Would You Buy A Haunted House? Survey Says…

Halloween is a time of ghosts, goblins, and spooky haunted houses. But what about homes that are haunted year-round? Would you buy one?

It’s that time of year when being scared and going on haunted rides and attractions are the norm. What about being scared in your own home? Would you buy and live in a haunted house?

If The Price is Right?

According to a survey done a few years ago by Realtor.com, “More than half of home buyers [surveyed] would consider buying a haunted house.” The survey also revealed that “35 percent of the nearly 1,400 people who took the survey said they have lived in a haunted home.”

But how do you know if the house is really haunted?  Respondents who took this survey thought that if the home has a cemetery on its property, is more than 100 years old, or is close to a battlefield, that there could be a good chance it could be haunted. Also, if someone died in the home, not from natural causes, one might be a little cautious.

Truly Haunted?

I have known a few people who truly believe their homes were haunted and they didn’t fit any of the above scenarios. Their stories included everything from unexplained footprints in wet cement, to young children “seeing people” that the adults couldn’t, to tricks being played such as food moved or put back in the refrigerator.

What Do You Think?

Would you be open to buying a home that people believe was haunted? Or near a cemetery? What if during a viewing of the house you heard some weird noises, would you immediately take this home off your list? Share your thoughts.

And just to be sure the home you’re buying has good vibes, be sure to check our home buying superstitions story!

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Sandi Duncan is the Editor of the Farmers' Almanac. Click here to read Sandi's full biography.

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Robert J

Lived in a house for 33 years that had 2 Apparitions residing in it . Used to hear voices and things would moved mysteriously in the kitchen and back Bedroom . Never had any problems with them doing anything of a harmful nature .


If it was The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’s house. I would snap that up in a minute!
If the house has an evil history or just doesn’t feel right no.
As to cemeteries no problem.
Used to be a favorite place to play years ago and my grandmother always said nothing to fear here, its the living to watch.

Leslie I.



If I sense bad karma, I’m out!

Leslie I.

Always follow your gut feelings. More times than not they’re true!

JUDI Cunningham

My family moved in to a house in the.early 60’s that was built on an old ranch. We would smell food cooking in the middle of the nite, and someone running on the gravel roof. Dad would run outside to try and catch someone, but there never was any body. After six years of this, the day we were all packed up and moved out, my Dad yelled to “them ” Good Bye and please don’t follow us. A very large piece of driftwood that had hung above the fireplace for six years suddenly fell to the floor. Never understood if it was Good Bye or Good Riddance ! My little brother and sister would talk to them. Wonder if the next folks had any communication with them.

Peggy Beckerdite

Why is it always a lady in white? So cliché. I do believe in spirits, but why the lady in white? Guess we will never know.

Steve Darrow

My wife of 45 years passed from breast cancer 6 years ago. I have seen her in dreams occasionally but never in our house. I was deeply in love with her and miss her. I would love to see her again. That would be one spirit that I would definitely welcome.


We rent a house in Clarksville, TN. we’ve been here almost 3 years. Little did we know that it is one of the most haunted houses in town…we have 4 spirits here…it can get crazy sometimes but my husband and I are both paranormal investigators and my husband is also a demonologist…we are used to spirits.

Mary c

Nope. I don’t have a desire to live with demons.


We all live in a haunted house..You just have to pay attention.


Only after a walkthrough. If I felt the presence of something, I’d walk away. If not I’d buy it in a heart beat. Love a challenge to restore an old house.

Dawn. Lapinski

I have lived over 50 years with a Cemetery abutting my back yard. The best neighbors ever.

remus haynes

i believe in ghosts, spirits, etc. because i am Christian and the Bible teaches all of it. they walk among us and make themselves visible to animals and children as well as adults at times. make God bless and keep yall…..r

Just Jazzy

No I don’t , I don’t believe in ghosts or any of that crap . I think people make that up!

Kim McKee

I’ve lived in the same house for well 20+ yrs now. Nothing took place until I started to remodel. Now I have been touched, seen shadow people, heard footsteps, seen things move, and voices. Not begin a true believer in ghosts. I don’t think much of it. But some nights. I spend on the porch cus I’m too scaredto go back into the house. A few years after begin in the house I learned that the man who built the house died in the house. So ok thats fine. But it’s my house now. Let’s share.

Paula Raymond

REALTOR.com ….. NOT RELATOR…. omg I am so disappointed.

Lethal Barnes

I have lived in a couple of haunted houses, one of which was evil. A normal haunted house I have no issues with. Even intriguing really. Love paranormal things. I find do it more than intresting. Here where I live now, was my childhood home and yes a few weird things happen. Is it mama or daddy? Probably, simple things like pictures moved or walking in the house you can hear. I never think nothing of it.


I lived in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The house was built in the 1800s. It was a railroad flat. Four rooms in a row but only windows in the front room and in the back room. An inside room what’s my baby boys room. I would occasionally see a woman standing in a white dress with blonde hair. I was the only one in the home who saw this figure. I mentioned it to my husband and mother. It became a joke with them asking me “have you seen Marilyn today?” I had nicknamed her because she looks like Marilyn Monroe. One day my landlord had come down for coffee. My mother, who was there, asked if I have ever told the landlord about Marilyn. My landlord was shocked when she heard about this figure I was seeing. She proceeded to tell me the history of the house. She owned it for over fifty years. My apartment used to be a boarding house. A lady named Marilyn lived in the room where I would see her. Apparently she was molesting young boys in the neighborhood in that room and was eventually taken away to jail. Obviously she had passed and was returning to her digs.
I quickly changed the room from my sons bedroom to a TV room. Never saw this figure again.


I worked at a building in Syracuse NY that had history. Thank God I never saw anything but during the month of May for the three years I was working i heard doors, windows, silverwear, and other items being moved. I found one of my bosses scared to death in the office of the building and we heard stomping and what sounded like furniture being moved around. This was a nightly occurrence throughout the time i was working in the building, it got so bad we had to document things, times and what each staff observed and heard.

Jeffery L.Van Stee

I used to live in a house in Hastings, Michigan where this lady in a white dress would walk up and down the stairs going from the first floor to the second one. She never put off any evil presence.She appeared lost and was looking for something or someone.


I lived in 100 year old house in North Bend, OR, I always felt a spirit there, my bedroom had a closet that was under the stairs, the spirit stayed there, never felt fear of it but told it good night every night

Carolyn Bradley

I’ve lived in places where I’ve had dreams, no haunted feelings though. First dream was apartments I lived in, was in Oklahoma City after the bombing happened. I went to bed and dreamed of being at the foot of the cross of Christ, to me this was most certainly a gifted dream to me from the Lord. I woke next morning, had the most awesome peace I’ve ever felt, and the room was white like clouds all floating around.

Another dream was later on after my husband had passed away, about 5 years later, I went to sleep and dreamed him, my daughter, and me were together in this dream, he looked like he always did, very handsome and kind. We were trying to get back together as a couple. Then I just woke up, this dream did leave me with a few happenings later on that are really unexplainable in my home after this dream, certain things happened. Like seeing crosses in certain parts of the house, which to me are a blessing and a gift from God. Brings me comfort to know God exists.


I worked at a Alf for 4.5 years that was well known for being haunted. After I left, the new owners added into their employment application the signed agreement to never discuss unexplained occurrences or ghost related experiences on or off the property. It was a lot of fun hearing & watching other’s reactions to the noises, sights of black entities, senior accounts of people passed on months to years prior, and the reports of the sensations of being shouted / whispered inside their heads of “Get Out”. Lol. The most I experienced was listening to the seniors with Alzheimer’s tell in accurate detail description & account of dialogue supposedly exchanged between themselves & a resident that had actually passed on 2 months ago. Then my last year there, while I was recovering from my then husband trying to send me Home, I went into room 420 to get a beautiful picture of the Sun coming through the trees through the fog & for my first time felt as if several people were telling me to “GET OUT!!!!”. The air was freezing & thick. I found my self saying aloud, “I’ll be out in a minute, I just want to get this picture before I leave”. The thickness got so bad I got a blurred pic & quickly left.

So no. I would buy land with a haunted house but never a house just for the house to live in.


Do I believe in hauntings…yes, and only because I have experienced things before. Would I buy a house known to be haunted….depends on why it was haunted and if bad things happened. I would most definitely have someone come in a bless the house and let it be known that the entity was not welcome to stay and must move on. Hopefully the haunted house would be sold at a great discount!


I would definitely buy a haunted house but for the right price because after all I have to deal with what’s waiting inside….

Tracey S

First of all to the above comment yea spirits do walk the earth not all but some..and its obvious you have no experience with unsettled spirits and yes some can be demons…some just die so unexpectedly or violently or so attached to their homestead..they remain..and that’s why they need help going to the light so they can be at restbor otherwise til judgement day…anyways we have a very old homestead and yes a family graveyard over 300 years old..we have heard footsteps..had things moved..smelled flowers and even cigarette smoke..my children have seen 2 different ghost I myself have felt and heard them..non believers just need to experience it to believe…otherwise don’t doubt what someone else has a gift to experience


No way.

Kim Couchman

Human spirits do not walk this earth after the body dies. So since I believe haunting are all demonic no I would not knowing buy a haunted house.


We bought a house last October. Leora was the previous owners name. She locked my better half out of a bedroom one night when he was at the house alone painting before we moved in. He’s a skeptic and was completely freaked. She also covets an antique buffet in my basement. Flung an entire stack of popular science magazines from it one day when I walked in the room. Don’t ask me how I know she was letting me know she liked it but I do. She’s been quite ever since that episode. But would I knowingly buy a haunted house? Nope I’d nope right on past a haunted one every time.


The house I live in is 225 years old. The previous owner died in the living room. I suspect this was a suicide. I feel no spirits here.

However, the house I grew up in was a 1960’s or 1970’s built ranch house. There were definitely spirits which were at times scary as a child. I attribute it to native Americans who once lived on the land, not the structural house itself.


Our house was built in 1915. One owner until they put her in a nursing home and she died in around 1990. She was a teacher, who loved children, and loved to cook for everyone. People have told me her door was always open! My husband and I could feel a happy home. After about 2 yrs here, we pulled up the carpet in the living room. We spent two days redoing the beautiful old hardwood floors. The next day I walked in, and the light was shining thru the window…something was on the floor..I went over and picked it up..and it was an old U shaped hair pin…the kind that you use to keep a bun on your head. There was no way it could have been there…but possibly she had been.


Worst ghost story ever:
Actually just bought a trailer on 1.5 acres at a tax auction. Classic young(er) couple with a fixer upper first home situation. I plan on building a full foundation and additions to make it all a full home, starting in the spring.
I learned early on that the owner had been living here and passed away here 5 years ago. Since then, it bounced from foreclosure to tax foreclosure, to me(who has had the pleasure of handling the prior owners worldly belongings).
However, about a week after moving in and getting to know our neighbors, we found out that their ashes were in fact buried right under our living room (suspense) about 15 feet from me right now.
We’ve been here about a month and a half and feel like we’ve gotten to know them, i’ve benefited from having an old man’s collection of nuts and bolts and we think she must have sold tupperware.
We’ve taken it in stride and there’s been no spirits. I respect their wishes to be here and will have to excavate a few feet over. We found a Guadalupe statue and will probably landscape and put it there.
The end


It depends on the circumstances. We looked at a house that I had such a bad feeling, I had to walk out. It felt EVIL to me. I drive by it many times a week and wonder. Then again, if the spirits stay because they loved it there and the memories were good, I’d do it and respect them. I’m preparing my home for my eventual haunting!


Absolutely! Every home I have lived in, here and abroad, has come with a spirit or two; I have no qualms sharing the space 🙂

philip cotten

Yes I would buy a haunted house

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