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2020 Hurricane Names For The Season

2020 Hurricane Names For The Season

Have you ever wondered why tropical storms and hurricanes are given names? It’s not to make these disastrous storms seem friendlier, that’s for sure. Storms are given names to make them easier to remember. But who picks the names?

Scroll down to see the hurricane names for the 2019 season

How Are Storms Named?

Prior to the 1950s, meteorologists kept track of hurricanes and tropical storms by the year and the storms’ order for that year. So, for instance, the fifth tropical storm of 1938 was referred to as just that — the “fifth tropical storm of 1938” or “Storm 5.”

Tropical storms and hurricanes that did a lot of damage received unofficial names—like the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane, which did so much damage that the Miami government implemented the first known building code in the United States.

During the 1950s, meteorologists realized that it was difficult to keep track of unnamed storms—particularly if there was more than one storm happening at any given time. By 1953, meteorologists around the United States were using names for tropical storms and cyclones.

In those days, the storm names were all female. Both male and female names were used for Northern Pacific storms in 1978, and by 1979, male and female names were being used for Atlantic storms, too.

The World Meteorological Organization is responsible for developing the names for both Northern Pacific and Atlantic storms. They use six lists of names for Atlantic Ocean and Eastern North Pacific storms. These lists rotate, one each year.

That means every six years, the names cycle back around and get reused (which happened in 2019). If a hurricane does tremendous damage, such as Katrina, Sandy, or Harvey, the name is retired and replaced by a different name beginning with the same letter (After 2019, Dorian will most likely be added to the list of retired names).

The names alternate between male and female names, listed alphabetically and in chronological order starting with A and omitting Q and U, X, Y, and Z.  If more than 21 names are required during a season, the Greek alphabet is used.

Tropical Storms vs. Hurricanes

The National Hurricane Center explains that names are only given to tropical storms that have sustained wind speeds higher than 39 mph. These names will stay with the storm as it reaches hurricane strength (maximum sustained winds of 74 mph or higher). This means Tropical Storm Debby, for example, will become Hurricane Debby if it reaches maturity.

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1st, peaks September 10th, and ends November 30th, although hurricanes can form at any time.

List of 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Names:

These names were recycled from the 2014 season. Did your name make the list?

  1. Arthur
  2. Bertha
  3. Cristobal
  4. Dolly
  5. Edouard
  6. Fay
  7. Gonzalo
  8. Hanna
  9. Isaias
  10. Josephine
  11. Kyle
  12. Laura
  13. Marco
  14. Nana
  15. Omar
  16. Paulette
  17. Rene
  18. Sally
  19. Teddy
  20. Vicky
  21. Wilfred

Track hurricanes in real-time here.

List of 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Names:

These names were recycled from the 2013 season. 

  1. Andrea
  2. Barry
  3. Chantal
  4. Dorian
  5. Erin
  6. Fernand
  7. Gabrielle
  8. Humberto
  9. Imelda
  10. Jerry
  11. Karen
  12. Lorenzo
  13. Melissa
  14. Nestor
  15. Olga
  16. Pablo
  17. Rebekah
  18. Sebastien 
  19. Tanya
  20. Van
  21. Wendy

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  • Mikey says:

    You should do Hurricane Zoe or Eliza or Makayla if you want to.

  • Tais says:

    My name is Tais and it is Brazilian. Very tropical and very appropriate for a hurricane in my opinion.

  • Payge says:

    You should name a hurricane , payge if you have any spots left !!

  • Zoe says:

    i know there’s been a cyclone named zoe but there should be a hurricane! Or is that the same thing?

  • Nevaeh says:

    Hi Nevaeh here would love my name on the list

  • Keira says:

    You should have a Hurricane Keira or Skye!!

  • Samantha says:

    I wish they’d put Stephanie or Colleen or Susan on the Atlantic name list

    There are so many female names not yet being used

  • Stephanie says:


  • Clover Wootton says:

    Name one Clover. There has already been a Kenneth, and David

  • Sherry Smith says:


  • Tena says:

    What about Tena. I know there’s not one name that are what about Amin?

  • Emma says:

    I would love my name to be on the list

  • Pami Taylor says:

    Has the name Pamela ever been on a list??

  • kaitlyn says:

    i want my name kaitlyn to be on the list to

  • Kayla says:

    Hurricane Dixie like my storm of a toddler.

  • Sofia says:

    Hurricane Sofia would be really nice

  • Sawyer Tucker says:

    I really want my name on the list. My name is not very common and I really would like to see it used.

  • Alice says:

    How bout Alice as a major …we Alice’s are already majored in being a storm

  • Bmacho says:

    Ok Dorian is a male name? I would hurt someone if they name me or anything Dorian

    • Susan Higgins says:

      Hi Bmacho, yes, Dorian is a male name. Think of the famous literary novel by “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

  • Deborah says:

    How about a Hurricane named Deborah.
    Spelled correctly D-E-B-O-R-A-H
    I know hurricane Debra Happened in the pasted during the 1959 and hurricane Debbie happened during August 1969 , just what about the different way it is spelled out.. LIKE Deborah..

  • Toni says:

    Why don’t we give credit where credit is due The “Almighty GOD” for he was the one who created all!!!

  • Libby says:

    Who cares what a hurricane is named???? Sad!!!

  • Michael andrew says:

    We all cant be cat 5 hurricanes I’m now retired twice sorry florida

  • Naconie says:

    Pls name after me naconie

  • Sherry says:

    I’m still waiting for a hurricane Sherry (However, I have seen many different variants of it). Though to think about it I’m not sure I’d want to be in its path. 😂

  • Wes says:

    “Sebastien” should be renamed “Sebastian.” The Miami Hurricanes mascot is named Sebastian so “Hurricane Sebastian” seems appropriate

  • Erin says:

    Erin Gabrielle is my name….but Erin means peace so I knew no major storm would occur!!!!!

  • Rhonda Strickland says:

    Been waiting years to hear Hurricane RHONDA! But DORIAN was a good pick. Sure Robin Strasser liked it! 😆

  • Jean says:

    My name’s Jean (female). That name finally made it onto the list several years ago. The storm made quite a mess on one or two of the Windward Islands, way out where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. Then it died. There was still enough damage that it was retired the same year. What a disappointment! Only got one year and it barely made a blip on anyone’s radar.

  • Garrett says:

    I think we should start naming hurricanes based on top predators in the animal kingdom.

    Imagine Hurricane Black Wolf or Hurricane Mountain Lion or even Hurricane Great White Shark

    • Susan Higgins says:

      Hi Garrett, thank for writing. The only problem with that might be that is that if a storm does significant damage, with lives lost, the association with that amimal could turn negative.

  • Emory Austin says:

    Name one Emory. Or Austin.

    Or for a character from Mythology: Jupiter. Atlas. Achilles. Cassandra. Penelope. Cyclops. Bacchus. Poseidon. Helen. Janus.

  • Suzanne Scott says:

    Noah great hurricane name bc then ppl will b saved. Noah is my GRANDson

  • Michael says:

    Let’s go for the more modern names out the. Lemonjello,Orangejello, Lageorge,Dachristopher. or Hurricane AOC.

  • Adrian Maxwell says:

    The comments here are hilarious. You idiots really think this site is where the storm names come from? I feel bad for the stupidity my son is going to have to encounter when he grows up. We need a purge.

  • HurricaneVicky says:

    Hey some names should be CHRISTIAN FAITH SOTO DEMI AND GILLIAN

  • Dommie Q. says:

    I think if there is ever a Hurricane that starts with a Z it should be Zuma I don’t know if it already exists but just checking!

  • Melody ezell says:


  • Savannah-Grace says:

    If you’d like your name suggestions added to the list, you should probably consult the World Meteorological Organization, as they are the one’s who decide what the name list is for every year.

  • Savannah says:

    I really hope some of you understand that the owners of this website don’t control the hurricane names…

  • Sherrell says:

    I’m waiting for Hurricane Sharon. That sounds like a Tsunami, or something similar to Hurricane Katrina…….very strong and powerful.

  • Charles Thorne says:

    Hey Add Langarry to the list Langarry is a Male Name

  • Madison Gaskins says:

    I don’t believe you can put names on the list for a hurricane to be named after. Hurricanes are named after the wives of fallen soldiers who died during wars.

  • Thomas says:

    I’m waiting for humberto

  • Sandra R Magee says:

    I found all of this interesting my first storm but I remember doing some serious damage was Camille I was just born my mom and them explain it as horrific then as I Grow It Up Katrina done some super damage I find it odd and a bit amusing I love the names I can pretty much judge which one would do the damage I got to do is look at people that’s named that and if they got a bipolar mood or Exedra yeah but Sandra would be a hell of a storm I’m just saying but everyone stay blessed through it all because God is my biggest storm that I have to achieve what about you??

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