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Unfreezing Locks

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Frozen locks? Squirt a little hand sanitizer on them. The isopropyl alcohol that kills germs also lowers the freezing point of water, and can melt the ice inside the lock within seconds.

Easy Egg Clean Up

Break an egg? Pour salt all over it, wait ten minutes, then sweep up easily.

Prevent Ice Scraping

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Lay a tarp or drop cloth over your car’s windshield before a snowstorm and you won’t have to scrape.

Preserving Bars of Soap

Buy soap bars on sale in quantity and store them unwrapped in your linen closet. They will harden and last longer.

Removing Bumper Stickers

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To easily remove paper decals or bumper stickers, wipe them repeatedly with white vinegar. Let the vinegar soak in. After a few minutes, the stickers should peel off easily.

Screw-top jar lids.

A rubber band wrapped several times around a stubborn screw-top jar lid provides a nonskid grip.

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