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Attack of the Acorns! What Does It Mean?

One sign of the winter to come is an abundance of acorns and squirrel activity. What's happening where you live?

As we wait for the Persimmon Lady’s annual persimmon seed forecast, we like to look at some of the other “signs from nature” to determine what type of winter lies ahead.

Is your tree dropping green acorns? See what it means here!

Sign from Nature: Abundance of Acorns

According to folklore, another popular sign of winter is the abundance of acorns in the fall and the observation of squirrels activity. Five years ago, my lawn was filled with buckets and buckets of acorns and it was only July 8th. Yes, it was a snowy winter that year. This year, I’m hearing reports from friends in New Hampshire that acorns have been dropping like crazy. It was as if Mother nature just let go. When they started to clean up, a hard hat was necessary because they were getting pelted.  And, yes, the fat squirrels are loving it.

It doesn’t matter if there are lots of acorns in Maine or New Hampshire; if you live in New York, North Carolina, Minnesota, or elsewhere, it may be a sign for your area. So, what is your acorn situation? We’d love to hear the acorn reports! Tell us in the comments below.

Peter Geiger is the Editor of the Farmers' Almanac. Read his full biography.

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Martha May

I live in Rock Hill, SC. I have never heard acorns fall like they fell tonight. Sounded like I was being attacked by acorns ‼️?


I live in Central West Florida in a Mobile Home Park. Acorns bouncing off roofs and lanai’s has been abnormally high and for a longer period than usual and the acorns are green.

H. Hall

I live in South Central Arkansas and we had hardly any acorns this year. They were basically all gone before the end of October. (Very small too) Last year there were tons of acorns with very mild winter. Colder this year.

Carl Long

Even in near tropical Central Texas a heavy Acorn fall portends a severe winter. Haven’t seen it fail in 64 yrs!


Just finished raking up 100 kilos of them. Very unusual for us Apopkans.

R. Patrick

I live in Apopka as well and the constant banging of acorns on my aluminum screen room roof is very annoying.

Cathy Conn

Tons of acorns here in NE Kentucky!

rosey maxim

here in Winthrop ( Maine), we’ve been pelted daily, and my cat, Cinnamon, has been sneaking them in, then batting them all over the house. Still haven’t seen a wooly-worm this year!


Just moved to the Sierra foothills and it is raining acorns! A neighbor composed a song “Acorns keep falling on my roof” in response. Unfortunately they are toxic to horses and one of my horses had a mild acorn colic, so my new occupation is taking up acorns before the horses get to them. It’s a living…

Abbie Hendrix

Tons and tons of acorns since mid-August in Fuquay-Varina, NC and our Oak is still full of them. What could top 2020… a nice blizzard or two and a half dozen ice storms :-O

Marion Gillespie

All of our acorns started falling 2 months ago and still not done! 13 acres of nothing but oak trees. It was dangerous walking outside, even if just to the truck. Not sure what it means as far as winter goes, but we’ll find out.
Clinton, Missouri


Buckets and buckets in Pittsburgg. You had to run to your car to avoid being hit. And that didnt always


In northeast Texas, huge amounts of acorns. thought they put a dent in my car, they are hitting so hard. But I do not think it means hard winter for us.


Middle NC here and I swear Japan has bombed Pearl Harbor during the night. There has been some relief finally but now the dreaded leaf cleanup. I love/hate these oak trees. So the fear of a harsh winter coming has hurried me but guys….apparently its the next summer we should worry about. Read this:

Kst Horton

I live in Northern California. As in the past wet year’s. There is a very large crop of acorn’s. Ive been telling friends for year’s about the large crop of acorn’s. And when we have a wet winter that they are forecasting for us this year. We have a ton of acorn’s on the ground. Seems pretty real to me


Last year we were buried in acorns we had a moderate winter with some snow but not crazy. This year 2020 nov we have almost NO acorns at all. sorry I am in north central NJ


Last year we were buried in acorns we had a moderate winter with some snow but not crazy. This year 2020 nov we have almost NO acorns at all.

Dianne Mangino

It’s raining acorns and they are huge! North Auburn, Northern California.


Same here in Hernando Mississippi (northern Mississippi). Scads of them… falling constantly…but unusually small in size I have noticed 11.9.20


Branson, Mo. I’ve never seen so many acorns in my life! And these things hit as hard or harder than hail. Ouch.

Diane Hornsby

I live in North Georgia & my roof is getting unusually pelted, I was afraid a tree that has some limbs over my house might be dying, but it looks ok !


Tons of acorns falling on my roof here in Northern CA


I’m in NJ and in 2019 acorns showered us daily. My yard and the street that runs along it were covered ..yet we had a mild winter with little snow (until May!). This year, not one has fallen yet.

Bernadette Lucy

We have 9 huge old oaks here in our yard in Virginia. The acorns are so thick you could shovel them easier!

Jean Annable

Have a HUGE crop of acorns. We need rain and cooler temps here in North Central CA.


Way more acorns falling this year in South Carolina


Never seen so many acorns in my yard or my familys yard here in NC. What does this mean? Why are there so many? I dont even remember them last year..


Likely will be a hard winter – Raleigh has more than plenty of acorns this year again. Buckets full in a small area. From past experience, long, cold winter.

Joy Summers

We’re being pelted in Dunnellon, Florida with acorns.


I live on Long Island 35 years and have never seen so many acorns – it sounds like hailstorms at times – squirrels frolicking like they’ve have cbd gummies –

Dale McG

lots of acorns in Northern Virginia. across the Potomac from Washington DC.

May H

We are having an abundance of acorns this year in North Charlotte (southeast of Charlotte)


Suwanee, GA. More acorns than I have seen in 3 years I have lived in this house. The oak trees are saying don’worry about CO2. We will take care of it for you.


We are having a mind-blowing number of acorns this year! Greenville, SC

Jacquelyne Peck

They are falling out of there like torpedos and tons of them. I have never paid any attention to the acorns in the seven years I’ve lived here, but they are so noticeable and there’s so many of them I had to look this up and see what was going on Acworth, GA


I live in central NC and the acorns are crazy here this year! It really does feel hazardous to work in my wooded backyard. This may be the year I make acorn flour because my yard is just a layer of acorns.

Lori Kelly

Knoxville Tennessee is crazy too! My mother in law of 74 says she’s never, in all her years, seen so many acorns! I can sit out in my porch at 3am, when nothing at all is going on, and all you can hear is acorns dropping to the ground. If this is a sign of bad winter weather coming, well then… it’s gonna be a bad one!!! Acorns EVERYWHERE!!!


Huge amounts of acorns in our yard this year! North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA


I am in Lancaster, SC and we have bushels and bushels of acorns. I have never seen it like this.If acorns are a sign of a harsh winter then we are headed for a dang ice age…LOL Yea they are that abundant!
A elderly friend of mine even told me we were gonna have a very cold winter and even a blizzard in we will see !!!

Kandy Redbond

Asheboro, NC. We have so many acorns are yard is covered and so is our daughters yard. I have never seen so many in 63 years. Wow

Brigitte Nelson

SC and they are falling like crazy at my house! And other nuts, as well, hickory and walnut.

Mary Ellen

Acorns are falling without their caps! Why?

Gretchen White

It’s mid October in Oakland, California, and I have more acorns than I have had in thirty years.

Ruth DiCasoli

Live in Rockland County, NY…normally we would be covered in acorns…haven’t seen any…we were all just saying how strange it was..but then again this is 2020!


That’s right. Not one acorn in sight. This hunting season is just frikkin wierd


In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains at about 1250 ft. elevation, buckets of acorns falling every day and the oaks are still loaded with more. Most we have seen in the last 5 years.


HUGE amounts of acorns this year in Virginia Beach!


Tons of acorns in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. There are more than I have seen in the 15 years I have lived here and they are black in color which is also an oddity.
Any idea what causes this?


I’m up in Lake Arrowhead in Southern California and it’s crazy! Acorns everywhere and so loud when they land on the roof!

Ryan D Tiwari

Never seen so many acorns in Greenville SC. My yard, deck, and patio are all covered. It’s crazy.


Large quantities of acorns from live oaks here in Beaufort, SC


I am in North Carolina and they started in September and it is like a carpet of acorns. You had to be careful not to get hit in the head, lol. I have had friends say you know that means a harsh winter. But funny thing is the weather man just said we are in for a mild winter….hi guess we will see who is right!


Northern California has so many falling you need a hard hat to work outside.

Lori Hernandez

Like walking on marbles!

Susan Higgins

Lori, yes! We’ve been saying “like roller skates”!

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