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Gardening Secret

Dairy product - Pecorino Romano

Heading out to do some gardening? Scrape your fingernails along a bar of soap to create a barrier that keeps dirt from getting deep under your nails. Once you’re done working, grab a nail brush and brush out the barrier as you wash your hands.

Reuse Those Wine Corks

Wine - Cork

Reuse wine and champagne corks as plant markers. Write the name of the plant on the cork with permanent marker, push it onto a metal skewer or chopstick, and place it in the soil next to the appropriate plant.

Repurpose An Old Golf Bag

Golf - Golf Club

Is an old or unused golf bag taking up space in your garage? They can be a real treasure to a gardener. Long-handled tools can be carried in the club compartment and smaller ones in the side pocket.

Easy Gardening Hack

Farmers' Almanac - Thymophylla tenuiloba

Punch a hole in plant ID tags and loop them through key ring. Hang nearby when you need to remember the care instructions for what you planted.

Help For Your Potted Plants

Tea - Tea bag

Fertilize your acid-loving houseplants (like ferns) with used tea bags. Simply open the bags and work the used tea leaves into the soil. The leaves will lower the pH level of the soil and provide nutrients, as well as pest and fungus control. You can also occasionally water houseplants with cooled twice-brewed tea for added

Catch the Rain!

Rain Barrel - Rain

Rainwater is a great way to conserve water and save money by reusing it to water plants and lawns. There are elaborate rain catchers you can buy, but a big barrel works too. Just be sure to cover the barrels or put a screen over to keep leaves and other debris from falling in. Cover

Easy Plant Markers

Stock photography - Shutterstock

Disposable chopsticks are very handy in the garden!  Simply stick them the ground and place seed packets over top for quick identification of planted rows.

Make Seed Starters From TP Tubes!

Toilet Paper - Recycling

Reuse those tubes this gardening season! Cut four slits at one end and fold them in to close up the bottom. Then fill with soil and plant your seeds. Place on a tray in a warm spot away from drafts. Because the cardboard is biodegradable, you can put the pots directly into the ground when

Eliminate Rust On Garden Tools

Winter solstice - Weather lore

To prevent rust from forming on your gardening tools, fill a large bucket 3/4 of the way with dry sand and place the tools inside. The sand will help keep the moisture away.

Easily Water Plants While On Vacation

Solar eclipse - Flowering plant

Make your own self-watering system for your garden plants while you’re on vacation. Simply drill or nail 3-4 small holes in the cap of a clean, empty 2-liter soda bottle. Cut off the bottom of the bottle, then insert it upside-down in the soil near the plants. Fill with water for slow-drip watering.

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