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Category — Weather

Can Some Birds Predict “Fowl” Weather?

How many of these old sayings about feathered forecasters, plucked from folklore, do you know?

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Weather Lore That’s A Bit Fishy

Do some of these old weather lore sayings still hold water? Find out.

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Top 5 Memorable Weather Events of 2016

Which storms and weather extremes made headlines in 2016? We have the list.

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What Does Mother Nature Have Up Her Sleeve For New Year’s Eve?

Will you need an umbrella when you head out to watch the ball drop, or a snow shovel? Before you make your celebration plans, be sure to check our forecast first!

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Will Christmas Be White, Wet, or What? Get Our Forecast

Will the weather outside be frightful for the holiday season? Can anyone expect a white Christmas this year? Find out what we’re predicting in your neck of the woods.

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Why Are Roosters On Weathervanes?

A weathervane with a rooster is a common sight and one of the oldest symbols adorning rooftops everywhere. But why a rooster? The answer may surprise you!

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Will Thanksgiving’s Weather Ruffle Your Feathers? Get Our Forecast!

If you’re traveling over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving, you may want to check our long-range weather forecast first before you hit the road.

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Will The Weather Win The Election?

Find out what we’re forecasting for Election Day, and see how weather shaped presidential elections of the past.

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