QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Weather Lore Rhymes?

There are many folklore sayings about the weather, but the easiest ones to remember are the ones that rhyme. See how many of these popular weather lore rhymes you know!

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how many days after fog do we get precitation

Susan Higgins

Hi Denny, we haven’t heard of that, but we have heard to “count the fogs in August” to determine the number of snow storms in the coming winter.


Loved this weather lore quiz! I had two incorrect answers ( # 4 and # 10 )
hadn’t heard those two weather rhymes before.

Lots of fun!


I did not get a score on my quiz but I do love to read the weather lore


no comment or score

Susan Higgins

Hi Francine and Marie Wraight, our apologies. It appears there’s a glitch with the quiz results on mobile. We are currently fixing. On desktop it works.

Marie Wraight

I did not get a score; just a blank space ????

Mary Ann

Fun quiz!!!

Maxine Miller

I have not heard any of these.


More quiz please


Love it


Love the Quiz


Didn’t know them all , only remember a few

Donna rees

I missed 2.. love weather lore


I got 7 right answers, These are fun bring more on.


My memory of the the almanac is not so great.

Pamela Brumfield

I only missed one but it never gave me my score. Very interesting weather lore.


10/10 listen to the elders ! Weather Lore Quiz Grade: A
Score: 10
Percentage: 100%

Susan Higgins

Nice job, Kurt!

Charlie Brown

I got a rock. 🙁


Ha! I got a D. Guess I’m not up on my weather lore. I do remember my grandmother saying some of these.


I got 80 % for a C I will admit that there way one that I didn’t remember hearing.


Shocked….I got a c at 70% from all the way down here in Australia. Fun.


I never saw any correct answers? If I missed some would like correct answers

Mary C Caldwell

The correct answers came up in bold print along with your wrong answer. Sad, I only got a D


I got 70% which really surprises this old gal – thought I had been around long enough to know my weather better than that! Oh, well—it just proves you’re never too old to learn! 🙂


I got an F. Just when I thought I knew it all!


Ooooo! this was fun. I knew some of the sayings but not all. So lets have some more.

Oleatha Goeke

Where do you find the answers?


I am going to take the quiz again (I got a C) and write the answers down! Several of the sayings I heard from my mother whose family members were lifelong farmers. I taught all the ones I remember to my children and am now telling my grandchildren. This is truly a lost art. Thank you so much for the quiz!

Helen Seymour

Had to guess on most of them, never heard them growing up……was fun though….

Amanda Airov

That was really fun!
I only missed one!
Bring on some more
It could never be a bore!

marylou sakosky

What a treat. I love it when i just do not know my butt from a hole in the ground” and i was able to learn something new. ツ That was fun

Bonita Thompson

I got them all right…100%. I love reading the Farmers Almanac. I look forward to getting it every year. Please add some more quizzes.

Kay Tan

Love the game, more games please.

Sally Billings

why make it so difficult?

Susan Higgins

Hi Sally, we’re sorry you found the quiz difficult. We found so many crazy rhymes from folklore and wanted to share. Our intention was for you to have some fun.

Susan Higgins

Hi Bob, interesting! We hadn’t heard that one, but that’s why we enjoy customer comments! We learn something all the time!

Robert J

Received a “B” scored a 9 that’s
90% I’m not left Behind .


I only missed one and received a B. When I moved in my home 43 years ago an old farmer lived down the road. I learned a lot from him.


i scored 80%, giving me a C. it helped having farmers almanac desktop calendar as each day has a saying of weather folk lore.

Bob Herndon

We’ve always heard “A dry June will scare you to death and a wet June will starve you to death.” (That’s why I missed #6.)


I missed 2 which I got a C. I liked that it gave the correct answers of the ones missed. My Daddy was born in 1913 and had a saying for everything. Just wish I had written them all down. Two reasons I love Farmer’s Almanac. My parents went religiously by what it said, so it’s been a common thing in all of my life. And my childhood is relived thru things like this. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication that’s put into our beloved Farmer’s Almanac!!

Susan Higgins

Hi Thersia, you can take the quiz again and write down the answers! Have fun!

Charles Copeland

Missed only two…


I got an F. Very humbling. Been neglecting my time with elders lately.

Rick Chambers

Was fun and interesting… I scored about a D


The correct answer is highlighted with the incorrect one you chose.

Judy Jones

I did horrible on this quiz…got an F…please submit answers

Susan Higgins

Hi Judy, Susan is correct. When you select the wrong answer, the correct answer appears in bold. And remember, it’s just for fun!


I would like to know the correct answers. I got a C, but I don’t know which ones I missed and what the correct answers were.
Thank you


what are they all this is just a bit of them

Susan Higgins

Hi Debi, there are many weather lore sayings, this is just a sampling! We have many on our web site — some rhyme, some don’t. We have them under all categories: seasons, months, snow, wind, animals, you name it. You can do a search at any time. Here’s a sampling: 8 April Weather Lore Sayings You May Not Know

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