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Smelly Garbage Disposal?

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To deodorize your garbage disposal, toss some citrus slices or rinds — such as used limes or lemons from drinks — and run them through the disposal, followed by cold water.

Sealing an Envelope

Envelope - Paper

If the adhesive on an envelope doesn’t stick, try nail polish. It dries fast and seals well.

Burned food on your pots and pans?

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Got a pot, pan, or casserole dish with burnt food or baked-on crud? Here’s an easy trick: Add some hot water, a few drops of dish soap, and an unused dryer sheet to the pan and allow to soak for 1 hour. The burned food will come off easily!

Choosing the Best Firewood

Fireplace - Fire

Hardwoods, such as maple, hickory, and oak, make the best firewood. They burn longer and give off more heat.

Protect Your Clothes from Moths

Don’t use toxic mothballs to repel moths! Place sachets of dried rosemary in the pockets of stored clothes to keep them away. Dried lavender also works well.

No room to dry things flat?

Use the bathtub! Place a thick towel on the tub bottom, lay your hand washables on it, and close the shower curtain. No one will see your laundry.

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