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Seed Starting Chart: Best Times To Start Your Seeds

Ready to get growing? Our handy chart will help you figure out when and where to start your seeds.

Ready to start that spring garden but not sure when you should start your seeds? We can help. Our seed starting chart helps you determine when and where to start your seeds. Some seeds should be started indoors, while others can be directly sown outside. Refer to our Average Frost Dates to determine your last spring frost.

Your seed packets will have most of the information you need but here are our recommendations:

Vegetable Seeds

VegetableWhere to StartWhen To Start
BeansOutside2 weeks after last frost
BeetsOutside2-4 weeks before last frost
BroccoliInside4-6 weeks before last frost
CabbageInside6-8 weeks before last frost
CarrotsOutside2-4 weeks before last frost
CeleryInside10-12 weeks before last frost
CornOutside2 weeks after last frost
CucumbersOutside3 weeks after last frost
KaleInside4-6 weeks before last frost
LeeksInside10-12 weeks before last frost
LettuceInside4-6 weeks before last frost
OnionsInside10-12 weeks before last frost
PeasOutside4-6 weeks before last frost
PeppersInside8-10 weeks before last frost
PumpkinsOutide2-4 weeks after last frost
RadishesOutside4-6 weeks before last frost
SpinachOutside4-6 weeks before last frost
SquashOutside3 weeks after last frost
TomatoesInside6-8 weeks before last frost
Links for each vegetable will bring you to additional growing information.

Planting by the Moon

Planting according to the phases of the Moon is an age-old practice.

Be sure to also check our Gardening by the Moon calendar, which will guide you to which garden tasks are best done based on phases of the Moon.

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