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Tough, Natural Cleaner

stock.xchng - Bicarbonate of Soda

Need a tough scrubber for tough stains and spills? Sprinkle salt over the dirty area then scrub with a damp sponge. Works like a charm on soap scum and caked-on globs of toothpaste. Plus, no toxic chemicals!

DIY Toilet Cleaner

Effervescent tablet - Tablet

Guests coming over and you don’t have a lot of time to clean? This easy, homemade toilet cleaner can help: Drop in two effervescent antacid tablets, such as Alka-Seltzer, wait twenty minutes, brush, and flush!

Organize The Mudroom

Box - Plastic

Get organized for the new year! Keep clutter to a minimum by creating personalized, color-coded bins for every person in the family to toss hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens, as well as shoes and boots, when they enter the house.

Natural De-Icer

Used coffee grounds - Farmers' Almanac

Sprinkle leftover coffee grounds on your freshly shoveled walk or driveway to help melt the ice—it’s a natural and environmentally friendly way to add more traction underfoot.

Keep Moisture Out

Silica gel - Silicon dioxide

Save those silica gel packets you receive with various purchases and reuse them to keep moisture out of boxes of personal photos and important documents.

DIY Scents For Your Home

Dried Fruit - Star anise

For a sweet-smelling home without the use of artificial fragrances, add cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange rinds to a pot of water and simmer.

Remove Coffee Stains Naturally

Coffee - Café au lait

Got coffee or tea stains in your favorite cups and mugs? Rub a lemon rind sprinkled with salt onto the stains, then wash and rinse. Stains will be gone and cups will look like new.

Shine Chrome Fixtures Quickly and Easily

Tap - Plumbing

Need your bathroom fixtures to look spiffy in a jiffy? Try used dryer sheets! They’ll clean and polish your chrome fixtures — like faucets or shower heads (even the chrome on your car) — just as well as “eraser” sponges. Simply wipe one over your chrome surfaces to get them looking shiny and new in no

Eliminate Bad Car Odor

Coffee - Cafe

To neutralize bad odors in your car, sprinkle freshly ground coffee on the carpets and seats. Leave it for a few days, then vacuum.

Eliminate Smoke Odor

Bottle - Vinegar

Remove the smell of smoke by placing bowls of white vinegar around the house to absorb the odor.

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