Zodiac Zone: Meet Leo ♌

Leo is the fifth constellation of the zodiac. Its name is the Latin word meaning “lion.” Learn more!

Nearly everyone knows a little something about astrology — even if it’s only where to find the daily horoscope section in the local newspaper. Whether you truly believe the stars control your destiny, think it’s all bunk, or just like to have fun with it, the 12 signs of the zodiac are part of our cultural heritage. Over the next year, the Farmers’ Almanac will introduce you to the facts and mythology behind each constellation in the traditional Western zodiac. This month, Leo.

Leo is the fifth constellation of the zodiac. Its name is the Latin word meaning “lion.”

Astrologically, the Sun resides in the house of Leo from July 23 to August 22 each year.

The astrological symbol for Leo is ♌, and the constellation sits in the sky between Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. Other nearby constellations include Leo Minor to the north, Lynx to the northeast, and Sextans and Hydra to the south.

Leo Constellation

The Leo Constellation itself consists of a sickle-shaped set of stars some describe as a “backwards question mark” connected to a large, vaguely trapezoidal shape. At the base of the sickle is Regulus, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, known as the “star of kings.” Other stars in the sickle include Al Jabbah, Algieba, Adhafera, Ras Elased Borealis, and Ras Elased Australis. Together, they represent the lion’s mane. Two straight lines comprise the lion’s body, ending in the sharp triangle of his flank to the west.

Leo is an impressive constellation to view on a clear night because it contains a number of bright galaxies, including M65, M66, M95, M96, and M105, some of the deep sky objects identified by French astronomers Charles Messier and Pierre Méchain during the 18th Century.

Leo in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Leo is said to be the great Nemean lion slain by Hercules during the first of his famous 12 Labors. According to the myth, the lion was a supernatural creature with claws that could cut through any armor. It terrorized the people of Nemea for years, unhindered because its magical golden fur rendered all weapons useless. Hercules was sent to kill the beast by his cousin, King Eurystheus. Though he was expected to fail, Hercules defeated the lion and made himself a cloak and helmet from the beast’s pelt. In honor of Hercules’ victory, his father, the god Zeus, placed the shape of the lion in the night sky for all to remember.

Another myth, recounted by the Roman poet Ovid in his Metamorphoses, tells of the tragic lovers Pyramus and Thisbe, whose parents forbade them to marry. The pair made a secret plan to meet outside the city beside a mulberry tree with white berries. When Thisbe arrived, she became frightened by a lion, still bloody from its latest kill, and ran away. As she did, her veil slipped off and was snatched up in the lion’s paw. When Pyramus arrived, the sight of the bloody lion holding Thisbe’s veil led him to believe that that his love had been eaten. Anguished, Pyramus drew his sword and killed himself. When Thisbe discovered him, she turned the sword onto herself to join her dead lover. Their blood stained the white mulberries red, which is why all mulberries are now red. In memory of the lovers, Zeus placed Thisbe’s veil in the sky near Leo. It can be seen today as the constellation Coma Berenices. If you think you recognize this story, it may be because it was the inspiration behind WIlliam Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet.

Traits of Leos

People born during this period have Leo as their Sun sign. Proponents of astrological determinism believe that people born under the same Sun sign share certain character traits. Leo people are most often described as confident, outgoing, generous, honest, open-minded, affectionate, creative, and dramatic.

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In what month is February if Leo is the 5th?


I am a Leo, born on the 17th, I am very loyal to whom I embrace! But do me wrong….its over…lol. Love astrology!!?

Sandi Duncan

Happy almost birthday!

Wayne Keith

Sad to see the annoying “get rich quick” scheme ads here too.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Wayne
We totally agree. We have systems in place, but somehow they get through.


You forgot to mention that we’re also usually powerful, strong-willed, determined, fierce, and aggressive.




Moon and
You can look up an easy way to figure this on Google. You will need your birth date birth time and birth city.
Hope this helps.
How to find your sun moon and ascending signs?


I’m definitely a BIG OLÉ LEO, AUGUST, 10. WE HAVE 3 Leo’s living in one,house. Sometimes causes, some dominant problem.I am a perfectionist, loving, strong willed, outspoken, miss lovey dovey, snuggle bear, lion, or a pussys cat.

Patricia Cutburth wells

I am a Leo and sometimes very demanding and a hard worker. Yet have love within my heart with a singing soul. My birthday is august 17th.


I’m also a Leo born 7/27……Leo proud and strong. I don’t like standing out in the crowd but I not afraid of crowd.


I am a Leo… today 7/28!!!!! Love my sign and am true to it <3

Texas Peaches

July 27th ..whoop whoop 🙂


i’m a LEO born on the 26th of july..i know i’m a STAR!

Michael Bates

I have studied Astrology since 1968 and I can say definitely these first 3 people who made comments are or have strong aspects in Leo. Leo’s are not shy about telling you that they stand out in a crowd, or that they are someone special and they always agree to their positive traits. Leo is the acting sign and rules in that area of the Zodiac. Being a Libra myself I always get along with most Leo’s. One of my brothers was born under Leo and I found out early observing people that a Leo like a lot of complements and if you butter them up they will be buying everyone a drink. They are suckers for attention and great at fixing things. A jack of all trades.


Debbie; I was born a Leo on the 7th and let me just say i am a Leo in every way possible and i agree that is something special about Leo’s.

Herb B.

Yes, I’m a true Leo in nearly EVERY word described in the Leo Zodiac Readings. Beverly, I find myself experiencing what you described about yourself very often! It’s definitely something unique and special with a Leo.


I was born under the sign of Leo. I think that being a Leo says something Special about my character. It’s like standing out in a crowd….

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