Budget-Friendly Ways To Celebrate The Holidays This Year!

Looking for budget-friendly ways to have family fun this holiday season? Look no further! We’ve got tons of ideas for activities that will leave you feeling merry and bright without breaking the bank! Here are 15 ways:

1) Make A Bonfire

The ancient art of building a fire and sitting around it with family and friends is the oldest, most inexpensive, and best ways of celebrating. Turn up the heat with sing-a-longs and folktales.

Add some s’mores, hot chocolate, and other libations for a memorable night.

If it’s too cold outside for a fire or you don’t have a fireplace, utilize the warmth of the fire in your kitchen. (See below.)

2) Bake And Host A Cookie-Swap Party

Another traditional, affordable, and heart-warming way of enjoying the holidays is baking with loved ones. Plan a day to get together and cook up a priceless memory.

Then host a cookie-swap party. It’s like a potluck but with cookie varieties! Check out these four must-try cookie recipes.

3) Tour Neighborhood Light Displays

Dial up the festive vibe with a holiday light show. Pile the family into the car with mugs of hot cocoa and drive around to see the neighborhood lights. Alternatively, take a moonlit walk together!

Budget friendly family fun can be touring the neighborhood.
Budget-friendly family fun is sometimes as simple as touring the neighborhood!

4) Mystery Game Night

A night-in playing board games or a festive round of holiday charades is an inexpensive and screen-free way to spend an evening with those you love.

For a large group or a date night, consider hosting a fun “Mystery Party” and work together to solve a case. There are many online options or mail subscriptions to help you host an action filled mystery game night. Here are some options.

5) Family Snow Day

If you’re lucky enough to have a white holiday, grab your snow gear and head outside for a good old fashioned snowball fight. Rolling around in the snow is an inexpensive and fun way to sneak in some winter physical exercise.

No sledding hills in your backyard? Check out local hills that offer day passes and provide you with all the equipment needed. 

6) Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is always a festive way to celebrate the season. If you don’t have access to a frozen body of water, affordable ice rinks with rentals can be found in just about any climate.      

A budget friendly activity for family fun is ice skating.
Looking for budget-friendly family fun? Try ice skating!

7) Sign Up For A Free Exercise Class

This time of year, many local gyms offer free classes or waive registration fees. Use this as an opportunity to get moving and try something new and sign up for that yoga or spin class you have always wanted to try. 

8) Make Homemade Holiday Cards

You don’t need to spend a fortune to send good wishes! Homemade holiday cards stand out against the mass of other cards and save you money. For an eco-friendly option (that doesn’t require stamps) opt for a virtual holiday card. 

9) Wrap Gifts in Something Recycled

No need to spend more on the wrapping than on the actual gift. Get creative and wrap your gifts in something recycled.

Save those Sunday newspapers or use an inexpensive role of Kraft paper, decorated with sprigs of greenery. Old scarves and fabric scraps also make great reusable wrapping.  

10) Host A Re-Gift Party

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Get your friends and family together and host a re-gift party. Rather than buying a new gift, agree to re-gift a previously loved item to give away. 

11) Attend a Community Play Or Concert

You don’t need to spend a fortune on entertainment this holiday. Support your local community and attend a community play or school concert. It is a much cheaper option, while still putting you in the holiday mood. 

12) Host A Movie Marathon

Line up your favorite holiday movies or binge-watch that series that has been waiting in your queue all year. Then start popping popcorn! Zest-it-up a notch with some unique popcorn flavorings.

13) Do A Puzzle

Gathering around a table together to piece together a puzzle is an inexpensive way to spend time during the holiday season.

14) Visit A Free Museum Or Art Gallery

Many museums and art galleries offer discounted or free admission. Take a stroll and soak up some culture this holiday season. 

15) Volunteer

The holidays are the perfect time to count your blessings and to remind your family that this time of year is more than just a price tag. Give some of your extra time this holiday season and volunteer at a local soup kitchen or charity in your area. 

Don’t know where to get started? Visit Volunteer Match or Feeding America today.

A Final Thought

We hope this list inspires you to use your imagination for some family fun this holiday season!

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