Wolf Moon Horoscopes — January 2024

Welcome the start of a new year! As we move into 2024, many new stories will begin—each marked by different phases of the Moon and the movements of the stars. A highlight in the sky is the Full Wolf Moon, an impressive event in astrology. While you stay cozy by the fire, dream about what may come with our horoscopes for each zodiac sign!

A General Note About Full Moons and Astrology

Full Moons are seen as the most important times in the Moon’s monthly cycle (approximately 28.5 days), with a lot of strong feelings. During these times, feelings can rise up, excitement can grow, and people might easily get annoyed. Full Moons always represent an important moment, like a big change, ending, a big discovery, a tough time, or a final point. Find out how to use the energy of full Moons to take good care of yourself. Full Moons often deliver important news and events in the few days before and after them.

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Wolf Moon 2024 Astrology

This year’s Full Wolf Moon will reach peak illumination on January 25, 2024 at 12:54 p.m. EST at 5 degrees of Leo. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign on the wheel and is a Fixed Fire sign. According to astrology, Leo is a vibrant zodiac sign ruled by the Sun said to rule passion, creativity, fertility, and children—as well as romance and dating.

Zodiac wheel showing all zodiac signs.

On the zodiac wheel, Leo stands opposite Aquarius. This axis ties to our desires, hopes, and dreams. Romance and friendship are also highlighted. You may feel eager to live in the moment, pursue your heart’s desires, and stand center stage.

The week surrounding this lunation (three days on either side: January 22-28, 2024) is one of the best times for singles to put themselves out there and line up suitors. Someone may captivate your heart!

If seeking pregnancy, you may also have luck. Creation in terms of art and hobbies are also brought to light. This is a great time to enjoy yourself and embrace your inner child.

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When it comes to astrological energy that will color this full Moon, there are many to pay attention to. Luckily, overall, this is a rather joyous and exciting full Moon, even if it is a bit intense.

The full Wolf Moon will square Jupiter, making us feel larger than life and hunger for expansion, growth, and new horizons. Lucky breakthroughs could pop up.

However, egos will also be enflamed, so don’t let your arrogance go to your head. This is further amplified by Pluto’s alignment with the Sun. Intense desires to transform our lives may bring us the courage to assert ourselves and to face power struggles with those who oppose us.

The other planets are all in wonderful placements, meaning we will feel social and exuberant as well as have opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

This is also one of the most significant periods of the year for singles to pursue new love or date. If you’re looking, go for it! Remember: The energy of a full Moon lasts three days before and after.

Note: Look back to the conversations, plans, situations, relationships, and actions initiated on and after the new Moon in Leo (23 degrees) on August 16, 2023. You may find yourself evaluating similar circumstances now.

Wolf Moon Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

Here is a quick guide for how you may be affected by January’s Wolf Moon. (Find your birthday in the date ranges below to read your personal horoscopes.)

♈ ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Let your heart roar, Aries! No matter if you are single or in a relationship, romance and passion will be on your mind. This is an excellent time to meet someone new or reignite your spark with your one-and-only.

Other ways this energy could echo for you is by spotlighting children: either ones you already have if you are a parent or a pregnancy if you are hoping for one. Creativity, art, and hobbies will fulfill you deeply now.

♉ TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

It’s time to focus on your domestic life, Taurus. The upcoming full Moon will encourage you to nuzzle up at home with your kindred. Spend some time with family or consider hosting a lively event at your residence.

On another note, you could instead be focusing on moving, renovating, relocating, or dealing with real estate matters.

♊ GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

You’re eager for the spice of life now, Gemini! The universe will bring a surge of activity in your daily affairs, likely pushing you to enjoy the hustle and bustle. Travel could be on your docket. You may find yourself spending time visiting friends, neighbors, or siblings.

Last, if you are involved in communication or contractual projects, such a writing or speaking endeavor, this may be a great time to debut it.

♋ CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

It’s time to prosper, Cancer. Finances, income, and wealth will be on your mind. On one hand, this could be bringing news of a raise, job offer, or payout.

However, if you’re not in alignment with your job, you may pursue other employment. Last, be sure to check your budget, as a hefty expense may pop up.

♌ LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You’re the main event now, Leo—just how you like it! The whole world is your stage. The universe is likely to bring a major spotlight to your hopes, desires, and goals. You may also decide to make a change to your identity or appearance.

If conversations around relationships pop up, know that you have the power to move them in the direction that you wish.

♍ VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Rest, recharge, and lie low, Virgo. The upcoming full Moon is telling you to take a step back and review the past year and where you’d like to go in 2024. If you’re feeling burnt out, it’d be a good idea to treat yourself to a spa day or simply take some time off work to catch up on sleep.

On another note, you may be invested in a behind-the-scenes project and working in solitude.

Zodiac sign symbols and corresponding star patterns.

♎ LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

The universe is a party for you now, Libra! You’ll be ecstatic to mingle, laugh, and have a bit of fun. The full Moon could see you attending a glamorous and festive event, where you’ll be surrounded by many friends, supporters, or contacts.

Not only could you enjoy time with your favorite people, but you may meet great new acquaintances, as well. If single, this is also a fabulous time to date!

♏ SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Grab the crown and scepter now, Scorpio. This may be a glorious moment where you reach higher up the career rung. An award, promotion, competitive job offer, or praise could appear now.

However, if you are not in alignment, you could leave one job near this time or even consider changing your ambitions.

♐ SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

You’re feeling especially fired up now, Sagittarius. The full Moon is invigorating you to pursue personal and professional growth on all levels. This is a great time to pursue intellectual matters, such as academics or certifications.

Travel would also fan the flames of your curiosity. If you are involved with publishing, international business, media matters, or legal situations, these could also take your focus.

♑ CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Large money matters are on the docket for you now, Capricorn. The upcoming full Moon may push you to pursue assets, investments, or a settlement.

An inheritance, royalty check, or payout may also appear. If you wish to engage with these matters, go for it! Assessing your budget and debts would also be good to do now.

♒ AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) 

Partnership is on the top of your mind now, Aquarius. The full Moon will bring a major spotlight on where you stand in your significant relationships in business or love. The good news is that if you’re in alignment, you could become official, make long-term plans, or even become engaged or wed.

However, if you’re not seeing eye-to-eye, you may decide to part ways. Negotiations and contracts could also take place now. If single, you may find someone with LTR-potential.

♓ PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Prepare to be especially busy and productive, Pisces. The full Moon will have you firing on all cylinders. Expect to be juggling many irons in the fire.

You could be polishing off a major project for a client or your employer. On the other hand, you could be leaving one job to hop onto a new one. If out of work or seeking a better business prospect, use this time.

Last, you may make a change to your fitness or diet.

FA Astrology

The Farmers’ Almanac renowned Best Days and Gardening By The Moon calendars draw their insights from the celestial positions of the Sun and Moon. Horoscopes offer insights grounded in similar concepts.

We hope these horoscopes spark inspiration!

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