May’s Full Flower Moon

How did May’s Full Moon, known as the “Flower Moon" get its name?

May's full moon is called the Flower Moon

In most areas of the northern hemisphere, flowers are abundant in late spring. Blossoms of brilliant color burst forth in both tree and meadow. Thus the name of May’s Moon, the Full Flower Moon.

May also marks the end of hard frost, making this the time of year when farmers begin to seed their fields. This led to May’s Moon also being known as the Full Corn Planting Moon.

In medieval Europe the first day of May or Beltane, was the day cows were moved to their rich summer pastures, providing them with rich nourishment to feed their newborn calves. This is why May’s moon is sometimes known as the Full Milk Moon.

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Kimberly S Humphreys

Full Moon , Harvest Moons , Lunar Moons , Blood Moons. How do I get a copy of the Farmers Almanac for this year 2021 ?

Last edited 1 year ago by Kimberly S Humphreys
Susan Higgins

Hi Kimberly, You can still buy the 2021 edition on our website and on Amazon. Here’s the link for options.

Lupe Henly

So when will it be 100%

Mary brannen

My dad and husband always used the farmers almanac from gardening to fishing and health .


Love stuff about the moon!


I had heard that if you want your hair to grow – cut it on the full moon (amongst many other things!). So I decided to try it just for fun – and it actually is true! So, take it from someone who’s tried it – it does work!

Wendy Wieser

Love everything about Farmers Almanac, especially enjoy the moon phrases and meanings

Ellen Campbell

I love learning about the various titles given to the full moon in different months.
These for May are truly apt.

bruce hulse

love watching the full moon over the atlantic on the beach in Montauk long island check out the song Montauk moon by bonnie lee sanders


I always plant my flowers and veggies by the moon. It just works!

pearl kelley

no sweeter beauty than a full moon on the beach

Deborah Lang

Lovely and enticing to all full moon lovers.

Lori Abrams

Beautiful video that gave me knowledge of May’s full moon. Thank You

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