In Honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21 and we've got some "nutty" facts about these tenacious little critters you're sure to enjoy.

In the past, Farmers’ Almanac has shared helpful advice about what to do about squirrels—often as pests with tips on how keep them out of your bird feeders. They are also the subject of some popular weather lore sayings about winter. But whether you find them adorable or annoying, there’s no denying that squirrels are fascinating creatures that provide lots of entertainment. Who hasn’t laughed at the videos and images of their Olympic-worthy gymnastics—hanging upside down, swinging from eaves, walking the tightrope on power lines, and outsmarting squirrel-proof feeders—just to get food?

In honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, January 21, we’ve got some “nutty” facts about these critters that will surely prove they are more than deserving of our appreciation!

As anyone who’s witnessed it knows, squirrels are very agile and can maneuver tight spots to get to food.

8 Nutty Things You Didn’t Know About Squirrels

A groundhog munches on some snacks. Notice the similarities to squirrels?

Squirrels are small mammals that are part of the Sciuridae family that includes chipmunks, groundhogs, prairie dogs, flying squirrels, ground squirrels, and tree squirrels.

Fun fact: The word “rodent” actually derives from the Latin “rodere,” which means “to gnaw.

2. They Have A Keen Sense of Smell

“Is that food I smell?”

Squirrels rely on their sense of smell to find food. They can even smell food buried under a foot of snow. They’ll dig a tunnel until they find it!

3. They Use Tricks To Confuse The Enemy

“I’ll just pretend I’m burying these nuts…”

Squirrels use a zigzag technique to escape predators (rabbits do this, too). When they are threatened, they run in circles to confuse overhead predators. They have also been known to “fake bury” an acorn —digging an empty hole and then covering it back up—to trick other squirrels that are trying to steal their stash.

4. Baby Squirrels Are Called “Kits” or “Kittens”

A baby squirrel is called a “kit” or “kitten.”

And when they’re newborns, “kittens” are blind, hairless, and are only an inch long.

5. They’re Excellent Climbers

via Giphy

Most squirrels have 4 toes on their front paws and 5 toes on their back paws (it can vary with species), each with very sharp claws. This gives them excellent climbing ability.

6. They Live Longer Than You Might Think

How long do squirrels live? A squirrel’s lifespan varies depending on whether or not they’re in captivity (a whopping 24 years) or out in the wild (6-10 years). Which may surprise some, since they seem to always be darting out in busy traffic.

7. Squirrels Have Great Eyesight

squirrel face looking at camera closeup

Squirrels’ eyes are positioned in a way which allows for excellent peripheral vision. They can see what’s above them and beside them without having to move their heads. This makes sneaking up on them virtually impossible.

8. They Have Their Own Bridge To Safely Cross A Busy Road

The city of Longview, Washington, constructed a rodent-scaled bridge named Nutty Narrows so that squirrels could safely cross the busy road of Olympia Way. In 1963, the 60-foot-wide bridge, made of aluminum and a recycled fire hose, was hoisted over the road between two trees. It cost $1,000 and has saved a lot of squirrels. During the holidays, they add a small Christmas tree with lights to the center of the bridge.

Now that’s squirrel appreciation!

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Impressed that they can identify individual humans by sight. I used to put a few peanuts out for them on our fence because they were so entertaining to my indoor cats. One day I was standing on the sidewalk with a group of neighbors when one of my squirrel regulars ran up to me in the crowd. I moved back and he/she followed me, standing up with outstretched paws. Even though I never tried to hand feed or establish a relationship with this squirrel, it knew I was the peanut lady. Hummingbirds can also identify the person who fills their nectar feeders and gently buzz them when they’re outside in a group and the feeder is empty. Pretty amazing.

As far as criticizing squirrels for the damage they do when trying to survive in an environment increasingly controlled and damaged by human beings, I’d rather deal with squirrel damage that I can prevent with a little effort, than the damage done by human vandals, arsonists, trash dumpers and thieves.


Yes, they sure can cause damage, but they are cute! I have a chipmunk that follows me around when I’m around. Thanks for being part of our community!

Randy Watts

I like squirrels. The critters ate every peach and apricot on our trees for years, tho. They would enter our attic through the vent. I solved that problem with a little hardware cloth and a few tacks. But they are lots of fun to watch!


And here is a picture of a grazing squirrel taken last week. It was plucking the succulent winter weeds in my (non-weeded) non-flowering garden. Just before I snapped he picture, there was about 2 inches of the plant hanging out of his mouth. I think it was enjoying either chickweed or bittercress.

Grazing Squirrel.jpg

Bowling Green, KY also has abundant populations of white squirrels. Legend is that Western KY University were researching them, then when funding disappeared, they released their subjects. Initially (and still) a popular resident of the campus, they graduated to other areas of the city. Here is a picture from 2021 taken about 3-5 miles from the campus.

BG White Squirrel (2).jpg

Bowling Green, KY White Squirrels

E. Walker

You forgot to mention the white squirrels found in Exeter, Ontario, Canada

Linda Quinn

I still despise them!!! Have them run around your attic and see how much you appreciate them! lol


I don’t hate them but my dog goes bananas when they are on the deck feeders! I once had 13 squirrels taken out of the attic, they are thru a wooden vent. We hired someone to get rid of them, promised to let them go “elsewhere” When they came & put have a heart cages, no sooner they left one got caught. Because they were not coming back until the next day, we ourselves let him/her go! Be safe?


they “ate” thru a wooden vent. My tablet changes in its own!

Sandi Duncan

They certainly can be a nuisance! Especially if they get inside!

Lisa Ennis

This squirel thinks he is a bird.

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