10 Superstitions You Might Still Believe

Superstitions are just silly, right? There's a good chance that you may actually believe some and practice these rituals to thwart evil. See the list.

Superstitions and being superstitious is just silly, right? Perhaps, but there’s a good chance that you may actually believe many common superstitions and practice some of these rituals to thwart evil.

Here’s a list of the 10 most popular:

10 Superstitions You Might Still Believe

1. Walking Under A Ladder Brings Bad Luck

First and foremost, it is dangerous to walk under a ladder in case it slips, but there’s more to the superstition than that. Since a ladder, leaning against a wall, forms a triangle with the ground and the wall, the belief is that you’d better not step through it and break it, or evil may befall you.

The triangle was a sacred symbol to the early Christians, representing the Blessed Trinity–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Walking under a ladder was considered a serious sin because it weakened God’s power, and thus released evil demons into the world. Before the gallows were invented, murderers were hung from the top rungs of ladders. Many people believed that their ghosts had a habit of hanging around under those ladders where the bodies fell, so it behooved a wise person to not walk under a ladder.

2. Black Cats Are Bad Luck

Bengal cat - Maine Coon

According to superstition, having a black cat cross your path may be lucky or unlucky, depending on where you live. In some countries, such as Egypt, all cats, no matter what their color, are lucky. In Egypt, cats were considered so sacred that if one was accidentally killed, its killer was put to death. Cat cemeteries were common, and mummified cats were buried with their owners.

Black cats enjoyed no such exalted status during the Middle Ages, when it was believed that a witch could take the form of a black cat. There’s a story about an English father and son meeting a black cat they suspected of being a witch. They stoned the cat and the next day encountered the witch in her human form. Her face was bandaged and she died shortly thereafter. This story seems to be the origin of bad luck coming your way if a black cat crosses your path. Of course, we know that black cats are just cats, and its coat color is simply genetics.

3. Beginner’s Luck is a “Thing”

“Beginner’s luck” is the idea that people new to a sport or game are likely to win when they try it out for the first time. It could very well be that beginners simply do better because they aren’t as stressed out about winning. Experts say that too much anxiety can hamper performance.

4. If You Spill Salt, Throw Some Over Your Left Shoulder

Salt Superstition

We wonder how much salt ends up on kitchen floors with this one. It is believed that salt, everyone’s favorite seasoning, is also a valued weapon in the battle against evil spirits—thanks to its purification and warding capabilities. Tossing it over your left shoulder with your right hand is supposed to create a magical barrier that will keep you safe from harm. Of course, the broom you use to sweep it up probably has more ability to protect you from any danger.

5. Bad Luck Comes in 3s

First, your best friend is in a car accident. Then you spill coffee on your computer and it’s ruined. Now you’re waiting for “the other shoe to drop” because we’ve all heard that “bad luck comes in 3s.”

There are several theories behind this belief. One links once again to the holy trinity–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with the notion that important things (good and bad) come in threes. Another is that three establishes a pattern, so something happening once could be random, twice could be simply chance, but three times means something significant.

6. Knock on Wood or “Touch Wood” To Prevent Bad Luck

Druids and Pagan cultures believed that knocking on wood would enlist the help of tree gods.

You have probably performed this ritual a thousand times: You just finished the sentence that you never get sick, or that your car never breaks down, then you immediately search for something that’s made of wood so you can give it a few taps with your knuckles.

There are several theories of where this originated, but most agree that this belief started with the Druids. Their idea of divinity involved nature and the trees were their gods. Knocking on wood was considered a form of physical contact with them, which brought along good fortune. Most Pagan cultures around the ancient world also believed that trees were inhabited by spirits, so it was thought that by simply knocking on the bark of a tree, you could stir the aid of the nature spirit residing within. It’s unlikely that knocking on wood does little more than send people to the front door looking for the pizza guy.

7. Crossing Your Fingers Brings Good Luck

Ever wish or hope for something and then cross your fingers? The reason for this was that it is believed that bad luck is trapped at the point where the two fingers meet so when we cross our fingers, we stop the bad luck from escaping and allow our wishes to come true. Not very likely, but it’s still one we almost all practice.

8. Opening An Umbrella Indoors Is Bad Luck

The umbrella myth comes from the early religions that worshiped the Sun god. People believed that opening it indoors and away from direct sunlight is an offense to him.

The only danger from this practice, really, is poking someone who’s standing in close proximity to the pointy ends.

9. Itchy Palms Means Money Is Coming

Money superstition involves itchy palm.

There’s an old superstition that when your palms itch it means money coming in our out. An itching left palm means money to be paid out, while an itching right palm is money coming in. But is there any truth to this one? Some experts say yes because itching palms often signifies new internal energy moving through the hands.

The left hand is the passive, or receptive, hand and the right is the active hand. To aid this superstition, another one comes along—touching or rubbing wood is a very old superstition for releasing unwanted energy buildup (thus “touch wood,” as in #6). Itchy palms could also simply mean dry skin.

10. Saying “God Bless You” When Someone Sneezes Protects Them From Evil

This one is almost instinctual now. Someone sneezes and immediately we say either “Bless You” or “God Bless You.” But why?

During the sixth century, it was a tradition to congratulate people who sneezed because people believed that sneezing helped expel evil from their bodies. Years later, when a plague took over Europe, sneezing meant that the person was going to die from it. People blessed the person who sneezed because they were surely going to succumb to the plague and needed the prayer.  Saying the German, gesundheit, is essentially the same thing; it translates literally to “good health.”

What are your thoughts? Do you say you’re not superstitious but find yourself doing some of these things?

Tell us in the comments below!

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All of these was told to me as a child. And they stick with me. I do practice several of them almost all of them. Crazy I don’t know.😉😉


For many years, about a week before I get money; my left hand Will itch. The day before I get it, my right hand will itch. True story!!!


My grandparents came from Macedonia & have been teaching me about all kinds of superstitions my whole life.
A few major ones were:
– when you visit a cemetery, stop somewhere otw home to wash your hands, otherwise unwelcomed spirits could follow you home.

-Do not leave or enter your home or have windows open between 11:55 pm – 12:05 am or evil spirits could enter & bring bad luck. This 1 was VERY important & has proved true to me the very few times I didn’t follow..
– they also wore their underwear inside saying they’d learned that from many generations ago because it protects you from the evil eye & against any harm or jealousy or bad luck wished upon you. Lol


These are very interesting. Thank you for sharing.


If you spend money on New Year’s Day you will have financial problems all year / if you don’t, you will have a successful financial year – my mom’s ex boyfriend always said that one so we couldn’t spend any money on New Year’s Day. I still do this and I can’t say I’m rolling in the dough, but I’m okay, so I’m gonna say it works lol

If your right ear rings or itches someone is talking good about you / if your left ear rings or itches someone is talking bad about you

If your nose itches someone is thinking about you


One that I was taught was that if you are walking with your partner and there is a telephone pole or fire hydrant etc in your path, that both around it on the same side together. That splitting up to walk around means your relationship will break up


Kelly, me too!! I was also told that!! Not only your significant other but family, friends etc … And If you split the pole you are supposed to say “bread n butter”. Not sure why but was taught that. Kids and myself would switch up pairings like “peanut butter n jelly” ” cheese n crackers” to make it fun!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Brenda
josephine longo

very interesting comments , its knowledge to start my day and to start a discussion at work about “superstitions”

LJ Barry

My mother was from the old country and very superstitious. Here are a few that today I believe have some truth to them, if you were told to practice.

#1 Never sweep over your own feet with a broom, that will bring trouble in your marriage.

#2 Never take a picture with your boyfriend before you get married or it will bring a troubled marriage.

#3 Whenever you see a one lighted head light on a car in the night, lick your right thumb swipe it on your left palm and punch your palm with your right fist so it doesn’t bring bad luck to your marriage.

These 3 stuck in my mind for years and I preformed them until I got married for the first time then I stopped doing them as I thought they were silly, but I guess there’s some truth to it, I’m on marriage #3, maybe I should go back to practicing them.

Thanks mom for sticking this on me, ugh!

Sandi Duncan

Oh, these are so fun! Thank you for sharing! Imagine #2 nowadays! LOL …:)


Maybe people not completing these or believing these superstitions is why there’s so many failed marriages & people who cheat nowadays 🤷‍♀️


My dad never would let us rock a rocking chair if it was empty , he said it was bad luck .

Sandi Duncan

Interesting and so much fun to see these thanks for sharing!


My last name is wood so i just knock on myself. But does it really work? So far so good!

Sandi Duncan

Ha! Well you must be lucky

Burbank Rob

As a Christian, I trust in God rather than in “good luck” rituals.


As a child of God, I think good luck rituals are fun and help to keep you in the moment.
Also, not walking under ladders is for safety lol!


One which my grandmother told me repeatedly was not to cross a threshold with a pointed object, e.g. a needle. She never told my why, though.


The itchy palm for me is real but one has to recognise the opportunity and then take it

Chris Lee

“Saying God Bless You” means….
I worked in medical field since 1990 and your heartbeat stops when you sneeze. People say “God bless you” so your heartbeat will return.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Chris,
Thanks for this! So fun that some of these traditions/superstitions are still observed today. Appreciate you being part of our community here.


I also believed in a lot of these superstitions through the years. I still do, however one really has to take it all on faith because let’s face it…has any actually proved to be true? I can’t say any have for me. Now reading a lot of these comments and seeing how so many of these superstitions that I believed in all these years change so much from one person to another is absolutely amazing. With that being said, I’m pretty sure that all superstitions are definitely subjective. I would have to say that it’s also possible that we give them power by believing in them. Either way I’m definitely not going to go break a mirror on purpose. Haha?


I was always told growing up to pick up your feet while you’re in the vehicle that’s going over train tracks. Altho I can’t remember why it what happenedif you didn’t do this. Also you keep your mouth closed while going past a cemetery or the spirits can come out of the graves and possess your body. Also once you are in bed for the nite do NOT let your feet touch the ground until morning light or however many times your feet touch that will be however many times you will be yelled at the next day. Altho now that now that I’m an adult I don’t think was ever really a superstition but my older sister used to tell me when I was little just to make me stay in bed. Lol.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Agnes,

We still pick our feet up going over the train tracks (supposed to bring good luck)! Never heard of the bed one but we can see a good reason for it 😉 Thank you for sharing.

J. Gase

Mine is not so much a superstition but just an odd curiosity/observation. I was born under the sign of a Libra (the scales); that being said I was married for 18 years. When I look back from when I left home to when I got married it was 18 years close to the month of graduating high school and moving out. Now I’m divorced and I’m looking at the scales and asking myself “which of the two do I like the best?”


I can’t imagine anyone actually believing any old wives’ tales or superstitions!


1)Shoes on any table death in the family. 2) when walking with a friend never let an object (post, tree etc) come between you or your friendship will be split forever. 3) Always give money in a purse/wallet gift. Pretty much all the examples except the black cats thingy…all cats are good.

Sandi Duncan

Thanks for sharing LIz!


When someone hands you an open pocket knife, be sure to hand it back open. Closing it will cut your friendship. Make sure to hand it off by handle not blade!!

Sandi Duncan

Hi, we hadn’t heard that one. Thanks for sharing.


Keeping a glass of water at the nightstands to absorb evil before it gets to you.

Having a cat to hiss out the evil in the home.

Rebecca Lesher

What about this one? If a bird flies in your house through an open window, there will be a death in your family.


Totally heard that discussion growing up Haïtian.
Also, moths flying around is death nearby or recent.

Rebecca Lesher

My grandma was very superstitious. One of hers was don’t rock an empty rocking chair. Has anyone heard of this?


My great grandma believed this. I think if a chair rocked empty, the next person who sat in it would get sick. When my mom was little, she would hurry and sit in it so nobody else would get sick. Of course, she never got sick either.


the “Gesundheit” saying comes from the fact that your heart skips a beat during a sneeze, and they used to say “that’s when the devil sneaks in”, hence the word “Health (in German)” or “God Bless You” being said…and I thought it was the left hand itching for money

Last edited 2 years ago by Elen
Wayne Keith

Right hand means paying, left hand means receiving money.

Chris Lee

My mom’s side of family is from Germany and I heard it growing up to what you said.


Lt ear ring = someone is talking ill of u; Rt ear ring, they love u .. ??


Saying God bless you ??after a sneeze or towards a picture of someone u know or when a person is feeling unhealthy, it’s a beautiful thing:) a genuine heartfelt blessing said & sent to you should always be appreciated . I like to beleive it’s a boost of good energy & a quick uplift and a good energy force it’s a feel good & it’s only a blessing if it’s heartfelt ? GB


I’m a 76 yr old female and I believe in all 10 of these superstitions! But, I thought an itchy left palm meant money was coming and itchy right palm was giving money away (like paying debts or making a donation or just helping someone out or buying something)!

Cindy L. Murray

I was taught left hand is money coming in and right hand means you will mean someone new (because you shake hands with your right). I also was recently told that you aren’t supposed to scratch that itch or it won’t come true, which I had never heard before. Has anyone else heard that one?

Heather May Morgan

I was told by my mother that if your right hand palm itched, you would soon meet a stranger. An itchy left hand palm meant that you would receive money and you were supposed to scratch it on wood.

Kev Patterson

There a simple old saying
To help remember itchy palms
Right to receive
Left to leave


Our first of the month thing. Was “pinch punch first of the month” accompanied by a nip and punch on someone’s shoulder.
They could save themselves buy calling out “white rabbits”
Where it originated, who knows.


Back in high school my theology teacher told us that on the first day of the month your first words should be “white rabbits” still not very clear as to why.

Kimberley Gordon

I landed “here” as my right hand is itchy like crazy tonite- aaaaand I recently applied hand cream (so it’s not dry skin). I believe most of these, or at least think of them. My Gran used to say, “rabbits, rabbits, rabbits” every 1st of the month… meant to bring good luck. Anyone else heard of this one?? Sending lots of good luck to all…. ?

Charlene Alger

Yes, I do this the first of every month! ?


Yes rabbit rabbit white rabbit on the first day of the month is to be said to bring good luck.



Last edited 2 years ago by Shazz
Toni C

Sneezing superstition
I heard it was believed that when you sneezed the phrase “God Bless You” was to stop evil spirits from entering the body. It was believed that your heart stopped when sneezing, therefore an evil spirit could enter the body. Saying “God Bless You” prevented that. ?


Yes Toni…. That’s the meaning I was told as well.

Christine Miller

I believe #6….wholeheartedly. It stems from my own belief that trees are sacred. I am descended from Druids so it fits.


I do all of them~~OMG? Am I crazy?? And I have been doing them for as long as I can remember~I am 70~~that’s a long time☺️?


I’m 70 and i been doing them my whole life. My famiy are from the hills of Alabama. My mama taught me all these except I always thought she said throw salt over the right shoulder cause the devil slips up behind you on the right . So I guess that explains all the bad luck I’ve had in life. I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life. So now i throw it over both just in case my mama was right and these articles are wrong.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mary

What about if uou step on a crsck you break your mothers back

Margaret Craven

I do all the above, it lessens the worry that something bad will really happen. But then, I’m Irish.


There are a million other different superstitions that some of us believe in, however, that being said my great grandma believed in them all. Raised in Sicily and growing up pagan she experienced many things herself and then I was fortunate enough to inherit them from her. So, while many people do not believe in them, I want people to know that there are many many many people that do. Loved the article, btw.

Lacey Harris

Sneezing use to actually be thought of as ones soul was escaping the body and by saying, “God Bless You” your soul would return. And the German, “gesundheit” translate into, “in good health.”
I’m not sure WHERE or WHEN I learned about,
“God Bless You'” but I do know when I was 22/23yr I worked in a bar and had a VERY German girl friend who taught me about many German sayings and their translations. I miss her and her brother they were really neat people. But I ALEAYS REMEMBERED THAT ONE CUZ I REFUSE to believe our souls are trying to escape when we sneeze so I have made a strong habit of ALWAYS ALWAYS ONLY SAYING, “Gesundheit” when a person sneezes.
Thank You for those I did not know WHY your not suppose to walk under ladders or WHERE that came from. Oddly I immediately thought of the movie, ” THE RING” and the very strange image of a ladder that appeared several times throughout out the movie. It gave me the chills. And made complete sense! Thank You?

Susan Higgins

Glad you enjoyed the article, Lacey!


Ever hear of a picture falling off the wall…means some has died.


who tf falls off a wall? wtf


I believe it’s true we had a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall nobody was near it but all of the glass around the frame fell to the floor The next morning mom got the call my step dad had died

Verona Larkin

Absolutely, a very large picture, hanging for years in my Mothers sitting room, fell off the wall literally days before my Granny died. Also, robin in your house is a sign of a death in the family. One came to my back door when it was open. My Uncle was very sick at the time.
As it tried to come in, I put my foot in its way as I knew the superstition, but it simply walked over my foot and into my kitchen. My Uncle passed away the very next day.


One susperstitution I was taught to not sweep out the door after dark. It will bring bad luck.


I have never heard that one.


I was told to sweep the feet was bad luck. Broken mirror 7 years bad luck. Stand and eat means bigger feet…..


I say God Bless You when someone sneezes. My mother-in-law told me the reason why people say that is because the heart stops beating when you sneeze. If your heart does not start beating again, I’ve asked God to bless you.


Itching hand:- if you’re a man right is always receiving, while left is otherwise…
But if you’re a lady then left hand is always receiving, while right is otherwise…

Dornice wagea

No right means money and left means bills

Sherrie Lindsey

I was always taught left in coming , right going out


I’m one to dispute the myth about the black cat crossing ones path. My friend ask me to join her and a few of her family members to go to the casino after work. Not feel up to it I reluctantly went to meet them at her house. When I reach the stair to her entrance there stood a Black cat. I said to it you have the choice. You can walk down to the left and we’ll be ok or if you decide to go right. I’m not going to be ok with that. Sure enough it went to the right crossing over my path. It stood and watch me reach the door,where I talked my friend that her damn cat just ruined my luck.
We went to the casino and I won around 500$. The following New Years Eve we decided to go to the casino. Again I met up with the black cat and again he crossed my path. This time I won a 1000.$ . Needless to say I have no issues with black cats.

Dora doumbia

I’ve. Heard if one black cat comes to u it’s good luck.black cat brought u good luck.


I’ve always been told if you own a black cat and one crosses your path it’s good luck



Last edited 3 years ago by joe

My mom always told me if I gave someone a present that cut; e.g., knife or scissors or whatever, I had to ask them for a penny in return or it would sever our friendship.

Darrell L Cole

I was told from early on Not to carry any pointed object across a threshold. If you do make sure the point is away from you. So I don’t carry needles, scissors, etc from one room to the next unless it is pointed away from me. Prolly some common sense to the superstition.


I was taught to carry pointy items downwards so you don’t stab someone.

Lisa Fox

About thirteen years ago, while driving, a black cat crossed in front of my car. I never told anyone about it or talked to anyone in my family that day. But, upon my return home that evening, several really bad things had happened to several of my members that very day. I still didn’t tell them about the cat.
I then told one of my bosses about all of this. She had a minister come out to her house and gathered everyone around and had a blessing prayer. This included myself and husband. So, after that, I always say a blessing prayer each and every time a black cat crosses in front of me. It works. Nothing bad has happened to my family because of that incident, since the prayers were said.


My husband sneezes continuously when walking into bright sunshine. I say “bless you” the first 2 times, then I warm him after that I will have to beat him to keep the devil at bay.

Susan Higgins

Hi Cassandra, we actually have a story on why that happens. Check it out here!

Sherrie Lindsey

I still believe in all of them.Like old wives tells. BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL

Kathy gomez

That is so truth from a young girl coming up my grandparents always tell me when your hand scratch you get money when you sneeze you said God bless you so it is truth


Thanks for giving me hope and making my core chuckle. I loved all comments x


If you are walking along with a loved one, never separate to go around something stationary, such as a light pole. If you do, one of you has to go back and follow the other on the same side, saying, “Bread and butter!” No idea why, but I still do it. LOL

Bobby Griffin

Splitting a pole cause relationship to split be it friends or lovers so the old timers told me lol


I worked for an attorney who believed in not splitting the pole. We were in Birmingham for a trial and the co-counsel walked on the other side of the pole. He had the hardest time getting her to go back and walk on the side we were on. The other superstitions I’ve heard of and believe in knocking on wood, bad things come in threes and throwing salt over your shoulder. I also believe if you drop a knife, you will have a visit from a man; a fork, a woman will visit; and a spoon, a child is on the way.




How cool there’s still someone out there that does, “Bread & Butter” ? I trained my husband early on (married 1995) and to this day when walking somewhere, he still weaves into ‘my lane’ whenever an obstacle comes up – often without a word.

I hear, “splitting a pole” much more often anymore.

Last edited 3 years ago by Kellie
Bea Berrettini

I had to “train” my husband too! 😀

Bea Berrettini

I always do that!! 😀


It was step on a crack break the devil’s back and itchy hands. Left hand is the receiving hand, when it itches money is coming your way. If it is your right hand, the giving hand, that itches it means you owe money. If given something “receive it” with your left hand, if giving something present it with your right hand. If you give a wallet or purse as a gift be sure to put a coin in it, even a penny, so the person receiving it will never be “penniless.” You do the same if you are sending these items to Goodwill.

skip levesque

howling wolf stated in I ain’t superstitious
if my right hand itch
I get money for sure
but if my left hand itch
some money gotta go
just don’t sweep me with no broom cause
I might end up in jail

Bobby Griffin

One of my favorite songs

Sandy Faulkner

I Always heard step on a crack break your mothers back. That was 55 years ago when I first heard that. I’m now 61.

Sandy Faulkner

Receive the check a month ago… But just found it yesterday and it was for $200 for my credit one bank credit card that I have.
And my left hand has been itching like crazy that whole month and this month.
Found the check yesterday, so this superstation I still believe.
My mom always told me that if the right hand was itching that meant somebody was coming with a hole in Their britches. Don’t know where some of these old sayings and superstitious came from.


Well, the itchy palm still happens to me, and that’s precisely why I came to Google to find out how much if a myth it is. Itchy right, I receive money. Itchy left, I spend money. The reverse of your message here though.

Dora doumbia

It’s so true.ev.timey right hand itch I receive money.




I bought a purse at Goodwill several years ago, it had a quarter in a small compartment.
I raise poultry and it has never failed, that if I lose one, I will lose 2 more shortly after. When we have a family member or friend pass, 2 more will follow soon after. Many superstitions I believe in the reverse of them, like Friday the 13th. Usually the day before or day after doesn’t go well for me but the day of goes great. This last was no exception, on the 12th, it started with a phone call from a friend and got worse from there right up til midnight when discovering the one vehicle had 3 doors left open during 40mph winds and heavy downpours. Vehicle held expensive electronic equipment for our band we had been rearranging hours earlier. One of the others was finishing up locking vehicles as the rest of us were taking not needed stuff inside when it started pouring. In haste he didn’t realize 1 vehicle was still open. Fortunately we cover over equipment so it wasn’t too bad.


Haha! Never heard of those two Brenda. I’ll have to ask my mom if she’s familiar with them. 🙂 My Gran used to say, “Cat ate grass. It’s gonna rain.” And she was always on target! Then again, she was an apple farmer in michigan…always watching for signs.

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