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Make Your Own Cake Flour

Turn all-purpose flour into cake flour instantly to create lighter, more delicious cakes. Simply sift together 3/4 cup all-purpose flour with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Do this for every cup of cake flour your cake recipe calls for.

Protect Fine China

Plate - tableware

When storing your fine china, place an inexpensive paper plate or coffee filter between each plate. This will help eliminate scratches.

Who Needs Peanuts?

If you need to ship a package, don’t bother buying packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Fill the box with plastic shopping bags to cushion the item you’re sending.

Don’t Waste The Paste!

Tomato paste - Stock photography

Even though a can of tomato paste is small, sometimes it’s too much for a recipe. Rather than wasting an entire can for a tablespoon or two, remove the paste from the can and freeze it in ice cube trays, then transfer the cubes to a container and store in the freezer. When a recipe

Properly Clean Broccoli

Cup - Tomato soup

To properly wash your broccoli and cauliflower, fill a bowl with cold water and soak the vegetables for a few minutes. This will help the water penetrate the nooks and crannies where bugs and dirt can hide. Then place in a colander and rinse again under cold water. Let drain fully before adding to recipes.

Easily Peel Fresh Ginger

Ginger root on cutting board.

Love fresh ginger root in your stir fries and dressings? The easiest way to peel it is to use a spoon. It will scrape away the skin while leaving the flesh intact. No waste!

Keep Summer Drinks Cold

Grape - Frozen grapes

To keep your summer drinks or white wine cold, drop a few frozen seedless grapes into the beverage. As the grapes thaw, they won’t water down the beverage.  Then you have a sweet snack at the bottom of your glass!

Keep Cilantro Fresher Longer

If you purchase cilantro from the supermarket or farmers’ market, try this trick to keep it fresher longer: Untie the bunch and spread the leaves and stems out on a few dry paper towels. Allow to air dry for 10 minutes, then roll them up in the paper towel and store in a sealable plastic bag. They’ll

Banish Onion Odors!

Red Onion - Vegetable

Raw onions are delicious on burgers and sandwiches but they can really create strong odors in the house and on your breath. To lessen the pungency of raw onions, try this easy trick: soak the slices (or chopped pieces) in ice water for 10 minutes, then drain. You’ll still get the great onion flavor but the

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