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Category — Weather

How is Rainfall Measured Out in the Ocean?

Seeing how much it rained in your own back yard is a relatively simple task, but how do meteorologist determine how much rain fell over the open ocean? Find out!

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Memorial Day Forecast – Will The Unofficial Start to Summer See Summer Temps?

Whether you’ve got a cookout, parade, or other outdoor events planned for the long holiday weekend, be sure to check our long-range forecast first!

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Which Season Has The Wildest Weather?

It’s a fact that the U.S. has the world’s wildest weather extremes, but which season sees the worst of it?

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Spring Weather Lore and More!

While most of us are familiar with “April showers bring May flowers,” there are many other weather folklore sayings associated with the spring season, which is notorious for wild, crazy weather. Which of these have you heard?

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Hop On Over To Our Easter Forecast

Will you need a raincoat or a winter parka over your Sunday Best? Find out what we’re predicting for your Easter weekend!

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Be Prepared This Tornado Season!

Be armed with these important safety tips so you’ll know what to do before, during, and after a twister strikes!

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Pick the Right Time To Fish!

Our expert angler weighs in on how the proper weather conditions and phases of the Moon can set you up for success!

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Spring 2017 Forecast: What’s In Store?

Spring officially arrives on March 20, 2017, but what can you expect from a season that is notorious for crazy weather? Find out what we’re forecasting and get your FREE garden planner download!

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