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Parade Of Planets 2022

Parade Of Planets 2022 featured image

In case you missed the Parade of Planets with the Moon this past weekend, here is a beautiful record of the event. This photo was taken on June 24 at 4:35 a.m. (See our July 2022 sky guide—linked at the bottom of this page.) Thank you to Scott Readman and all of our readers who

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10 Tips For Grilling Fish

10 Tips For Grilling Fish featured image

Ever catch a fish and want to cook it, but you aren’t sure how? Here are 10 tips for grilling fish. Plus, the perfect (spicy) grilled fish recipe. (See below.) Preparing a meal of freshly caught fish over a hot grill provides primal satisfaction. Searing meat over fire is an ancient cooking technique that gives

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How to Grow Brussels sprouts

How to Grow Brussels sprouts featured image

Brussels sprouts can be easy to grow. The trick is sowing seeds so that buds will develop after the mid to late summer heat is over. To do this, it’s recommended to plant seedlings around the start of summer so they will mature in the cool weather, ready for fall or early winter harvest. Here

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How To Catch Striped Bass From Shore

How To Catch Striped Bass From Shore featured image

One of the best parts about catching striped bass is there is no need to have an expensive boat or spend hundreds of hours fishing to catch big ones. They are prized game fish that are accessible to everyone, known as “everyman’s fish.” With a few basic angling tools, some essential knowledge, and a little

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10 Tips For Camping On A Budget

10 Tips For Camping On A Budget featured image

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly vacation, why not try camping? Camping allows you to reconnect with nature, sleep under the stars—even in the backyard— and helps relax and recharge your mind. The challenge is to keep the cost down while still enjoying an epic adventure. Here are 10 tips for planning your next camping

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June’s Birthstone — Pearl

June’s Birthstone — Pearl featured image

June’s birthstone is the pearl. Its name comes from the Old French word, “perle” which, oddly, is derived from the Latin word for “leg”—as in “leg-of-lamb.” It is believed that this was a reference to the shape of mollusk shells, where pearls form. Interestingly, pearl is the only birthstone that is not mined from the

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How To Grow Watermelons

How To Grow Watermelons featured image

Watermelon can be trickier to grow than its close relatives: cucumber and squash. But a combination of warm soil, steady moisture, and proper fertilization can lead to sweet success. Here are some important tips. Getting Started: Two Methods 1) Indoor Preparation & Transplanting Sow two watermelon seeds per pot three weeks before date when soil

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Poppy Flower — Facts, Symbolism, And Gardening Tips

Poppy Flower — Facts, Symbolism, And Gardening Tips featured image

Have you ever wondered if the poppy seeds on the bagel you’re eating come from the same poppy flower that produces opium? They actually do, but they have been scrubbed of the milky substance which forms illegal narcotics and therefore are perfectly safe to eat. Don’t be alarmed: The poppy flowers growing in your backyard are a different species! There are 120 varieties of poppies—only one of which you cannot grow in the US. Learn all about poppy flower history, nutrition, folklore, and tips for growing. Read on.

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How To Treat Browntail Moth Rash

How To Treat Browntail Moth Rash featured image

You may already be familiar with threatening browntail moth caterpillars—especially if you live in the northeastern US. Found primarily on the coast of Maine and Cape Cod, the dangers of browntail moth caterpillars are two-fold: They cause skin rashes and also feed on trees to the point of killing them. Due to their seasonal resurgence, this bothersome creature is receiving lots of attention lately. As the weather warms and people begin heading outdoors, browntail moth caterpillars are also emerging from their webs in the trees. For information on when and where to spot them, how to treat a browntail moth rash, and how to prevent your plant life from being destroyed, keep reading.

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Where To Hang A Bee House

Where To Hang A Bee House featured image

Think those cute little houses in the backyard are just for birds? Think again! They can be for bees, too. This year, as people become more aware of bee populations declining, bee houses are taking center stage as popular garden decorations. They are charming, valuable habitats for our essential pollinators. After all, we wouldn't be able to live without the bees! Learn how to save the bees simply: Hang a bee house today! Read on.

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