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Eliminate Bad Car Odor

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To neutralize bad odors in your car, sprinkle freshly ground coffee on the carpets and seats. Leave it for a few days, then vacuum.

Don’t Get Stuck In the Snow!

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Keep a 20 lb. bag of clay kitty litter in the trunk of your car during the winter months. The added weight in the trunk can help stabilize you (whether or not you have rear-wheel drive), keeping you in control of your vehicle on slick roads. And if you get stuck, simply sprinkle some of the litter around

Rainy Day Driving Tip

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Experts recommend turning off cruise control if it’s raining or snowing. Cruise control may cause you to actually lose control in these conditions. If you hydroplane while you’re in cruise control, your car will actually go faster.

Don’t Get Stuck!

Your car’s floor mats can help you get un-stuck from snowy or muddy conditions in a pinch. Place your front floor mats under the spinning tire to give you some traction. Just don’t forget to retrieve them after you get moving!

Fuel Up!

During the cold weather, it’s a good practice to keep at least a half a tank of gasoline in your vehicle at all times. Not only does it prevent you from being stranded, but it prevents any water in the tank from freezing, which can damage the fuel pump.

Socks On The Go!

Pack an extra pair of socks in your car’s glove compartment. Then if you need to get out and shovel, or if you step in a puddle, you’ll have dry socks to change into. You can also use them as windshield wiper covers!

Cloudy Headlights?

Hand with a purple wipe polishing a headlight.

Headlights get dirty and hazy, making them hard to see at night. No need to buy expensive cleaners and buffers — simply work a dab of baking soda toothpaste (any kind/brand) onto the lens with a soft cloth, rubbing in a circular motion, then rinse. They’ll be like new!

Which Side Is My Gas Cap On?

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Here’s an easy way to always know which side of your vehicle the gas cap is on…Newer vehicles are now equipped with a handy arrow indicator on the gas gauge that points to the side the fuel door is located. On older vehicles, there usually is no arrow. But look at the gas pump icon

Need Tires On A Budget?

Car - Tire

Next time you need tires, save money by looking online or at salvage yards for slightly used tires in your size (check treads for wear before purchasing).

Got a scratch on your car?

Car - Crayon

Cover a scratch on your car’s exterior with a matching crayon and buff off the wax residue with a soft cloth.

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