Strawberry Moon Horoscopes — June 2024

This Full Strawberry Moon heralds the change of seasons from spring to summer and promises big wins with great dedication. Learn how to benefit from this potent time with our June full Moon 2024 astrology report, curated especially for Farmers’ Almanac by world renown astrologer Kyle Thomas.

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Strawberry Moon Astrology

The Strawberry Moon will reach peak illumination on June 21, 2024, at 9:08 p.m. Eastern time (though you may see and feel its influence from June 19-25). Astrologically, the full Moon will occur in Capricorn (1 degree). Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign known for leadership and recognition.

Full Moon Horoscopes represented by a zodiac sign wheel with Cancer and Capricorn highlighted.
June full Moon 2024 astrology involves Cancer and Capricorn.

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign, opposite Cancer. These two zodiac signs balance one another with regards to the public life (Capricorn) versus the private life (Cancer).

Capricorn aligns with success, career, fame, and your lasting legacy. Cancer, however, aligns to the foundation we stand upon, linking to your ancestors, past, family, and your domestic affairs.

When it comes to planetary influences during this full Moon, there are several. First, this Moon will be opposite both Mercury, planet of the mind, and Venus, planet of relationships and beauty. This may cause your thoughts and emotions to feel out of balance. You may hunger for pleasure, intimacy, and connection. Here are some methods for coping with this intense time. 

However, the full Moon is also exactly squaring Neptune (at a 90 degree angle), which may bring confusion, delusion, and smokescreens ahead. Do your best to stay focused so as to not get lost in the fog.

Luckily, the outer planets will be in a mighty dance, with Jupiter, planet of luck, linking to Pluto, bringing opportunities for great growth and personal or professional success—if you actively apply yourself.

Uranus, planet of evolution, also distantly links with Pluto, too, giving you an edge if you seek to transform your life by being open-minded and experimental.

Despite bringing up some challenges, Neptune, “The Great Dissolver” links perfectly with Pluto, too, bringing an opportunity to radically empower our abilities to manifest, embrace spirituality, and turn your dreams into reality.

June full Moon astrology report represented by a butterfly on a flower beside the full Moon.

Full Stawberry Moon Astrology by Zodiac Signs

Here is a quick guide for how you may be affected by June full Moon 2024 in astrology from June 19-25. (Find your birthday in the date ranges below to read your personal horoscopes.)

Special Notes: Be aware that the conversations, situations, and events taking place now may be connected to the New Moon in Capricorn (20 degrees) that arrived on January 11, 2024. Take a peek back in your journal or calendar to see what you were cooking up! Also, bear in mind that this summer we will have two back-to-back full Moons in Capricorn. This means that we will have a second helping of cosmic energy near the Buck Moon on July 21, 2024 (with Capricorn 29 degrees). In other words, whatever you are dealing with at this first full Moon will have a “second act” a month from now.

♈ ARIES March 21 – April 19

The Strawberry Moon is thrusting you into the spotlight, Aries. For those who have been on the right path in their careers, they will likely see a powerful professional win or opportunity present itself near this time. A big job offer, promotion, award, compliment from an authority figure, a prestigious client, or even favorable press could all be here for you.

If you aren’t seeing triumph, it means you must work harder or you’re not in the right lane. If you’d like to see advancement, look for a new job or launch a project now.

♉ TAURUS April 20 – May 20

The Strawberry Moon will fill you with excitement as you are pushed in exhilarating new directions, Taurus. You are ready to soar off emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, or professionally to new heights. Some situations could be laid at your feet: a culmination to a long-distance travel plan, an overseas relationship or international business endeavor—even a sudden decision to relocate or immigrate.

Academics are also favored now, too. If you work in the media or publishing industries, a win could be here!

♊ GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Look at your relationships through a microscope, Gemini. The good, the bad, the ugly could be here to witness—but there is also likely beauty, too. Intimacy, sexuality, vulnerability, and trust could all be on your mind.

Another way this lunation could affect you is around wealth, assets, or investments. Your partner could get a raise. A settlement, debt, or inheritance could  also be on your mind. Consider planning your long-term financial strategy.

♋ CANCER June 21 – July 22

The Strawberry Moon is bringing you laser focus on important relationships, Cancer. Strong unions will grow closer—such as making long-term plans, moving in, getting engaged, or being wed. However, if you’re not aligned, this will be abundantly clear, and you’ll need to hash out a new way of working together—personally or professionally—or decide to part ways.

If you’ve been looking for the right romantic or business partner such as an accountant, agent, or assistant, be clear with yourself about you want and put yourself out there!

♌ LEO July 23 – August 22

This full Moon will stimulate you like caffeine in your bloodstream as you run on all cylinders, Leo. Prepare to be juggling a million projects, plans, routines, and responsibilities. A major project may be ready for the world to see, or you may be leaving one employer or project to move onto another.

If unemployed, apply to jobs you’re qualified for and you could be in luck. Last, you could notice a “blip” in your health now, so consider how to improve your strength through diet and exercise.

♍ VIRGO August 23 – September 22

The universe is encouraging you to pursue your heart’s greatest desires and feel like a kid again, Virgo! Laugh and love to your heart’s content right now. Romance will also be energized, and you could find the perfect match if looking or make a sweet promise with the lover at your side. If you have children, an important moment could pop up.

Above all, enjoy your hobbies, sports, and what makes you happy.

A full Moon and bright stars lighting up a field at night.
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♎ LIBRA September 23 – October 22

The Strawberry Moon will be bringing an important transition around matters that could make you quite emotional, Libra. A change around domesticity and family matters could be at hand. For instance, you could move, renovate, or be required to step in for your kindred.

On a positive note, if you choose to host a gathering at your residence with those whom you love, you could make beautiful memories.

♏ SCORPIO October 23 – November 21

The Strawberry Moon will be like a gust of wind that pushes you to experience more and live in the moment, Scorpio. Travel, new intellectual pursuits, and socializing will fill you with joy. Consider visiting new locations that stimulate your mind and spirit.

Want to learn a new skill? You’re in luck now! You’ll pick it up quite naturally. Consider mingling with friends, siblings, and neighbors near this time, and everyone will be mirthful.

♐ SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21

The Strawberry Moon is tapping your bank account and telling you to pay attention, Sagittarius. Money will certainly be coming in and flowing out!

Now is the time to get a handle on your income and expenses. Luckily, a prized client, raise, side hustle, or new job offer could present itself—one with long-term value.

♑ CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

It’s all about you, Capricorn. This is the first of two full Moons in your zodiac sign, meaning this summer will have everyone looking to you and paying attention.

On one hand, you could notice you have more ability to move matters in your favor or an important goal is within your reach. If an ending pops up, like the last days of a project or relationship, it’s a positive message telling you to proceed in new directions.

♒ AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The Strawberry Moon may have you feeling the need to yawn and jump into your pajamas, Aquarius. You could be quite excited to unplug from reality and recharge your batteries emotionally, mentally, and physically. Trust your flow and do not push too hard.

Yet your creativity may be peaking at this time, so jot down ideas and brainstorm. Also, if you wish to tap into your spiritual or intuitive side, do so now.

♓ PISCES February 19 – March 20

The Strawberry Moon is giving you the energy to socialize and be the life of the party, Pisces. You’re going to be radiating like the beautiful jewel that you are! It’s time to connect with friends and loved ones, network, and meet new people.

Asking for favors from people now could fare tremendously well, too. If seeking online dating or jut looking to expand your circle, harness this glorious energy now.

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FA Astrology

Farmers’ Almanac Best Days and Gardening By The Moon calendars are based on the celestial positions of the Sun and Moon. Likewise, this Full Moon Horoscope is grounded in astrological concepts.

We hope these Full Moon Horoscopes make you smile! Happy Strawberry Moon!

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Kyle Thomas, an expert astrologer.
Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is an expert astrologer who writes for The New York Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Marie Claire, Elite Daily, Bustle, and more. He has been featured on Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NBC and ABC television. Kyle is globally recognized as a "celebrity astrologer" for his guidance of well known actors in Hollywood and prominent business executives, but he also loves sharing his comic insights with everyday people. His work explains how astrology influences lifestyle and trends worldwide. Learn more about him at

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