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Banana Bread Day: Try This Easy, Short-Cut Version

No flour? No problem! You can still bake up this yummy banana bread. Give it a try!

If you’re looking to do some baking but there’s no flour, check the pantry to see if you have any pancake mix and try this banana bread recipe.  It’s moist and delicious. Serve it warm with butter!

Easy, Short-Cut Banana Bread


3 ripe bananas, mashed (leave a bit chunky)
2 2/3 cup any brand pancake mix labeled “complete” (“buttermilk complete” also OK)
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk
1 cup chopped walnuts and/or chocolate chips (optional)
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp vanilla


Preheat the oven to 350º F. Grease the bottom and sides of a 9×5 inch loaf pan.

In a large mixing bowl, add bananas, eggs, milk, vanilla and oil. Add pancake mix and sugar. Mix well. Fold in nuts and/or chips. Pour into the greased pan and cook for 50 minutes to 1 hour. Toothpick or wooden skewer should come out clean from the center.

Cool in pan for 5 minutes then transfer to wire rack and cool an additional 15 minutes. Serve warm with butter or plain. You can even toast slices the next day for a great breakfast!

Banana Bread Waffles!

Want to get really creative? Ladle batter into a heated waffle iron and make banana bread waffles! See more great ideas of yummy things you can make in a waffle iron!

Susan Higgins is the Farmers' Almanac's Web Content Editor & Social Media Manager. She is a freelance writer/editor, copywriter, blogger, and writer of short fiction. Her passions are advertising, cooking, the ocean, libraries, pets & animal welfare, Netflix binges, and finding the perfect book at her local library.

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Martha durfeee

My 70 yr. old made from scratch is just as easy, 1/4 tsp. Cinnamon adds just a kick( loved by all)


Here is one my Husband love this one he makes it all the time.

3 Ingredient Banana Bread

3 ripe bananas mashed up
2 eggs
1 box of yellow cake mix

*Mash the bananas
*Mix in your eggs
*Then mix in the cake mix.
*Bake in 2 small loaf pans for about 40 mins at 350 degrees.
*You can freeze one of the loaves for later.

I love banna bread. its good and good for you.


I’m excited to try this recipe! I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand-don’t you love when that happens. Some of the best cooking is spontaneous!

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