Finding Dimes? Could Be A Sign From A Loved One

When our loved ones pass, do they communicate that they are still with us? Here are the 6 most common signs that may hold the answer.

Nothing is more devastating than losing a loved one. Time can lessen the pain, but grief can last a long time (Here are some suggestions for managing grief.) Those who believe in an afterlife may find comfort in the promise of a reunion in the great by and by, but this can never take the place of being able to hug, hold hands, or talk to someone in the here and now.

But what if the people we love who pass away aren’t as far away as we think? Religions and cultures across the globe and through the ages have suggested the idea that those who pass on to the other side remain with us, unseen, to watch over and guide us. While the specifics may vary, some version of this belief is so common as to be almost universal. Guardian angels. Spirit guides. Protectors. Caretakers. Sacred ancestors.

More than that, people throughout history (and some still to this day) believe that, if we know how to pay attention to the signs, our loved ones living in the spirit world can, and often do, send us messages, offering comfort in times of distress and guidance in times of need.

But what are these signs, and how can we become adept at recognizing them? Although the way any individual spirit might choose to communicate is endless, there are several phenomena that are commonly recognized as signs from the other side. These include:

Common Signs

1. Dream Visitations

One of the most commonly described signs from the other side is a visitation from a departed loved one in the form of a dream. The belief that we are more open and susceptible to messages from the spirit world when we are asleep, on the verge of sleep, or in an induced trance, such as hypnotism, meditation, is a very old one.

Today, we know that our brain waves pass through a number of different phases during sleep. Theta waves, which occur in the liminal state between wakefulness and deep sleep, are associated with memory, learning, intuition, and the subconscious.

Of course, dreams are, by their very nature, not real, so how can you know if a dream is a true message from the other side or just another bit of undigested memory getting filed away? Those who believe they’ve had dream visitors say they have a different quality from typical dreams.

Whereas our normal dream life is often nonsensical, nonlinear, and fragmentary in nature, visitations most often feel more like real life, with a sense of solidity, vividness, and logic that is unusual in dreams. Such dreams are said to have a sense of weight and importance and to stay with the dreamer, sometimes for many years, whereas the details of garden variety dreams are often difficult to remember beyond the first moments of waking.

Some people have even described having long, detailed conversations with loved ones, sharing real-life information the dreamer would have no other way of knowing.

2. Familiar Sensations or Smells

Another experience many people describe is having an unmistakable feeling that their loved one is nearby, sometimes accompanied by sensations, such as a hand on their shoulder, or by smells associated with that person, such as their favorite perfume, a smell associated with their occupation in life (for instance, motor oil or seawater), or a favorite food they often prepared.

Like dreaming, olfaction—the sense of smell—is strongly tied to memory.

In fact, encountering familiar smells is thought to be a common trigger for déjà vu, the uncanny feeling that you’ve already experienced a situation before.

Whereas dream visitors most often bring an explicit message for the recipient, this type of visit’s content is purely physical and emotional—offering feelings of closeness or comfort, sometimes just when it is most needed.

3. Animal Messengers

Sightings of animals you don’t normally see, or a sharp increase in sightings of more common animals, have long been believed to be portents from the spirit world, particularly if an animal shows an unusual interest in or lack of fear toward you.

Some types of animals have even been said to be bearers of very specific kinds of messages, for instance, ladybugs are said to be a good omen, offering assurance, particularly when things seem to be at their darkest, that not all is lost. Butterflies and birds, especially cardinals and blue jays, have long been seen as messengers that a departed loved one is still watching over you.

4. Pennies and Dimes

While it’s not unusual to find random coins and trinkets in the course of one’s day, a sudden increase in finding such small treasures could be interpreted as gifts from beyond, particularly if the items in question carry some shared meaning.

It seems the most commonly found items are pennies and dimes. Pennies and seeing references to the number “1” is often thought of as a message to think positively.

Finding dimes, or seeing the number 10, is said to be a message to “pay attention,” and “trust your instincts and intuition.”

Sometimes the coin is from a year that was important in some way in your relationship with someone who has passed, and it may be a sign that your loved one isn’t as distant as you thought.

5. Lost and Found Objects

Items moving from their usual locations without another explanation is another frequent occurrence. Lost objects (such as wedding rings) suddenly turning up in a spot after you looked there many times may be a message.

If this happens often or the location seems significant in some way, it may be an attempt to communicate some specific piece of information. If the pattern seems more random, though, it could be interpreted more as an attempt at playfulness.

6. Electrical Disturbances

Spirits are said to be pure energy, which means that manipulating electrical currents should come easily to them. It’s no surprise, then, that flickering or dimming lights are one of the phenomena most commonly associated with visitation from the spirit world.

While movies and campfire tales offer fodder about mischievous spirits playing hair-raising pranks on the living—for instance, the new inhabitants of a home where they passed—this type of visitation can be much subtler. If the wiring in your home isn’t particularly old or unsound, and if the disturbances only started after the loss of a loved one, minor, occasional flickers in lights, televisions, or appliances could just be a quiet hello—an otherworldly wink, so to speak.

In more overt cases, people have even described radios or stereos turning on to play a specific song that was meaningful to their departed loved one.

Whether or not you find comfort in looking for signs from your beloved departed, grief, shock, and disbelief are natural responses to loss. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the living—whether that means friends or family members who share your loss, a therapist or grief support group, or a group of friends who can help take your mind off of your sorrow, even for short periods of time.

Remember that finding moments of laughter and joy is not a betrayal of the person you’ve lost. Your departed loved ones, whether they are watching you from close by or far away, want you to live the rest of your life to its happiest and fullest.

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Tell us about one time that you found a dime.

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Barb Bernhardt

When my Dad died I starting finding pennies, and lots of them. I was told that they were probably from my Dad. Two particular instances with pennies that I had…one was I was in a relationship with someone and was planning on breaking it off. For a women in her fifties, it was a major decision. I was walking on a road that I had walked before, and praying to Dad all the way over to where this man was to tell him it was over. After I broke the news I started walking back. I asked my Dad if I was making the right decision and I looked down and there was a penny. So I said Dad is that you talking to me or did I just find a random penny. Within a few more steps I found many pennies.

At a family Christmas a few years ago we had a houseful. It was total chaos, and in the end my husband had to leave to go be with his mother and things just seemed stressful and not the way I wanted the day to end. I was sweeping up at 10 at night to put things back in order and I moved a wooden bin that held a wastebasket, and there was a penny. I had moved it before the day started to clean under it. I was sure it was my Dad telling me that everything was ok and to cheer me up.


I was very close to my older sister, so much so that she called me her “first child”. When she died 3 days after Christmas I was devastated.
I took her cat in after her death and gave him a loving home with me. Every year when the seasons changed her daughter and I would both have to call her to ask which way to switch our ceiling fans so that spring I turned on the fan and sat watching TV. I heard a mew and saw her cat who was sleeping soundly in a chair looking up and stretching on his back like he does when someone strokes his belly then I noticed my ceiling fan was slowing down. I watched as it came to a complete stop then reversed directions and started turning in the other direction. Then directional switch was a horizontal one not vertical so it didn’t get weak and slip down on it’s own. I believe my sister came to check on her cat and to help out with the seasonal direction of my fan. Also, I had taken her washer and dryer because they were newer than mine and every now and then the washer would chime on in the middle of the night. The buttons were not in a position where a cat could step on it and turn it on. I got up and turned it off and was almost back to sleep when it chimed on again. I finally said aloud, “I hear you and I love you but I have to work in the morning so cut it out.” It never came back on again that night. I also had music boxes that would just start playing randomly while I was sitting watching TV. Again the cat was no where near them. I love my sister and still miss her every day even after 7 years without her.

Farmers' Almanac

Dear Carla, Thank you for sharing about your sister here. We are sending you a great big hug from Famers’ Almanac. If you’re ever wondering which direction to spin your fan again, take a look at our article here:


Just a few days ago I found two pennies together, then later the same day I found a dime. But I don’t believe in all that stuff anyway, so I just put them into my rabbit bank (no piggy in this house.

Farmers' Almanac

Hi Bunny! Like Benjamin Franklin says … “a penny saved is a penny earned!” Lucky you. You may not be superstitious but if you like rabbits, you may like this bit of folklore:


My brother was murdered earlier this month. At first, he was missing, and then his body was found. Our tv was going bonkers. It had pixilated and was being really funky. Then my car battery died (newer car) and had to be jumped. Then my cell phone battery wouldn’t keep a charge. After he was found, our tv was still very funky and pixilated. My laptop does funky things like I turn it on, but it won’t show the screen. I felt like he was reaching out to me. I told him that he was murdered and by whom and that I was sorry. I asked for his (and my other deceased brother and dad as well as prayer to God) help to find the guy. The guy was found, and the electrical stuff stopped. But I’ll know that when electrical stuff happens, that he (and my other family members) are around. It is comforting to me.

Farmers' Almanac

Hi Brenda, We are so sorry to hear about your brother. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

Lynette Groom

Hi there. My partner died unexpectedly on July 13th, 2022. He died of covid after I took him to the hospital emergency room when he was having difficulty breathing. Taking him to the hospital for breathing help was nothing unusual and usually happened maybe 3 to 4 times a year. When I left him that evening after he was admitted, I had no idea and was completely shocked that he tested positive for covid and then passed away in the middle of the night due to a heart attack which was ultimately linked to covid. So his official cause of death was covid. I still am in disbelief that he is gone because I never expected that he would not come home from the hospital maybe the next day. Since his death things have been very strange. I have been consumed by grief. I’m 56 years old and found myself experiencing grief for the very first time. Three of my four grandparents had passed away but other than that I have never lost anyone close to me. I was very fortunate and never really understood how fortunate I was until that July evening. With his loss, I have been lost myself. Incidents have occurred which link to this article. The first incident was a dream visitation in which he came to me and when I saw him his hair and his beard, which were very long, we’re Snow White almost like Santa claus. He did not speak to me but I could hear him. As if his thoughts were being broadcast outside of him somehow. I’m not sure if it was his voice or not because that’s one of the things I really struggle with since his death, I cannot recall his voice. This is so strange because he had a very deep distinguished unusual maybe voice and I can’t believe I would ever in a million years forget what it sounded like. When he first died maybe a week or two after, I realize that I couldn’t hear his voice any longer and I was struggling to see his face or remember his face. These things are very distressing but I’m sure common. Anyhow, the first dream visitation was only a few nights after his death. He came to me with the long white hair and beard and when I saw him I was prompted to give him a message. Now, this dream was like no other dream I’ve ever had and it felt more like a waking reality. Something or someone was broadcasting through me a message that I needed to deliver to him. It seems that he was in some kind of a trouble when in a stuck I guess you could say in a way. And what I gathered was that he was somehow stuck between worlds, I don’t know if this meant stuck between heaven and hell or purgatory or if there’s a special place where you have to go. But I did learn later that some religions including Christianity and Buddhism have a concept that 40 days after the death of a person they find themselves in a transitional state where they go from one form to another and sometimes they get stuck there because they’re afraid and they don’t know what to do. So when I saw him I wanted to say some other things but I was directed to give him a message and the message happened as soon as I opened my mouth words were coming out of my mouth and it felt like I was awake. And I said to him you need to listen to me closely I’m going to give you a message now you need to go with your instincts something is happening and you’re going to be prompted with choices soon you need to follow your gut and your instincts and go where you need to go you’ll know what to do if you follow your instincts. Please don’t doubt yourself. Go the way


My mother died. Months later I had a topiary on my night stand. It was tall, very sturdy, impossible to fall down. My husband & I were in family room. We heard a crash in bedroom. We picked it up, put back in night stand. It then crashed 2 more times to the floor. We laughed, said mother stop it, we know you never liked the tall tree type plant. That was my mother. On my birthday I saw my mother if full view at lunch. I wanted to go to her but I literally couldn’t move. That was my mother. I didn’t understand why my body was frozen. Our love was so very strong. She came to me 1 more time. I felt so special

Lisa A

My granddaughter passed away, and I keep finding dimes in places where they normally wouldn’t be. My kitchen light above my sink flickers on and off alot now too! It makes me happy!

Tina Keys

I just wanted to say that, I really liked the article.
I knew a lot of the things that were being said. I have been reading, and researching books, and articles on the ‘afterlife’. I find it very interesting.
I knew that our loved ones who passed away, would often leave us coins. I did not know that pennies, and dimes were specific. I’m always finding dimes. And would say, “oh, there’s Mom leaving me a message.”
Also, I find a lot of pennies. I wonder who that could be? Maybe my Dad?

Farmers' Almanac

Hi Tina, We are happy to hear that you enjoyed this article. Please stay in touch with us and learn more by joining our newsletter here:


My aunt died in June this year, unexpectedly. I have felt a her presence more than once as if she still has something to say. This week, she has visit my brother, mother and last night she visited me, but I was vaguely asleep. I had a dream of her being a child wanting to come into our house, but I told her no. Then I had another dream after that where a child told me that my aunt was “here”. I asked the child if he knew who my aunt was and he said yes and said that she was standing next to me. I then woke up and felt a soft vibrating sensation rushing from my head, down through my whole body. I felt her trying to move my head and felt breathe against my ear and I felt/heard a high pitched ringing sound in my ear (I was awake at this stage, unable to open my eyes) and I was unable to move. I don’t know how, but I felt that it was her, she felt peaceful but at the same time it was as if she really wanted to tell me something. I managed to open my eyes and I could see a clear but shiny face, and it was hers. She was just staring and I was until she slowly disappeared and all of the above sensations also went away as she disappeared.


On September 3rd, 2020 my Dad died. I was 13. He died of heart failure. I guess we were all expecting it but it still hurts. On July 19, 2022, someone I knew died. She was just 19. She would have turned 20 at the end of July. The one that hurts the most is my classmate’s death. We grew up together. He was hit by a car while he was riding his skateboard early in the morning on September 1st, 2022. He went braindead that night. and he was taken off life support the next day. I couldn’t make it to his funeral. I live by where it happened. I thought maybe I could go be with him. Go to where he got hit and get myself run over. I am struggling and my parents never ask if I am ok or if I want to talk. I have a song for him but he won’t ever hear it. I also might be losing another friend. I don’t get it why me? Why do I always get the bad end of the deal? I can’t be a normal teenager and all this shit is building and I have a hard time breathing sometimes because of it. I am sorry to whoever reads this for pushing my problems on you I just needed to get all my feelings out there and off my chest.


Please tell an adult how you are feeling right away. You are much too sad to keep it to yourself right now 💔


Please let us know your are ok? My mom and dad are passed also and I’m a teeny bit older, but I tell my kids what my dad always told me.. go out back and scream as loud as you can if you can’t talk… just DO NOT HOLD IT IN.
We, or at least I tend to do that and then I blow up, usually on the wrong person and problems arise. Please ťalk to someone. I pray you find happiness 😊
You will be in my prayers.


I’m sorry your parents arent there for you they should be. Just keep an eye out for signs they are around and never forget they are watching over you. No matter how alone you feel they are with you.

Helpful tip if you need to get something off your chest try writing it in a journal and make it pretty for fun add cute little doodles that remind you of your loved ones. Remember the happy times it keeps your loved ones alive 😉😊

PS. You dont have the bad end of the deal sad what happened but everything happens for a reason. You are meant to be a strong soul. 💪🫀


It’s ok. It’s good to vent sometimes. Good for your soul. I’m sorry for everything that’s happened to you.


Blessed are those who mourn; for they shall be comforted.

Your last sentence says a lot. At 15 your ‘normal’ life would be full of challenges without all the extra complications. You need to find a trustworthy adult to talk to. Subconsciously, you know this, thus the last comment.

No apologies are necessary.

Grief has a strange way of working its way through your mind. It may be two years since your Dad died, but even now you may get weepy. Totally normal. Don’t let anyone tell you how to grieve, crying is ALWAYS appropriate.

Keep this in mind, there are many people that are concerned for you and feel you have worth. I don’t even know you and I want you to feel better. Just by sending this comment, it may give you enough support and ideas to keep going.

Has it occurred to you that by playing or singing your song in the privacy of your room, it would give him a chance to hear it?

God bless you, sending lots of love. 💕


I too experienced a lot of death as a teenager. My dad and I counted 50 people or pets (5 in 3 years) before I turned 20, the majority in my first 3 years of high school. I asked myself “why me?” all of the time as well. Now I’m 61, and people die now because of sickness or age and I’m so used to it that I hardly grieve anymore. Hopefully for you the deaths will slow down like they did for me. My mom died two days ago and yes, I’m very sad and miss her terribly but I’m not in shock like I used to be. Good luck. Hope you find pennies and dimes like I do. It really helps.


Ash, I am so sorry for your many losses. Your friends and loved ones would want you to live a fulfilling life filled with purpose. If you don’t have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ already please try Jesus first before you end up giving up on life. Life is not fair and is filled with lots of trials and tribulations that only make us stronger.In your relationship with Jesus, please ask him to direct your paths and help you not to lean on your own understanding. Jesus will open your eyes and give you peace that surpasses all understanding, but you have to try Jesus, then you will see that a new future is possible. 🙏🙏❤️


I can relate with you. My life hasn’t been easy either.. I’m a good and honest person and I don’t get why things always go wrong..😪


Parents are people too. We don’t know how we are supposed to act or feel or what to say when there is a death. Sometimes people don’t say anything because they don’t want you to be sad or don’t know how to console you. I have been honest with my kids when there is a death in the family. I cry in front of them, and I talk about my feelings. I want them to see I’m human. I’m also hoping that they will be honest in their feelings to me. As for the “bad end of the deal;” Sugar, death is part of life. It is so important to love people with our whole hearts while they are here with us…and to be lovable as well. We celebrate and enjoy life each day. Then when someone passes, we have many good things to say, many stories to tell and ways to share their experience with you to the world. It is only through loving that we can hurt. But love anyway. It sounds like you have a lot of love. Go hug your mom and tell her you love her. Use your words. Tell her you are hurting. She is hurting too. Write down your feelings. Express yourself in writing. Maybe your words can help someone else who is hurting. I wish I could tell you that this process is easy, but it is not, and you can do this. I believe in you!



I am sorry to hear about the loss of your loved ones. I still miss the people I have lost too.
It is important that we stay strong and live our lives the best we can. We will see our loved ones again. Love never dies. They will be waiting for us when it is our time.

Please take care of yourself and talk to someone about your sadness. You are experiencing grief. You still have lots of work to do on earth. Time will heal your pain. I will be thinking and praying for you. Sending you a big hug.



Oh dear child I’m sorry so much pain for you to carry and so young I just buried my husband he was my soulmate and I have a 14 year old girl I had to take her to get something for anxiety and the doctor recommended a therapist I appreciate you sharing your story it reminds me to talk to her while dealing with my own issues so you have helped my child sometimes as adults we get caught up in stuff and forget please reach out to talk to someone we all need help once in awhile


Just want you to know that you are not alone.
Things happen in life…sometimes alot of bad things but know that it is NOT BECAUSE OF YOU!! Know that they are not hurting or in pain and that God promises that we can see our dead loved again in the resurrection. Stay strong for “he who endures to the end shall gain everlasting life.” Remember…you want to be there to see them again when they are resurrected!with very much love. Debra


I found 2 dimes in my bathroom sink. My husband passed away Jan 24 2011


But how I know if it’s from my relatives or from my spouse?


Yep, that’s him. My beloved died almost ten years ago and I STILL find pennies and dimes. I know it’s him because it started right after he died. When I moved from our apartment in Alaska to where I live now in Oregon, I stood by myself in the middle of the living room and told him we were leaving for good and to come with us. I started finding pennies and dimes in my new place in Oregon. It’s so nice to have him with me.


I was in the grocery store talking to a dear friend about my son passing and the signs he has been sending me and a silver dime actually fell from no where from above in front of my friend and fell to the floor. He looked at me and said did you see that and I said I told you my son is with me always. I love getting these signs from my son. I miss him so much. I have had alot of signs. Need to write all down. Thank you for letting me share this. 💚

Angel Anthony

Hey, I was going down my stairs and he whispered in my ear and told me he was sorry I felt the breath in my ear no lie

Ben Walton

It’s good to feel reassured but once someone is gone, they’re gone. We still haven’t studied enough how the human mind deals with grief to make it continue functioning.


hello Dear humanBeing , dealing with the loss of yOur Loved One .. know that we are all in this together : school of Life or the school of the GreaT Mystery . Yes , paying attention is impOrtant , being as mindful / aware as possible in the process happening when we enter the realm of the Unknown , leaving our physical body behind . Culmination of Life . I am writing this in deep Awe & Gratitude , after being present with our beloved Papa Wilfried , who crossed over 5 days ago on Sunday 18.sept. after discharging himself from hospital ( AMA) in order to have a PEACEful Transition . There are NO words to describe . Only LOVE . . . . as RamDass says ” dying is absolutely safe ” . May we all be able to let go Peace-fully when time comes . Om Mani Padme Hum


Hello everyone! its very interesting to know that there really is our loved ones around us after departure, i lost my sister at 35 and my partner too a month apart from each other, I’m so devastated by how it’s happened, my sister passed almost 7 months and still no closure on how she passed unexpectedly it broke me as so close to each other, then my partner suddenly had a massive heart attack in front of my eyes after making ice cream… i mean literally, right now all i am feeling is sadness the pain of my heart, mixed emotions, anxiety, drifting into another place, i don’t know how long this will take but its going to get Easier by time i know, after the death of my partner i felt his presence and unexpectedly the big chimes i have were swinging and honestly can say no strong winds during summer so it wasn’t that for sure, and i had an experience of mist with white movement where the heart attack happened, odd times the the reading light will flicker but the experience was comforting, my greaf state at the moment is more of a depression state, overthinking about everything, I’m thankful to have good friends and work colleagues that help me through my worst time in my life, i feel like somtimes i can’t explain how I’m feeling speechless to it all and knowing life will go on with out them hurts so much, i feel my world has fallen apart and has changed the person i was just a few months ago till now, i really hope i will get more signs from my loved ones and most of all inner peace again but time will only tell this from now on i put my trust in Almighty God that good things will happen ??in good time.


God bless you. My goodness your sister and then your partner??? My dad passed a month ago today at home with us by his side after 52 rounds of chemo and stage 4 liver lung and colon cancer. My heart is shattered


I lost my husband 8 weeks ago he was murdered and suffered. I am still waiting for him to come home to me. I miss him so much I feel like I’m dying and have had no signs or felt him with me. I feel abandoned by the love of my life…


how old was your sister and your partner when they passed away?


Scott, I am so sorry for your many losses. May you find comfort in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He knows all of our pain and will give us peace that surpasses all understanding. I list my brother suddenly in a car accident ~7 months ago. He was battling depression due to the loss of several family members that he was close to. I have been to therapy 3 times since because I have spans where I am doing well, then bottom drops out. I am comforted knowing that he is present with the Creator. I pray that you will be able to continue and make the best of your newly different life. 🙏🙏❤️


Hi I just lost my boyfriend best pal
Soulmate in the 18 of June I went true the hole year of him fading away day by day it was eating me up in side to see this happening to him but I was there for him the hole way till the end I’m so heartbroken ? in side I don’t no how to go on with life without him he was my best friend I have never experience this pain in my heart I’m so lost I have found a feather ? the day I came home from he’s months mine mass I never found one before I hope ? it’s from him to let me no he’s around me I’m still hoping for more signs I have never heard of this till the priest told me ..

Lauren Rose

I lost my husband of 38 years last October. He too was my best friend and soulmate. 9 mo later I am still sad but days are getting better and I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Alex would want me to go on with life and be happy but most importantly not to lose my faith and belief in God. Always stay close to Him and study His word.

L. Shapero

I found a white feather on the ground outside my apartment building. My best friend’s husband died, and she followed him only weeks after. I read it means a gaurdian angel is watchng over you. My friend’s daughter told me she and her brother went to the hospital after their mother died, and as they were about to go in, a white feather landed on the ground right near them. She took it as a sign that she had reached heaven and was scolding Malcolm, her husband, for leaving her alone. Sometimes it takes a long time to process a death. Give yourself time, and maybe you will receive a sign that your friend is where he should be and doing fine. Peace…

K. Smith

My dad passed ten years prior to him coming to me. I never told anyone as I couldn’t explain it to myself let alone another without appearing nuts. Anyways, my husband left for second shift work, I had just crawled in bed, pulled up the covers and rolled onto my side. Just then the lower corner of my bed dipped and squeaked. I instantly thought my husband decided to sit there as he knew I hated how it pulled my back, but he is so forgetful. I was ready to tell him so when I realized he had driven off. Out of fear I just laid there waiting for whomever it was to harm me. After a couple of minutes I turned to face that person. It was my father sitting as if posing for a pic wearing a white shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, dark pants, his hands on his lap with the most amazing bright lit glow around him. He spoke to me about a dream I had several times telling me I would never have that dream again, and over forty years later, I haven’t. Strangely it was a short dream, not too scary, just not pleasant. It took me years to figure out when dad spoke it wasn’t with his mouth as he was smiling the entire time, but telepathically. Also the brilliant glow never bothered my eyes, and the entire room was pitch black except for the glowing light. Then dad and the light was gone leaving me shaken and wondering what had just happened. Dad liked in the early days to smoke a pipe with cherry vanilla tobacco which I have smelled on different occasions. Another time, three or four pennies dropped and rolled, yet there was nothing around to place money on, not even a hanging piece of clothing for them to fall from. I don’t know who the pennies were from, but happy for the comfort that I’m still looked after.


Dad appeared to me with a message


When I was pregnant with my daughter, in 2012, I remember having a very vivid dream of me telling my paternal grandparents, who had passed in 1994 (gma) and 2010 (gpa). I remember seeing them both and telling them that I was going to have a baby and it was going to be a little girl. They were so happy and I could feel the love and pride that they had for me and my then unborn child…their first great grandchild if they had been alive.
And then, last year, I had been using some hand sanitizer after being in the bank or store, and every hand sanitizer smelled just like my maternal grandma, who had passed of pneumonia in 2019. These hand sanitizers all smell different, normally, but for some reason that day, they all smelled like my grandma.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Erin,
Thank. you for sharing your story. It is wonderful when you can feel relatives even when they are no longer physically on earth. Appreciate you sharing this with all of us.


I do not know why I am here. Maybe because up until now it still bothers me the 2 butterflies just appeared first in my house then went to my bedroom in the head top bed side where I sleep. It’s a medium and large size both brown colors with nice shape wings. Our house is always close much more the bedroom to keep dust away. I do not know where they came from just suddenly appeared within the week my 41 yo husband for 11 years died in heart attach without any signs at all.

He died December 2013, but we still keep talking in my dreams till April 2014 like as if he is alive. Only that one time he told me not to call him again because he will be busy. I told him busy for what? He answered we are building a house and I asked where? he said here and he gave same address as where our house is.

So I mentioned it to a friend who is very religious and he said that according to his readings 🙂 it is only thin air that separates us from the dead, they can see us but we cant. They do not have the same kind of love for us like a love of a husband to a wife but a more powerful love. Spirits live among us of another dimension like setting. I really do not know but hey at least it’s something to think about 🙂

That April also on our last talk, I vividly remember we are talking on a bench and he standup and started walking front, I wonder why, so I followed. All of sudden he is gone but I found myself in front of the rainbow wall like curtains. I tried to spread them apart so I can see what is behind that rainbow wall but instead another layers of colors like endless rainbow wall. It’s magical and I fell no longer alone and all of a sudden I feel at peace.

I have no idea what was that place called? all I know it felt like I’ve been to a place where I shouldn’t be.
Then as expected I googled it, only to find out that the spirit world is full of colors. If it’s true or not I really don’t care what matter most is the blissful feeling I felt at that time.

Now I understand why my late husband wants to move on, he is in a better place…

That was 9 years ago, now I am married to a wonderful man. I feel like my late husband lead me to him. But yeah, the sadness we feel if we lost our love ones seem endless. It will pass eventually. it will not go away for sure. That level of grief will become hope and peace. Hope that someday we will see them again. Peace that we know they are in a better place.

For now, keep believing that life is a mysterious one. We might not understand it but answers will unfold itself. Just be patience and keep your faith, in my case my faith is with God.

Thank you!


My boyfriend passed away in April of this year. I’m so lost and broken without him. I don’t know how to move forward. I do ask him to send me signals and to visit me in my dreams and so far I have seen him about 11 times in my dreams since his passingg. He says says hello to me by flickering lights and move objects to strange places in my apartment. I miss him so much ??


My husband was murdered the night before Easter. I feel you’re pain I’m going through it to, my husband hadn’t visited me in any dreams but I do find dimes and Pennie’s. I don’t have family and this is hard on me.


So sorry for your lose Jenn. Hope they found the person or persons that did that to him. Hugs and prayers. I lost my husband 10 years ago to cancer. Keep moving forward and do things that make you happy. He wouldn’t want you sad and stuck in his lose. My Mom went to heaven last Wednesday and I have found 3 dimes. I know she is in a better place with all her loved ones. I knew it was going to happen one day but you are never prepared.
“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
Endures all things. Love never ends” – 1 Corinthians 13:7-8


Same 💔


I lost my husband two weeks ago. I saw him once in a dream but not again. He was waiting at a bus stop, he was looking at me. I ask for signs that he’s still here. I’m just so lost without him.


I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 4 moths ago. Not a day goes by I don’t shed a tear. I feel your loss. I beg every day for a sign. I hope and pray that some day I will have the fortune of a dream, or some message. I spent most of my life with him and am lost and find it hard to breath alone after 38 years of breathing together. I hope you find some peace in your dreams. I speak and write to him. I still sit in the same place where I received the call because I can’t sleep in our bed. Take care.

Lesley Anne Ryan

My ex fiance and best friend is being buried today and I’ve just awoken and found an American dime on the floor in my lounge and I’m English living in England and have never seen this coin in my life!!!


That’s awesome! I see dimes a lot, I believe my ex who passed a year ago leaves them for me…I found one in the fridge the other day!

Last edited 6 months ago by Christina

I lost a belt ring in London Q garden and my granddaughter found it last week in my sparing glove at my house I have not used that glove since my late daughter died in 213 I lost the ring a year ago in London I felt it drop of my finger I believe my daughter brought it back to me it’s her birthday 11/9/81

Josephina Joseph Rao

Hi my name is Josephina my boyfriend passed away yesterday I really cant stay without him I m really not understanding what needs to be done . M asking for sign from him that atleast I will know that he is close to me Can u please suggest


Sorry for your loss .. it’s not easy. Try talking out loud to him, ask him to show you signs, even specific signs. But say his name and speak to him out loud

Danielle Hudon

I lost my dad to covid ,and my mother in law passed away so sudden not sure what happened thank you Danielle


We lost our mama(mother’s brother) in 2017, i used to see him in my dreams and giving me signs that i was killed, help me finding them… He even gave me his number in dream and showed me where did he lived. After 2years, again i show him yesterday, i was checking him whether he was alive so i hold his hand.. And after that i was being lifted up … I show myself and realized that he was taking me with him, so i started shouting then he vanished and he threw me on the door.. I fell down on the floor … Then again i saw a little child girl trying to touch me…. She was a ghost…… And i felt that my brother was dissapeared then i woke up breathing heavily ….. Told my grand ma about this …. I was too afraid …. I started searching about this on google.. And i found this ………. Damn! I am not only seeing dead people in dreams …


It’s possible that your more open and aware and approachable to those on the other side, they feel safe coming to you for whatever reason. I dream of my ex that passed but not any random deceased people

Arthur Hargrove

My fiance passed 7 months ago . One morning I woke up and my shoes were paired up in a slant. . One other morning my socks were off in a knot the same knot she put her socks in after we dry our clothes


i’m so sorry for your loss i’m a paranormal investigator and a medium Your fiance was letting you know that she is watching over you and trying to communicate with you If you ever need to know anything regarding things like this feel free to send me a friend request on facebook my name is Arthur Paul or you can message me my facebook profile pic is a pic of eddie van halen

Gini Buckley

Arthur, how do I find you on Facebook. I would like to speak with you.


Hi Arthur cannot seem to find you what country are you from as I’m from the uk…hope you don’t mind me asking as my partner died 2 weeks ago and feeling like I am struggling

Kathy Williams

We keep finding used diapers in our bathroom when no babies are here. Any opinions on how or why this happens?

Ashley Dickson

My mom passed this past Monday April 11/2022 at 11:11pm. She lived for 49 days from cancer diagnosis until her last breath, passing at the age of 64.
At her viewing on Friday, the power went out midway through. The viewing was to end at 7pm, and as my sisters and I were saying our final goodbyes, the power came back on, and the sun was shining brighter than ever through the window on us. In addition — Our song was Cody Johnson “Til You Cant”. The night she passed, that song won Video of the Year at the CMT Awards. I went to her viewing on Friday, came home, the awards show was replaying – with that song on. I feel her presence with me every day since her passing and cannot wait for my first visitation dream.


That’s awesome you have this. I lost my mom March 13. I found her and her dog gone as I was checking on her for her dr appt the next day. It was the hardest day of my life and doesn’t get easier. Your words give me hope I’ll get visits from my mom soon. I miss her so much I can’t breath or live without this empty pain.


My mum past 14th April 2022 after 10 years of cancer shes tired. We have all felt her presence at home the first week. and some movements in the house during the night when we stayed awake.. we havent got our first dream yet but some of my relatives has. After telling her to move on to the world up there we have felt less presence of her..(some say they come and go whenever they like) im thinking she may be enjoying up there. They say they send dreams to their closest the latest.. not sure if thats true but im hoping to see her soon …


I put up lots of battery operated sets of Xmas lights all over the house (2021). Since I decorate in November, I had to change the batteries in all of them before Xmas, except for one set. My husband of 51 years passed away on Dec. 17th 2021. I put all of the Xmas decorations away in early January but kept that particular light set that still shine bright every night. We are now April 1st, those batteries were never changed since they were first put in back in November. Those lights, covering a fake green plant on top of a corner shelves unit, come on every night around 6:15pm and stay until I go to bed around 11:30pm. They are still as bright as when they were first put up. Call me crazy but I feel a connection with them, I’m looking forward to 6:15 pm every day and I hope they stay for a long while.

Tammy whitaker

My mom passed in Aug 2019, and that Xmas I pulled out an angel tree topper that her candles hadn’t lit up in a few years, but that year the candles lit up and the pass two years I put the angel on top of my tree cuz I feel my mom fixed her candles to light cause she loved her angels. I feel mom is telling me she is here cause she lived with me her last six years before she passed.


My boyfriend passed on Dec 20,2021. I asked to feel his presence and shortly after I seen a cardinal in my backyard. This makes me scared, but happy at the same time. I’ve never seen and cardinals outside my house. .


My mom passed away this year. She loved anything about the English Royals. I was shopping at Walmart on the day of Prince Phillip’s funeral and I was thinking about how we would have watched that together and had so much to talk about. When I got up to the checkout, I went through the self service. Laying on the side of the scanner was three pennies. One penny was Canadian and Queen Elizabeth was heads up.


Wow that is amazing.


My grandpa never put much stock in any of that. A few months after grandma died, he said, “Aw shucks, she’da wrote by now.”


My wife of 57 years passed away unexpectedly on 11 April 2021. Since that date members of my family (particularly a grandson) have regularly seen red cardinals nearby. He and I were discussing her while out on the deck recently and lo and behold a cardinal appeared. She was the light of our lives and we are all devastated by her loss. We hope these sightings are signs she is still with us in spirit. We miss her dearly but know she wants us to be happy and go on.


My grandma passed away last month and yesterday I put my grandmas crafted cross that my moms friend gave me, on my window and a cardinal flew up to my house, I knew right then that it was my grandma and started crying ! I know she loves me so much.

Susan Higgins

Bella, very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Lori Johnston

My husband passed away 6 months ago this week. I am visiting my parents in South Carolina from Seattle. I asked my mom if she sees Cardinals and without 5 minutes a beautiful red cardinal landed on her feeder, I took my photo and went to put my phone back… right where I was sitting the following evening was a dime on the floor… the year 2020, the year he died.

Brenda Sumler

I keep seeing the number 13 or 31 on Facebook when I hit like. What does this mean?


Brenda did you find an explanation? I keep seeing 13 and 31 everywhere. Clocks, signs, social media, etc. I know it must be significant but can’t find an explanation

Last edited 1 year ago by Shanon

Shanon, google the number 13 31 and read the info on Angel Number 13 31. It’s very interesting.


After I lost my son, my cell phone kept lighting up. It had not done that at any time before he passed. His son, who was still in school, told me his would vibrate in his pocket. My son had always love talking on the phone.

Linda Peters

Loved this article!


After I lost my husband I was sitting in a restaurant by myself and I was feeling blue. I felt something hit my ankle. I bent over and it was a penny. I picked it up and smiled. I knew it was my husband.


I don’t know if this story fits here, but when my husband went into the hospital, and his organs began to fail, they preformed emergency surgery. Afterwards he was in the SICU for 16 days on life support. We did not know if he would pull through. I was going to the hospital day and night everyday to just sit by him. Feeling helpless. One late, late night I was walking alone through the deserted parking lot to my car. In the parking garage lights I found a dime. The date on it was the year we had gotten married, 1985, 34 yrs ago. It felt like a sign and my husband did get better, finally got out of the hospital, and still working on getting back to where he was before.

Marialuisa Cutajar

I truly believe ss i experience my sons presence


Wow.. I loved reading this article as I’ve experienced some of the signs.

Suzanne Daniel

I just lost my son in March. I have never seen blue jays sound our house but lately I see them and cardinals every day.

Creol Nay

My son passed 1 year ago today. We are getting the same thing. We recorded them making all different sound effects. Sounding like other animals. Luv it


When the male and female cardinals land in my yard, I know my Mom and Dad are here

RL Clem

My mother loved Cardinals and Easter. Every year at least one Cardinal shows up in my back yard. This year a male & female showed up… ..

Becky Sanders

The dimes reference caught my attention in a big way. In 2004 my husband died unexpectedly and left me devastated and in a state of shock. We had signs as early as returning to the house after leaving the hospital when two lights blew their bulbs within seconds of one another. But my dime story is one that people like to hear. I started finding them around the house and after the first few I looked up and said “inflation, Bob?” as we had always heard of pennies from heaven. I continued to find them as different things came and went that were also signs, in my mind and heart, at least. Soon winter changed to summer and I decided it was time to change out my clothes in the closet. I emptied out the winter clothes and had carried my spring and summer wear from where it was hung in the basement closet. I laid it all on the bed so I could eliminate certain things as I moved the others into the closet. About 5 outfits down there was a dime laying on a garment. I stopped in my tracks. How could it have been there and not fell out as I carried them upstairs? I looked to see if the item under it or the one that had been over it had pockets but they did not. Whatever I had thought of as frivolous ideas that Bob had left clues he was there before were no longer frivolous. From that day on, I knew if I found a dime somewhere a dime really had no business being, it was him letting me know he still watches over me. Thank you for this article and my apologies for such a long post.


Loved it Becky. Never too long x

anne wetzelberger

My husband took my 100 dollar bill so I could not go out I was the only person in the house good news though a month later brokeas hell I opened my bottom drawer which I opened on a daily basis it was not there untill that day there it was still folded the way it was the last time I saw it


Thank You for sharing I Love h Your story, I lost my Husband in February 2021 unexpectedly from Covid I didn’t get to see him to say goodbye because of Covid restrictions at the hospital, but I have been finding dimes, lights flickering even feeling his hands on my shoulders and a huge dream last night where he clearly told me he was home and gave me a BIG smile. I just had to share, after having the dream I feel I can live my Life knowing he fine. Sorry so long but Thank You


I had lights flickering after my husband died, and so wish I had paid attentiion to it, but at the time, I just said, “what is going on?” didn’t understand that he was probably telling me hello I still love you….donna

Judy D.

My now ex husband passed away in 2003. We got married in 1972. On my wedding day a friend told me to put a dime and penny in my shoe for luck, which I did. Ever since my ex husband passed in 2003, that is all I saw….a dime and a penny, everywhere! I knew it was him letting me know that he was around and that he’s doing fine. In 2010, I went to a medium and as I was leaving after my reading, the medium said, “Oh, wait! I have another message for you, forget about the pennies and watch for the dimes.” Believe this or not, I never saw a penny and a dime again….just the dime! That was definitely him telling me to believe. (** Please Note: I DID NOT tell the medium anything about the pennies and dimes I would see). I saved all the dimes for one year and when I counted them it was a total of $8. He was around all the time. I have since married and I don’t see the dimes as often, but they still appear from time to time.


My girlfriend’s mom passed leaving her and her sister the message ‘when you see a dime I am showing you a sign. It’s always happening to me. I find dimes all the time wondering why my friends mother is saying hello to me. We had never met each other but I always tell my friend ‘your mom said Hi. Xxoo

Sandi Duncan

It’s things like this that help remind us that love never dies. Thanks for sharing.


When my youngest son passed away in 2006, that first week of his passing, I was finding pennies at every place I had to be that week. He and I had a special connection with pennies. The one place I will never forget was making a stop at the gas station. I parked to go in for coffee and cigarettes. As I opened the door I noticed the car next to me and saw four young men. They were waiting for me to exit my vehicle and shut my door so they could back out of the parking space. As I was getting out, I glanced down at the ground to make sure there wasn’t anything I would step on. Scattered everywhere were about 50-60 pennies. That was my undoing and I burst into tears. The young men all got out of their car to see what kind of help I needed. I cried for several minutes before I was able to regain my composure and tell them that my son had passed away a few days ago and about the pennies. They helped me pick up the pennies and I cried a few more minutes. I thanked them for their time and help and asked where they were from. The young men were Jehovah’s Witnesses and doing their duties for the church. After I calmed down, they asked if they could pray for me and I allowed them to. I thanked them again for their kindness and help and assured them I was okay to continue on with my day.

I didn’t know at the time that I needed that and that I was meant to be there at that moment. I was very blessed and grateful to know that I was being watched over. And I know my son went to a much better place. I still, to this day, find pennies when I am struggling through my day.
God is good <3

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