Top 10 Myths and Superstitions For Friday the 13th

Myths and superstitions are all around us! We compiled a list of 10 of our most popular articles on the subject. Some are really "out there!" Take a look.

Every time a Friday the 13th rolls around (there are on average two per year), the staff at the Farmers’ Almanac has a lot of fun sharing some of the strange things people do to avoid bad luck, like avoiding ladders or wearing clothes inside out. Turns out, every culture has a belief that might seem strange or silly to another, but one thing’s for certain: myths and superstitions are all around us.

Even those who say, “I’m not superstitious” might be found picking four-leaf clovers or wearing a lucky hat to cheer on their favorite baseball team. We thought it would be fun to compile a list of our Top 10 most popular articles on myths and superstitions from across the globe. Take a look:

Top 10 Myths and Superstitions

  1. 10 Superstitions You Might Still Believe
  2. 13 Ways  to Improve Your Luck This Friday the 13th
  3. Home Buying Superstitions
  4. Lunar Eclipse Superstitions and Myths From Around The World
  5. Solar Eclipse Myths, Folklore, and Superstitions
  6. Can Leaves Predict A Storm?
  7. Superstitions to Digest
  8. Halloween Superstitions and Symbols
  9. New Year’s Folklore and Superstitions
  10. Chinese New Year Superstitions and Beliefs
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Bill Fodiak

King Friday, the puppet on Mr. Rogers, celebrated his birthday every Friday, the 13th!

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