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Help For Your Potted Plants

Fertilize your acid-loving houseplants (like ferns) with used tea bags. Simply open the bags and work the used tea leaves into the soil. The leaves will lower the pH level of the soil and provide nutrients, as well as pest and fungus control. You can also occasionally water houseplants with cooled twice-brewed tea for added

Fresher Herbs

Keep herbs fresh in a jar or vase of water as you would fresh-cut flowers. Just snip off what you need, and change the water daily. This works especially well for flat-leaf parsley.

Tip For Storing Fresh Asparagus

If you bought some fresh asparagus but won’t be eating it right away, cut off an inch off the bottom of the stalks and store in a glass jar with a few inches of water, loosely covered, in the fridge. They’ll keep fresh up to a week or more!

Catch the Rain!

Rainwater is a great way to conserve water and save money by reusing it to water plants and lawns. There are elaborate rain catchers you can buy, but a big barrel works too. Just be sure to cover the barrels or put a screen over to keep leaves and other debris from falling in. Cover

Mess-Free Easter Egg Dyeing

To make dyeing Easter eggs easier and mess-free, use a wire whisk to hold the hardboiled egg while you dip it in the dye. Just separate the wires to gently release the egg and let dry.

Keep Critters Out!

Keep critters away from trash cans by mixing 2 tablespoons dish soap, 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper, and 1-quart warm water. Spray liberally over cans. Raccoons, especially, hate the smell of many spices and oils, including mint and cayenne pepper.  

Easy Plant Markers

Disposable chopsticks are very handy in the garden!  Simply stick them the ground and place seed packets over top for quick identification of planted rows.

Thrifty Sponge Tip

To save money, cut your sponges and scrubbers in half when you first buy them. They’ll still do a great job and you’ll have double the cleaning tools!

Tough, Natural Cleaner

Need a tough scrubber for tough stains and spills? Sprinkle salt over the dirty area then scrub with a damp sponge. Works like a charm on soap scum and caked-on globs of toothpaste. Plus, no toxic chemicals!