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Don’t Pour Out That Pickle Juice!

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Don’t Pour Out That Pickle Juice!

Waste not, want not! This saying is true for many things, and pickle juice, believe it or not, is no exception. After the pickles are gone, resist the urge to dump the juice down the drain. There are many ways to put this salty brine to use: in the kitchen, as a home remedy, and when gardening. Take a look at this list:

Unusual Uses For Pickle Juice

  1. Natural Sports Drink. Swig right from the jar, or freeze pickle juice into popsicle molds. After a game or playing outdoors, young athletes can hydrate, and replace electrolytes.
  2. Potato Salad Bonus.  A splash pickle juice in potato salad adds just the right amount of flavorful seasonings, and moisture.
  3. Beverage Booster. Add pickle juice to a glass of tomato juice or a Bloody Mary cocktail. Or, freeze pickle juice in ice cube molds for these beverages.
  4. Pickled Eggs. Use it to pickle and flavor hard-boiled eggs.
  5. Hangover Cure. Dehydration is the major cause of hangovers. Drink pickle juice to hydrate, and restore electrolytes.
  6. Relieve Leg Cramps. Ease post-workout muscle cramps, and restless leg syndrome. Take a swig of pickle juice to relieve the pain of Charley horses.
  7. Steam Vegetables. Use pickle juice to steam or boil vegetables to add the perfect touch of dill and salt seasonings.
  8. Flower Power! Use pickle juice in your flower beds to turn hydrangeas blue! Flowers such as hydrangea and rhododendron need acidic soil to thrive. And the best part, no toxic chemicals!
  9. Boost Culinary Flavor. Add a splash of pickle juice when cooking corned beef and cabbage to add flavor.
  10. Marinade & Salad Dressing Perk. Use pickle juice instead of vinegar when making salad dressing or a marinade. It helps tenderize meat, and is packed with flavor.
  11. Cure for Hiccups. Take a swig, hiccups gone! More hiccup remedies here.
  12. Heartburn Remedy. Sipping pickle is tasty remedy to relieve heartburn.

Got a use for the juice? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 Boop { 03.15.18 at 6:30 pm }

Left over slices of tomatoes in dill pickle juice will last almost forever. And no pickles, tomato slices taste like you have the pickle too!

2 Bodacious { 03.14.18 at 9:51 am }

Put several vegetables into leftover homemade dill pickle juice, such as carrots, summer squashes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, scallions, etc., to prevent spoilage and create a delightful salad melange.

3 Bonnie Chism (Bodacious) { 03.14.18 at 9:49 am }

Put several vegetables into leftover homemade dill pickle juice, such as carrots, summer squashes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, scallions, etc., to prevent spoilage and create a delightful salad melange.

4 Jacki { 02.22.18 at 3:15 pm }

Marinate Chicken before putting into Air Fryer

5 min { 02.21.18 at 7:53 pm }

Can help relieve feminine monthly cramping, more effective if imbibed 3 days prior to beginning of cramps, finish 1 – 2 days after feminine monthly ‘begins’. 2 – 4 ounces, 2 or 3 times a day, is usually more than sufficient.

6 cheryl { 11.19.17 at 12:59 am }

I use pickle juice at times to flavor my chili or spaghetti. I have even used it as a marinade for chicken or beef even pork.

7 Tracy { 11.14.17 at 2:37 pm }

I use it with dehydrated onions. It makes the perfect fast food-like burger or slider topping

8 Sandy Hutchens { 09.16.17 at 3:30 pm }

Pickle juice works great for cramps and Charlie horses.

9 Dianne { 09.16.17 at 3:11 pm }

Don’t do this with store bought pickles that are full of dye.

10 Dwayne { 09.16.17 at 11:06 am }

I put it in my stir fry if a splash of moisture is needed

11 donna { 07.22.17 at 10:16 pm }

i would say to slice new cucumbers before putting them in the pickle juice so that they will absorb it better. i use sweet relish and it’s juice in the yoke part of deviled eggs. i would think you could use any pickle juice for all these ideas.

12 Carol Turner { 07.19.17 at 9:47 am }

This summer I’ve become a Pickle-Sickle addict. Delicious, refreshing, and thrifty!!

13 Gussie V. { 07.19.17 at 8:48 am }

Marinate chicken and/or steaks in bread and butter pickle juice before throwing on the barbie.
Very tasty.

14 Jewel Harrell { 07.19.17 at 7:26 am }

I”ll be trying these ideas. I love info fro the Almanac. We always had an almanac when I was growing up and my Mammy whatever it said was JUSTT that way!!

15 Marilyn { 07.19.17 at 6:08 am }

Add fresh cucumbers to the pickle juice and let them set for 24 hours and they take on the flavor of the pickles.

16 Leann { 07.09.17 at 4:59 pm }

Minor Burns – Put dill pickle juice on minor burns to help ease the pain, (great for curling iron burns).
Sour Stomach – Drink a glass of dill pickle juice to help relieve a sour stomach.

17 Ginger { 07.09.17 at 12:43 am }

Great for constipation… drink a glass and you will be going soon

18 Moxxi { 07.08.17 at 5:36 pm }

If you have lost your voice, just take a drink of pickle juice. It helps with a sore throat too.

19 chester { 07.08.17 at 2:52 pm }

Is that dill pickles, or bread & butter?

20 Dottie stewart { 07.08.17 at 2:25 pm }

Does the pickle juice need to be refrigerated. Also I have a couple gallon jars of pickled eggs still sealed in jars never opened. How long after the expiration date are they still safe to eat

21 Susan Higgins { 07.11.17 at 1:16 pm }

Excellent ideas, everyone!

22 SunShine { 07.08.17 at 1:41 pm }

Thanks for sharing these pickle juice uses….let me add one…..I put diced onions in the brine and use to flavor toss salads; and potato salads; and add to collard greens (southern method)…..

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