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Remove Permanent Marker Easily

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Use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to remove permanent marker from appliances and countertops. It also works great to remove old marks on dry erase boards (whiteboards) at the office.

A Smarter Way To Carve A Jack O’Lantern

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Instead of cutting the stem out of the top of your pumpkin, or cutting a hole at the bottom, cut a circular hole at the back (save the piece). Make it large enough so you can clean out and carve your design, then simply insert a candle or solar light through the hole (replace the

Knitting Tip

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Prevent eye strain when knitting by having two sets of needles: light colored for dark yarn and dark colored for light yarn.

Best Beach Marker

Decorate your beach umbrella with painted handprints and art. This will help kids (and adults) find the right umbrella to go to.

Dyeing Pasta

Choose your desired pasta and place one cup (or more, if desired) in zip top bag. Add about 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 10 drops of food coloring, eliminate air, seal bag tightly, shake, and lay flat. Allow mixture to fully saturate pasta. The longer it sits, the more defined the color. Carefully remove and

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