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5 Best DIY Fruit Fly Traps

Nothing is more unappetizing than a cloud of pesky fruit flies hovering over your fruit bowl. Try these easy and effective fruit fly trap recipes.

You know the scenario: You picked up some fresh fruit and made a nice display on the kitchen counter, but in no time at all, a cloud of pesky fruit flies is hovering over it before you even get a chance to enjoy the fruit.

What Are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are a nuisance in every household, any time of year. The common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, has a short lifespan, reproduce quickly, and matures from egg to adulthood in 8-10 days. They thrive in moist, damp places, such as compost/garbage bowls, kitchen waste cans, disposals and drains, and are mainly attracted to fruits, especially those that are fermenting or rotting.  Send them packing with any one of these 5 homemade, natural fruit fly traps that work!

fruit fly traps

5 Best DIY Fruit Fly Traps

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle Trap
    Pour about a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar into an empty bottle and cover the opening with plastic wrap. Secure with a rubber band. Poke a hole in the plastic wrap with a small nail. Fruit flies will fly in but won’t be able to get out.
  2. Beer Trap
    Pour about a half-cup of beer (old or fresh) in a mason jar with a lid. Hammer a couple of holes in the metal lid and secure. Fruit flies enjoy the beer then drown. You can reuse this trap all summer!
  3. Wine Bottle Trap
    Leave a little wine in the bottom of a bottle and place it on the counter. Fruit flies will fly in but the bottleneck prevents them from finding their way out.
  4. Fresh Basil
    Fruit flies don’t like fresh basil so keep a potted herb on the counter to deter them. Or pluck a few of the leaves and place in the bottom of your fruit bowl to keep them out of it.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap Trap
    Fill a small bowl with apple cider vinegar and 2 drops liquid dish soap. Mix well and leave on the counter (away from pets). Fruit flies will be drawn to the bowl and meet their demise.

Share with us your best fruit fly traps!

This article was published by the staff at Farmers' Almanac. Interested in becoming a guest author? Contact us to let us know!

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Don Snyder

A can of hair spray and a Bic lighter. Yep. Works for me.

joel pontbriand

a 12 guage will help to keep them away!!!!


I have a banana before I do carpentry. Always have. For some reason, they LOVE polyurethane. I can’t keep them off. When I had a few in my kitchen, a 6″xthe width of roll and put 1 short blast right in the center. Placed it on the window sill *next to an open window. It worked. No more flies. Or any flying insect for that matter.

*polyurethane is toxic. I only personally have used a very small amount next to an open window. It would be foolish to do this in an enclosed space. Ventilation is paramount.


Got a D in chem 🙂 but ripening ‘nanas give off ethylene oxide; does poly U have an alcohol component to it? Might explain their attraction…

Laura J.

Lemon grass is also good to keep mosquitoes away.Just plant them in a small container and shit it on you front porch or anywhere they are mosquitoes around.

Susan Higgins

Hi Laura, we recently did an article on the effectiveness of that. Take a look:


Sounds painful

Daniel Bosquez

Dam ! Them darn mesquitoes shit on you on your front porch.first they eat you up now they shit right back on you ad if you shit yourself, Bastard’s lol


🤣🤣😭 I was cracking up at this comment

Mr. A

Sounds like someone can’t think of very many words.

Calvin Conner

Are we talking about Fruit Fly Mosquitoes?


“Shit it? That’ll just attract the ‘squitoes 🙂
(Sorry; couldn’t resist!)


What about tiny tiny ants? I’ve tried just about everything, and they think ant traps are a joke.


I use Windex. I think it is the ammonia that drops them almost instantly. If you can resist immediately cleaning up the carnage you will probably find it all gone by the next morning thanks to their fellow ants and they rarely return after just one or maybe two applications.


Cinnamon open the window and sprinkle between the screen and the sill. Close so window.


Ronee, the best tried and tested method is to sprinkle a thin trail of mixture 1:1 powder sugar and boric acid.


If it is outside find their route and put salt about 2 inc wide . they will not come back Be careful and watch for new routes and re pit . It will not kill them but they will leave the area


Diatomaceous earth. Google it. I swear by it.

Susan Higgins

No need to google it, we have a story on it here!


My sister in law had a problem with ants coming into her kitchen off the deck. Mom told her to take chalk and draw a thick line in front of the door and the ants wouldn’t cross it. They didn’t! No more ants in the house and it was safe to use around the toddler she had.

Susan Higgins

Success! Good news.


Catnip! Place a line of it as a boundary and they won’t cross it, and if you have a cat they will clean it up for you!


Use chalk. they hate it & will NOT cross it. Just draw a thick line,(I’ve personally found white chalk to work best) about 1/2 inch wide & however long you need it to be, & they’ll stay out until the line starts to wear away over time. Then simply re-draw your chalk barrier!


diatomaceous earth works awesome on ants!


dr. bonner’s peppermint soap & water spray. I did ant traps & diatomaceous earth and they stopped working.. but this works.


This article did not address gnats. Here in Alabama gnats are horrible. Especially around our fountain. Any suggestions to get rid of them. Or how to survive outside without being eaten allowed

Susan Higgins

Hi Beverly, Wow, we just are learning about these biting gnats common in your neck of the woods. We’ve found a few chemical-free remedies for you:

garden dave

Well maybe if the article was titled “DIY gnat traps” you would have a point…

Kathy allen

Excellent ideas to get rid of those pesky fruit flies. Like them and sure to try them .


mice don’t like peppermint, so put that plant around where they have been seen. not all ants hate cucumber skin, i have some here that were eating it. i have had ants that aren’t interested in sugar, they are into grease or greasy foods. the apple cider vinegar trap for the fruit flies works, so do sticky sheets meant for regular flies. they have the same mentality i think, hey my friends are over there so i’m going too, they get stuck
just like their friends.


There are different ant species which are attracted by/to different sources.The tiny black ants(often called “piss ants”) are attracted to sugars/sweets.Then there are the larger black ants that are often attracted to grease and greasy foods.Carpenter ants which are large black ants seem to be attracted to both sugars and grease.From what I’ve seen,most of the red ants in the midwest US are attracted to dead bugs or small dead animals,as well as living bugs they seem to swarm and overpower.There are many other types of ants in other locations that are attracted by a variety of things.I only know about these ants and what they eat from nature shows and documentaries however.I hope this helps.


Why do you want to trap them? They are part of the what makes this world go around and it makes for great conversation at supper table or when all of a sudden someone in an reclined position or sitting reading a book all of sudden leaps into the air and claps randomly #*@(!? and everyone around wonders why?

Marie Cavins

Mice are used in experiments to see if things are fit for humans and this should prove that drink is not fit for humans


For taking care of pesky mice problems leave a small, low sided dish of MONSTER Energy Drink in a place not accessable to pets. Mice LOVE this stuff, guzzling it down & die within minutes. Works almost instantly, is less expensive than DeCon. Tried & true by my son sharing his MONSTER Energy Drink with a mouse at our very old farmhouse. Within minutes it was dead. No more having to search for smelly, dead mice. (He was only trying to share his drink, was not expecting the mouse to expire in front of him.)


Yeah because there little hearts probably

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