture. There are Facebook groups dedicated to hating them, and the hashtag #PeepsMassacre can be found on Instagram, tagging photos of Peeps meeting their demise. It’s a hotly debated topic. What about you? Love ’em or loathe ’em? Tell us in the comments below!

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Patty Rykhus

Gotta try this! Toast a Peep or 2 eggs over a campfire. I’m not a big fan of them “raw” but toasted. OMG are they good! The sugar coating makes a delicate crispy shell. Let it cool a bit before eating… it’s like molten lava at first.

Ooey Gooey goodness with a delicate candy shell. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Jay crown

If you don’t like Peeps, why are you even on this page???!
PEEP LOVERS will always love peeps – the end

Margie S.

My Mom is 93 yrs old & she loves Peeps. We always make sure she gets her fill every year.


Great way to show mom you love her !♥?


I bite the eyes off first,TOO. I love my yellow Peeps Stale! Once around Easter, I saw a Peepmobile:a van with a large yellow peep chick on top. I was on my way to get my sons from school. I tried to follow it, but with Friday traffic and too many red lights, I could Not catch. (I had it in my mind they were passing out “Chick Whistles” and I Wanted One!) My sons did not believe my story until it showed up in the newspaper the next day!


Chick whistles? That sounds amazing! I like my peeps stale as well. Even better – cooked for a little bit in the microwave!


I have always loved Peeps but I keep thinking that I can taste little bits that are crunchy but not sweet and tonight I finally figured it out, it’s the eyes! The wax tastes like plastic so from now on it will be eyes removed before biting the head off! The colors make me smile when ever I find them and I love the half price sales after Easter. Go Peeps!

Monique Chancellor

#PeepLover I make cupcakes and put Peeps on top of them. I first frost the cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting that looks like grass, then put the peeps on top with some “eggs” in front of them. They are so stinking cute!!

Karen Brunette

I love them and even tho im a diabetic I still sneak to have my peeps when there available love all the colors

A Chicken

Ah yes, I always knew there was silliness in some candies.


I love the crunch from the sugar coating that the peeps have on the outside of them the sweeter the better?


My fiance is convinced that the other colors taste different than the original yellow Peeps so every year we have a blindfolded taste test. I think he does this so he can eat more Peeps.

Monique Chancellor

That’s funny!!

L k Winkler

My favorite…stock them up in freezer now, when your having a bonfire, use for Smores instead of regular marshmallows.

Joyce Crawford

I am 77 and still a PEEPS fanatic!

Deedee Davis

I love them stale, like really stale. My Mom used to buy them on sale after Easter and save them until the next year. slit the cellophane and let them dry out for the year. You can tell when they have been cured properly when you bite and pull at the same time, they snap. Just right!

A Chicken

Ya know that actually sounds really good, I should try this soon….mmm.

Linda Binger

I have not seen the caramel filled peeps, but hopefully my daughter-in-law has, they fix me an Easter bag every year with package after package of all kinds of peeps. I am 80 & still love peeps. When you are counting calories they give you a sweet snack that isn’t too high, unless you eat the whole package at one time, LOL


But each on has 24 gr of sugar….


Peeps are the BEST! I don’t care what color – I eat em all.

Mari Entwistle

Nothing against Peeps but I Absolutely hate them, but I hate marshmallows too

Carl Long

Love ’em!


Love love love them!

Tania Ferrante

We love peeps! They are adorable and bring back memories. Although they aren’t the best tasting Easter candy, they are definitely one of the cutest either bright colors! I line all our baskets even if we don’t eat everyone, we enjoy looking at our pretty awesome baskets full of goodies!

Drew Sagar

Who knew ? It sounds like a potential movement . But I suppose people can become passionate or even crazed about the damnedest things .. Personally often feel the urge to eat them at Easter time but one is always enough if not to much . I suppose I can feel better about them now knowing they are so few calories & ” fat free” . I would keep this on the QT though . Some extremists may be inspired to Peep mass murder.

Tina Cannon

Gross gross gross. My kids love them but I find them disgusting. I don’t happen to like marshmallows either.

Belinda L Lehr

I love peeps…..I still buy them every Easter for myself!!


Daughter loves them. And loves all the new flavors!!! A must have in the Easter baskets


We roast them in campfires, but don’t eat them.

Deedee Davis

I would eat a roasted Peep <3


So you burn them just to watch them burn?

Mary Jo Alsup

By far my favorite Easter candy, followed by the chocolate marshmallow eggs.
I’m so glad peep’s are not just 4 Easter.


I love them! I eat them from the bottom up and sometimes frozen. I also collect the bunnies and chicks. They are the best!

Mary Pfeffer

Love them since a child. When more holidays included Peeps…excited! Friends collect all the new favors & send them to me! Got the Peep creamer, Peep stuffed toy 4-packs(rabbits & chicks) and this year Peep lipgloss!!


I’ve always loved Peeps and, yes, I’m one of the ones that will open them up and let them sit for a few days to harden up a bit.


Me too! Actually have started freezing them too!


Haven’t seen caramel filled ones!!!

Susie Martin

I love peeps, I have given them to my children growing up then my grandchildren and now my great grandbabies. I eat them still.

Sally Mayes

Love,love, love them. Have since the very first one 61 years ago. Also great roasted for smores!!

Sherry Koob

I am 73 and love Peeps as much now as I did as a child. Yummy


I love love peeps and I faithfully buy them every holiday. I don’t like chocolate and I indulge in peeps lol
I also buy them for my grandson and my 2 children(adults now) . Yellow is my favourite!!!

Angi Totten

Love peeps. Since I was a little girl.


I love peeps.No need to hate them haters lol. Just don’t eat them. I don’t like the taste of black jellybeans I pick them out cause someone else will like them. No need to be mean to things u hate.


Love them ! I buy them when ever they come out

D Belcher

Love them stock up every year the day after Easter


I won’t be able to give my daughter any “peeps” this year as I don’t have a way to order them She’s the greatest fan of “peeps” (She’s 50 yrs old) ‼️


They are delicious in hot chocolate!

Selina Mlynek

What do you do with the one eyed peeps?


I love peeps, I started making my own (peeps silicone mold) for my great grandchildren


Have always loved Peeps love the original yellow but also love the innovation for the other holidays Gingerbread Peeps a new favorite as well as the Christmas Peppermint ones!


I love peeps. Purple is my favorite but like all other colors…except pink. Not sure why pink tastes different to me.

Selina Mlynek

I do not like the color pink so that makes me be more critical if things that are pink or have pink on them. The color just kind of bugs me.


70 years old and have always loved them, stale is the best!!

Ruth Graber

Love peeps and for many years I ate a whole box each Easter season. Cause no one else in my family likes them! I love the crunch of the sugar, the flavor, and especially the yellow – my favorite color!


I guess IM a odd ball. I like them, but do not want too many of them.

Charlene Melcher

I am a 56 year old Peep lover. My new favorite this year was the caramel filled Peep.

Selina Mlynek

Oh. I didn’t know they had these.


Peeps on smores are the best!


Love them and they are good on an open fire also.


i love peeps. every color and kind…keep making peeps.

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