On the 1st of the Month: Don’t Forget To Say “Rabbit Rabbit”!

Need good luck? We explain where this quirky tradition and superstition came from.

“Rabbit rabbit!”

Saying these two words before any others on the first day of the month is a quirky little tradition that many follow for good luck. But where did it come from and what does it mean?

Why A Rabbit?

According to superstition, saying “rabbit rabbit” before anything else on the first day of the month will bring you good luck for 30 days. But why? And why rabbits and not another animal?

There seems to be some confusion about the actual origination of the phrase, but the first written record of saying “rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of the month can be traced back to a 1909 British periodical called Notes And Queries, where the author indicates that his daughters always say “Rabbits!” on the first day of a new month for luck.

The Rabbit Rabbit Rules

The word must be said aloud, and be the first word/words spoken for the day. While he provides no specific explanation, it is most likely connected to the fact that rabbits are associated with luck, which they have been for over 2,000 years.

Rabbit - Holland Lop
Rabbits are often associated with good luck.

This is why many people—including Franklin D. Roosevelt during his presidential campaign—would carry around a rabbit’s foot as a good luck charm.

During World War II, British fighter pilots were known to say “white rabbits” for luck every day—not just the first day of the month.  Other variations of this superstition include saying “rabbit” three times in a row rather than just two.

But no matter how many times you say it, the rabbit-uttering tradition seems to be most popular in North America and Great Britain.

Have you ever heard of this tradition and do you practice it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Charlotte Steyn

We do it every month. My husband is almost always first. He wakes up earlier and has time to think of the date.


yup I sure have . and some months have been better than others . AND sometimes I 4get , and well .. not so much luck LOL .

Kathie Siberry

Since a young girl, I have said, “Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits” at the beginning of the month. And every month, since I was a young girl, I would receive a present by the end of the month. Not all months just January, Feb, April, June, Oct and December.


back in mah days in yee old west ye used ta climb da anthills and eat as many of dem’ ants before dawn. then after eat rabbits!

Old Guy

We were told by our old English parents to say “White Rabbits”.


yo man aint that fasinating!!


On Mayday we girls used to climb the hill (about 1500 feet) before dawn and wash our faces in the dew. For beauty, I think.


what in tarnation?!


Growing up in Scotland, we only said rabbit, rabbit, rabbit on 1st March. I still do it. Has to be the first thing you say on that day.


I Learned this at school long time ago but along with saying rabbit rabbit ya had to go downstairs backwards… didn’t ever think about what ya do if no stairs…


yall need dead fish on roads

Kathy Linville

I had never heard of this before meeting my future Mother-in -Love 31 years ago. She taught me to say “Rabbit’s Foot”. Been doing it ever since. I have told so many people this tradition and now they do it, too! I get mad if I forget and say something else, usually to my dog or cat!


Oh my gosh I’ve been doing this wrong for the last 50 years! Years ago a friend told me you were suppose to say “Bunny Bunny Bunny” out loud, on the first day of the month for good luck. I taught my kids the wrong way too. Well it’s too late to change now but but I’ve been pretty lucky anyway …


hey want free cabbage or not!?


want free cabbage (only a few weeks old 😉


Want some cabbage?


i am bob im 72 and i ate some pizza yesterday


I am sure this is fake


I’ve been saying this since my own childhood over five decades ago!! My whole family does it and we’ve led a happy life! We even text rabbit emogies to each other upon waking on the first of every month. Not stopping for sure! 🐇🐇



Tony L

This is absolutely correct, I use the term 10 white rabbits which was from my grand mother and it has worked out for me for over 50 years


Never heard of that but I think I’ll start saying it. Can’t hurt anything. “Rabbit, rabbit”.


yes it can hurt u pizza will shoot out of your nostrils


I first heard of it from a boyfriend back in Boston, who said it every month. Since then, I try to remember to say it every month. I have passed it along to my co-workers and now I get 2 rabbit emojis sent to me on the first of the month by several of them!


I first heard about it through one of David Sedaris’ books. He says his sister, Amy, taught him to say “Rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of the month, first thing out of your mouth when you wake up.


Every moth. It’s become a competition among friends and co-workers to see who makes it first

Tamson Stone-Conrad

I’m 66 and my family has ALWAYS done this. We say it 3 times. 🙂

Sandi Duncan

🙂 Hope this has brought you much luck!!!




I had a stroke August 10, 2020. I can talk little, read little, and write little.
Mom introduced tradition, 41 years old.
“rabbit, rabbit” 🤞

A friend

Rabbit Rabbit! Wishing you many beautiful months filled with rabbits

Susan Higgins

Thanks, Friend! We wish the same to you, and all our readers.

Onyx Z

My Mother’s side of the family is English, and she taught us this, BUT slightly different. I looked through a LOT of comments and didn’t anyone say they do it like I was taught, NO idea why we did it this way, except that its what Mom taught us.

We were told that on the FIRST day of each month, when you get out of bed, you have to put your RIGHT foot on the floor and say Rabbit. Just ONE rabbit is all we were taught, and only when you step out of bed. Nothing about first words.

Is there ANYONE else who does it this way? Or was my Mom’s side of the family just twisted?



Debra J Dombrowski

My friend introduced me to this tradition. She says it to her grandchildren. I’ve started saying it to mine as well. Everyone can use a little luck!🐇🐇

Dorothy Metcalf

One of my patients use to tell me “ say Rabbit Rabbit first thing in the morning to me – it’s Good lLuck
“ that’s how I started !!!🐰🐰


In an episode of Downton Abbey, Anna utters these words & explains the significance to Mr. Bates.

Jestin Deno

One of my primary grade teachers said this to us one day. Not sure why I remember this one fact so clearly but I remember the day well. I believe my mom was in the class at the time so she used it once in awhile. Always had this question in the back of my mind since, thank you!


I have three pet rabbits, and “Hello, rabbits!” is the first thing I say in the morning nearly every day, first of the month or not. Now I will need to modify my greeting on the first of every month.


I’ve said this every month, when I remember, since I was 17 and first heard of it.


I’ve only ever heard of this tradition twice in my lifetime. The first on the radio one month ago on June 1st and then again today when I saw this article on Facebook. I tried it out for the first time one month ago and even received a new, wonderful job last month (my interview was the same day I first tried it)! I’m hopeful the luck continues!

Susan Higgins

Wow, congratulations, Betinna!

SAM TURNER, M.Ed. (retired)

When I taught 4th graders starting my career in education, I would tell my class: “Tomorrow is the first day of the month. Your homework assignment is to sit straight up in bed, yell RABBIT! and crawl out the bottom of the covers.”
“Yeah, but what if I’m on the top bunk, Mr. T.?”
“You figure it out.”
The next day: “How many of you remembered your homework?”
A few hands would go up.
“Mr. Turner, My mother says you are crazy!”
I taught elementary, middle school, and student teachers from the University for thirty-five years. Even with all the graduate curriculum classes and innovative teaching techniques, the thing they remember most about my classes is RABBIT DAY!

She Don

My family and I have done this since I was a kid. We still text Rabbits Rabbits early each 1st of the month out of tradition. I don’t believe in luck, but it’s still fun to do 🙂
Never knew others followed it also.


🐰🐰Same. Just thought it was granny’s thing, we all do it still.🐇🐇


I learned “Rabbit Rabbit” from a grad school classmate (fellow Texan) at Texas A&M, and “White Rabbit” a few years later from a colleague (from New Jersey) at the CIA.

p.s. CIA= Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY.

My Irish grandfather told me to say that everyday.

My Irish grandpa told me to say it


Our family continues the tradition here in Canada as a contest for being the first to say/text “Rabbits” on the first morning of each month. This game started with my Canadian grandparents (British roots) and now carries on through the 4th (& now maybe 5th) generation. The first to remember “Rabbits” is blessed with good luck throughout the upcoming month.


I learned about it on Nickelodeon when I was young and it stuck with me.


SAME HERE! I’ve done it ever since I was kid

Anneke Corbett

In my Jamaican boarding school we said “ Black rabbit” as the last thing before going to sleep on the last day of the month & “ White rabbit” first thing the following morning. I don’t remember why we did it.


I heard of this and did it several times as a teenager. It never seemed to make any difference in how good my luck was. Then I met Jesus, and didn’t believe so much in good or bad luck.


Amen, Cindy!


I have never heard of the folklore about saying Rabbit, Rabbit and I am 72 years old, but I am so glad to find this article. I had always heard of carrying a Rabbits Foot for good luck. Thank you so much for posting this article. We never get too old to learn! Wishing everyone Good Luck in 2021. Let’s all be more positive in the new year!


I only know one person who does this and I think it is stupid!!

Patrick Thomas

Only know one person who does it and I think it is stupid!!


So stupid that you had to say it twice? 😛

Kathryn corbett

Rabbit must be said 3 times on the first of the month before uttering anything else. If you forget, then the following morning say tibbar (rabbit backwards) three times. This is to ensure good luck. January 1 is the most important day to say it, as this brings good luck for the rest of the year.


Not something I hope anyone says in Australia given the destruction rabbits have wrought on the country since they were introduced in the 18 th century. Definitely not lucky here


We have a different take on it. If you say Rabbit Rabbit to someone before they say it to you, it brings you good luck.


The first words spoken UPON AWAKENING. It doesn’t count if you’re just sitting around and the clock turns midnight on the first of the month and you say “Rabbit! Rabbit!” as the first words out of your mouth.

Susan Higgins



100%!!! I share this each month on my social media and a ton of friends do it now! I always stress that it has to be when you wake up, not @ 12:00am! 👏


Wait all this time I thought it was the first words you say the beginning of the month? Once it hits midnight!



Lissa Willis

I learned to say “Rabbit, Rabbit” at boarding school in Virginia; it smacked of English tradition. My daughters augmented the superstition from their own school, where they learnd that the remedy for forgetting to say “Rabbit, Rabbit” was to spin three times counterclockwise, saying “Cabbage, Cabbage.”


my grandfather taught us to say Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit (he added an extra Rabbit for extra luck) on the 1st day of the month before you utter any other word or it won’t work to bring luck thru the month. I’ve taught my husband, friends and children to follow this “tradition” It’s fun and a good way to remember to start out your 30-day-ish cycle on a good note

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