When Is the Next Full Moon?

The next full Moon will occur on Monday, August, 19, 2024 at 2:26 p.m. Eastern time. Our Full Moon Calendar here lists all the full Moon dates, times, and names for this year and next. Please share your photos in the comments! (See today’s Moon phase.)

August’s Full Sturgeon Moon

August’s full Moon is traditionally called the “Sturgeon Moon,” named after prehistoric fish that served as an abundant food source for North American Indians.

But there are many alternative names for this Moon: Some people call it the “Thunder Moon,” since August is known for hot, stormy weather. While the Cree of eastern and central Canada refer to it as “Young Ducks Begin to Fly Moon.”

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Full Moon Calendar 2024
Full Moon Date Native American Name Time of Full Moon
January 25 Wolf Moon 12:54 PM
February 24 Snow Moon 7:30 AM
March 25 Worm Moon 3:00 AM
April 23 Pink Moon 7:49 PM
May 23 Flower Moon 9:53 AM
June 21 Strawberry Moon 9:08 PM
July 21 Buck Moon 6:17 AM
August 19 Sturgeon Moon 2:26 PM
September 17 Harvest Moon 10:34 PM
October 17 Hunter’s Moon 7:26 AM
November 15 Beaver Moon 4:28 PM
December 15 Cold Moon 4:02 AM

Note: Times listed are Eastern Standard (or Eastern Daylight where appropriate).

Full Moon Calendar 2025
Full Moon Date Native American Name Time of Full Moon
January 13th Wolf Moon 5:27 PM
February 12th Snow Moon 8:53 AM
March 14th Worm Moon 2:55 AM
April 12th Pink Moon 8:22 PM
May 12th Flower Moon 12:56 PM
June 11th Strawberry Moon 3:44 AM
July 10th Buck Moon 4:37 PM
August 9th Sturgeon Moon – Blue Moon Supermoon 3:55 AM
September 7th Corn Moon – Supermoon 2:09 PM
October 6th Harvest Moon – Supermoon 11:48 PM
November 5th Beaver Moon – Supermoon 8:19 AM
December 4th Cold Moon 6:14 PM

What Is A Full Moon?

A full Moon is the phase when the Moon appears to be fully illuminated from Earth’s perspective.  

This occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all in alignment, forming a straight line. The Moon and The Sun are on exact opposite sides of the Earth. From this position, the Sun’s light shines directly onto the portion of the Moon that is visible to us and creates a full, bright circle of light.

This phase comes about 15 days after the New Moon at the approximate midpoint of the lunar cycle (29.5 days). Technically, it is only considered “full” on one specific day. Before and after that, it is either waxing or waning, respectively—no matter how full it appears to be. If you want to get even more technical, it is only “full” for a brief instant. These are the times listed in our calendars. Learn more about the lunar phases.

New moon and lunar month.

Traditional And Alternative Names

Full Moon names have their roots in the traditions of North American Native American tribes. These tribes honored the changing seasons by assigning unique names to each one. Interestingly, these captivating names encapsulated the essence of a whole month in which they appeared.

While there might have been some variations in the names from tribe to tribe, a strong sense of consistency resonated among the different regions. On this rich cultural backdrop, European settlers arrived and embraced the custom, weaving in some of their own versions into the tapestry of time.

What Is A Supermoon?

A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is at least 90% of the way to its perigee position at the same time it is in its “full” or “new” phase. An extreme perigean Supermoon is when a new or full Moon happens at the same time as perigee.

Blue Moon

Can you have two full Moons in a month? Yes, when that happens, the second one is referred to as a “blue.” (Though it is not blue in color!) On average, this happens every two to three years.

A Daytime Full Moon?

As mentioned above, even though the Moon may look full to you a few days before or after the exact time we list above, the Moon is only considered to be full for a brief instant. This peak illumination may occur during the day in some parts of the world. Learn more about this phenomenon.

Does A Full Moon Affect Your Behavior?

While there’s no real consensus on how Moons affect our moods and physical well-being, there are plenty of studies and real-life experiences that blame it for everything from increased crime and injuries to lack of sleep. What do you believe? (Share your experience in the comments below.) 

People often find when they align their energies with the specific lunar phases, they feel more inspired and productive. Tuning into nature and the environment around us has been shown to help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. This is why many people engage in monthly routines for self-care to get in alignment with the cycles of nature in order to gain perspective and reconnect with themselves.

Does The Moon Affect Fishing?

The phases of the Moon can and do influence fish activity. Similar to deer, fish are most active during the days leading up to and following a full or new Moon. These periods can be particularly fruitful if moonrise or moonset align with sunrise or sunset.

Saltwater fish are particularly susceptible to the Moon’s phases, which cause unusually high and low tides. Higher tides may lure fish into new hunting areas, mainly if they coincide with the spawning of prey fish that can be easily traced. Conversely, lower tides might concentrate fish in locations not frequented during average water levels.

What About The Other Moon Phases?

While full Moons often garner the most attention, the other lunar phases are equally intriguing. How familiar are you with all the Moon phases? Can you identify the one that remains invisible to us? Or distinguish between waxing and waning?

Join The Discussion!

Do you have a favorite name from our Full Moon Calendar here?

What are some things you do to celebrate the Moon?

Share your experience with your community in the comments below!

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I think aliens exist


I have recently began a journey of self discovery and am researching many natural phenomena,that I believe have an impact on us all.If moon phases effect other life on earth then surely it effects humans too.


Isn’t it amazing that when there is a full eclipse, the shadow of the Earth is exactly the size of the Moon, and fits into it perfectly !?!?! It makes you wonder if somebody planned it that way, because the odds are astronomical that it would be that way


Isn’t it amazing that when there is a full eclipse, the shadow of the Earth is exactly the size of the Moon, and fits into it perfectly !?!?! It makes you wonder if somebody planned it that way, because the odds are astronomical that it would be that way. Do you think someone was trying to tell us something ??? Not only that, but when meteors hit the moon, it vibrates like it was hollow, like a bell. If there was air in space for the sound to travel thru, it actually would sound like a ringing bell.

Glenda Soblotne

I’m 76 and my mother said that when I was a baby, they noticed
that around 3 to 4 days before the Full Moon I could not sleep until about 5 in the morning.
I’m still like that to this day,I find
that I have so much energy and always clean cabinets or closets.😊


I too am the same way!!! I can’t fall asleep on a full moon, i have stayed up the whole night into the day. And wouldn’t be tired! I’d get this urge to clean!


I have trouble on the nights leading up to a full moon, but usually sleep like a baby when it is at peak illumination!

Paula Harper

Another I took


Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these!

Paula Harper

Here are a few shots from my job,I work night shift

Tom Lenert

What happened to the Honey Moon? I thought that was the full moon of June. I suspect that there is more than one system of naming the full moons, and you are reporting one.


The Honey Moon is another name for the June Moon. We tried to cover as many of the alternative names for the Full Moon as possible and will be adding this one soon! Thank you!

Patrick Hart

Do the Crazy Dance whenever you want, with whomever you wish to, no music is needed, tune into your universe channel and move it’s a universal tuneup of sorts and a pleasure to watch and do.


I enjoy seeing the moon as it goes through each cycle

Rhonda Reed

I’m interested in knowing the time of these moons for central time

Avery Richardson

Subtract 1 hour from the given time on these charts and you have central. Eastern is just an hour ahead of central.

Crotty Kristina

As an art teacher, I would have eighth grade students pick one of the moon “names” to illustrate so that the viewer could guess the moon’s name: Like the strawberry moon made into a giant strawberry. The creative ideas they would come up with astounded me.
I AKWAYS celebrate the full moon with an awed gaze and a reverent prayer followed by a crazy dance! ?

Jennifer Pritchett

Would like to have a copy of all of these if possible please send me to
Jennifer PXXX

Farmers' Almanac Staff

Hi Jennifer,
That information is available when you purchase a printed Farmers’ Almanac – https://store.farmersalmanac.com/FARM/p-FA-23_GBALFARET23. Our All-Access Membership includes a current edition printed almanac + 12 months access ONLINE MEMBERSHIP – includes Full Moon calendar in print and digital and also includes a lot more perks than just 12 months Calendar access for ALL our calendars. Membership also includes far less ads, Members only exclusive content and we are working on a Members-Only eCommunity. All-Access is available for only $13.99 a year.


Your nice! Moon Stories ! over here Maryland 107 miles from Ocean


My grandmother always cut my hair on full moon, and new moon, she’d pull it on top of my head and cut the ends off, she said it made it stronger and fuller, she Cherokee Indian, and I was 2 when she started cutting my hair. I’m 65 and I still to this day, cut my hair just like she did on ever full/ new moon ? ? I love ❤️ miss you granny♥️?️??✝️


Thank you for sharing this, what a great memory of your grandmother!


I love this! And I’m sure she is still part of your full moon magic. What a cherished memory.

Joy S.

I’m a moon gazer person, I love to watch the moon, when it becomes really full and really admires her shining beauty up above.


Are these times all ET? Does anyone know what the PST’s will be for these dates plz and thank u much ?

Farmers' Almanac Staff

Hi Debbie,
Visit our Moon Phase Calendar and at the top of the page you have the ability to enter whatever location you want to know the information in. This is the easiest way for you to track full moon information in your location (or any other you want to see).




Can’t wait fir december full moon to energize my crystals.


This was October’s moon.. So beautiful!

Kenneth M Dogbey

Please can someone help me out with benefits of using the full moon days of every month?


Yes, Google up “full moon dates for 2023”, or “full moon dates for 2024”, etc etc etc…


A full moon on election night! Oh for simpler times when we just wanted to trap beavers and farm and not have the riotous calamities of modern politics!


When is the best date to cut your hair?


Full moon

Russell Johnson

No earlier or later than when it becomes too long! ;~)

Patrick Hart

When you have the will the money and the time.


Am yet to learn about full moon.

Mary Schneider

when is the best time to make turnip kraut?

Russell Johnson

Never tried it but I would guess when you have turnips on hand and plenty of time?


Hello, Thanks for reminder and info of Harvest Moon. Just a FYI… I notice that the “Next Full Moon” article shows September 10, 5:59 PM ET and the calendar of 2022 Full Moons shows 5:59 AM ET. Peace to all!

Sandi Duncan

Thanks for the catch! We will fix asap. Supposed to be AM.


The moon we had August 13th 2022. It’s so beautiful! Thank you for all this information. It’s very helpful!

Leolyn Gribben

Extremely interesting

alex ramirez

you’re missing a (blue) moon on Aug 30th!!

Sandi Duncan

Hi Alex,
You are so correct! Thanks for the reminder – there will be another full Moon on August 30, 2023 at 9:36pmET (aka a Blue Moon). We will update this page ASAP, but thanks for the reminder.


Your full moon chart on https://www.farmersalmanac.com/full-moon-dates-and-times appears to be missing a date in 2023 between August 1st and September 29th.

I tried to contact you through your CONTACT US link but the Captcha isn’t working.

Last edited 2 years ago by CammiBennettt
Sandi Duncan

Hi Cammi,
You may want to clear your cache as the page has the full Moon dates you’re looking for – there’s the Sturgeon Moon on August 1, and the Harvest Moon on the 29th of September.

Eric D. Brown

it is missing a moon. between August 1 and September 29 there are 60 days a full moon happens every 29.5 days there should be 3 full moons. the first on August 1 the second a Blue Moon on August 31 and then there is the full moon on September 29th




The Wolf Moon is the best moon I ever seen.?


Full moons are just mesmerizing to me. Where can I learn about moon astrology in particular?


Not sure if links are allowed… but there’s a very good personalized moon reading at: MoonReading.info

new star

right here we’re else in the book that been here since man kind it’s amazing book cherish it use wisely

Noelle Eaton

I wish their was more detail on which tribes used these moon names. I think its harmful lumping the large amount of tribes in a huge country into one “Native American” category.

Last edited 2 years ago by Noelle Eaton

Did you really forget that you have the entire rest of the Internet to research your tribal deep dive interests? Let me remind you right now along with the Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse later this month. You fail to convince me that you live in the USA and went to School in the USA. You should mind that you respect your land’s Indigenous People (curses and all) before attempting to give anyone online harm reduction advice if your concern is Honest/True.

Jenna Baker

Yet another


What are the 3 lights in the sky?


Because Aliens. The answer is always because Aliens.


theres Jupiter, Venus and Saturn right now. The brightest is Venus

maryann bova

Sun Moon Stars

Jenna Baker

Always have loved full moons, sunsets, sunrises! Just gorgeous!


October 20, 2021 is not even a Monday…?


It is in the UK

Ashton Sheyder Ramsay

affect me affect me

Ashton Sheyder Ramsay

turn me into a harvest old farmer’s almanac please just please


Full Harvest Moon?

Jenna Baker

Here is another fine one!

aloysius weathers

please send newsletter

Chaku nala dog lover

Today is the harvest moon

City Pluma, Ozcura

Thank you for this


A new day is coming ……moon giving off that light, peace, harmony, ?

Stacie Fitzsimmons

Ty for info. Pls sign me up notifications etc. There isn’t a submit button . Ty so much !!?❤

Susan Higgins

Hi Stacie, It looks like you already successfully signed up for our newsletter! So it worked.

Sam lester

Yes I want to receive the almanac & horoscope moon calander

Susan Higgins

Hi Sam, you can sign up here and start browsing all our calendars.


I love moon astrology


It’s fascinating isn’t it. My family think I’m weird for it but it’s something that’s always captured my interest! If you have an open mind you can get a personalized moon reading at: MoonReading.info

new star

yeah mine does to

new star

me to I’m just learning it I love it

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