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Zodiac Zone: Meet Pisces ♓️

Zodiac Zone: Meet Pisces ♓️

Nearly everyone knows a little something about astrology — even if it’s only where to find the daily horoscope section in the local newspaper. Whether you truly believe the stars control your destiny, think it’s all bunk, or just like to have fun with it, the 12 signs of the zodiac are part of our cultural heritage. Over the next year, the Farmers’ Almanac will introduce you to the facts and mythology behind each constellation in the traditional Western zodiac. This month, Pisces.

Pisces is the twelfth constellation of the zodiac. Its name is the Latin word meaning “fish.”

The astrological symbol for Pisces is ♓, and the constellation sits in the sky between Aquarius and Aries. Other nearby constellations include Triangulum, Andromeda, Pegasus, and Cetus.

The Stars of Pisces

There are 86 stars in Pisces, the brightest of which are often depicted as two fish tethered to the same point. The constellation also includes one Messier Object: the spiral galaxy Messier 74. Messier Objects are bright deep-sky objects identified primarily by French astronomer Charles Messier during the 18th Century.

By Sidney Hall – This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Public Domain.

Pisces Legends and Lore

Pisces is said to represent Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love, and her son Eros, who transformed themselves into fish to escape the fire god Typhon. A fearsome foe to all of the gods, Typhon was known as the “father of all monsters.” One day, after many years of enmity, Typhon imprisoned Zeus, the father of the gods, in a cave guarded by a dragon. When other gods came to rescue Zeus, Typhon grew angry and attacked Mt. Olympus, the home of the gods. To shield themselves from his rage, each of the gods took on different shapes. Zeus became a ram, Apollo a crow, Hera a cow, and Aphrodite and Eros became fish. The mother and child tied their tails together with a cord so they wouldn’t lose each other. They were protected by Poseidon, god of the sea.

Astrologically, the Sun resides in the house of Pisces from February 20 to March 20 each year. People born during this period have Pisces as their Sun sign. Proponents of astrological determinism believe that people born under the same Sun sign share certain character traits. Pisces people are most often described as sensitive, idealistic, generous, imaginative, shy, naïve, creative, and compassionate.

How Can I See Pisces?

Pisces reaches its high point for the night at about 8 p.m. local standard time in early December. But you’ll need a dark sky away from light pollution.

Locate the Square of Pegasus. Then look for Pisces to the left of it: the entire constellation looks like the letter V.

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  • Tommy says:

    I’m a Pisces and curious if a Leo and Pisces could be compatible.

  • Nora says:

    Married a Pisces – and my mother was a Pisces- I found that Pisces women are very different from Pisces men. Women are gentle-while men are dreamers and demanding and want things their way. I am a Virgo-Virgo and Pisces are not compatible !

  • Laurie says:

    Both my husband and I are pisces. We are 6 years and 5 days apart and this has been going on for the last 35 years…At one point, he was the dominant one in the relationship, now the tables have turned, lol…;) So it does happen that 2 pisces can relate and get along together for many years..We are a testament to that!

  • amanda says:

    I am a pisces and so is my husband. We work out great, I’ve never had a connection with someone like I do with my husband. We both tend to get selfish at times, but we take the time to sit down & talk about it when that happens. We ground each other *surprisingly* I guess we are one of the exceptions and not the rule when it comes to astrology

  • Veny says:

    @ lil D
    It depends what is the ascendant of the person. Two people with the same sun sign could be the opposit of each other becaus of the ascendant. I am Pisces with Sagittarius Ascendant. 😀

  • Kat says:

    lil D, two of the same sun sign rarely work out. As a female Pisces, A good stable Cancer has been my best companion (tho they like to taken care of (like a motherly women), Aquarius are fairly good if you are a strong Pisces (they are a bit selfish). In all relationships you mush be willing to give of their needs, as much as you expect them to give to you of your needs. After all, when it comes down to it, we are all just human.

    Jaime McLeod, I love this! I would also like to see more information on each of the signs. I am also an organic fanatic & gardener. The great outdoors keeps me sane. I am true to the Pisces traits so long as I do not lock myself indoors for to long. I am very spiritual, love everyone, I do not hold on to anger (mostly because of my bad memory I’m sure 😉 , I am also very sensitive. But I am strong willed, I do not let anything keep me down for long. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. Awesome!!!! 🙂 Kat

  • Sue says:

    This is a good article, but I was disappointed not to find anything about how the astrological signs influence gardening? For example, Pisces is a water sign and considered a great planting sign!

  • lil D says:

    Hi, I am a pisces and all they say about us I am…I just ended a 2 yr relationship with another pisces. At first I thought he was “the one” lol but he changet into a selfish noncaring man he stopped including me in future plans. So what I’m wondering is do male pisces have gemini traits lol? Or pisces/pisces relationship just don’t work?

  • Old Pisces Guy says:

    I was recently told that I’m too diplomatic in the face of adversity. Perhaps to, but I survived 30 yrs in a law enforcement career, so it must work! :o)

  • Janice Makofski says:

    Men are very tender hearted and sensitive. They don’t match well with outspoken Saggittarians I found out.

  • Pisces Woman says:

    Pisces people seem to be the most gentle of all the zodiac signs.

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